Looking for male escorts: here is a hint

looking for male escortsHi, I am Arianna. I want to say this quickly; there are places you should never visit when you are looking for male escorts in this age, or you may end up regretting ever going there in the first place. I fell to a terrible experience and after a long time brooding on it, I have decided to share.

You can call me a caged girl. I lived in the shadows of my parents until I was twenty years. My parents were strict with rules. You never did anything contrary to what they said in most cases, or there would be dire consequences.

There was a time my elder sister tried to be stubborn. She told my dad she wanted to attend a party. It was a night party that would last from 11 pm till dawn. It was a class party, and she was eager to go. She couldn’t contain the enthusiasm. However, there was a standing rule in our house that no one should stay out of the house until 9 pm. Even my parents upheld this rule.

She told my dad about the party. His reply was simple and cold, “You cannot attend”.

“Please dad, it is really important I attend.”

My dad did not argue further or reply to her plea. His gaze was fixed on the television, and he sold his attention to it. My sister could not take no for an answer because she had already told many of her friends that she would be attending. She also mentioned to me that she was looking for male escorts that would make sure she was safe. She snuck out of the house as soon as it was dark enough. When my dad noticed, I expected him to scream at the top of his voice like he always did whenever he was angry but he didn’t.

My sister returned in the morning around 6 am. I don’t know if my dad had been up all night waiting for her. She tried to sneak into the house, but my dad came out the moment the door shrieked. She froze. Without emotion in his voice, my dad told her she was banned from entering the house for two days. It sounded like a joke, but my dad stood firm to his decision.

Each time I try to pull a similar stunt, that incident reminds me to tread with caution. I purposely chose a university in a faraway city where the prying eyes of my parents would never see me. While I was in the university, I saw it as an opportunity to explore my imagination; an opportunity to fly.

One of my friends was having a birthday party. I was crushing on him but restricting myself because I knew he had a girlfriend. I didn’t want to be labelled a ‘boyfriend snatcher’. As the date drew nearer, I was nervous because I have never been to a party before. I was anxious about my safety.

I mentioned that I was looking for male escorts to escort me to a party and she told me to check on a particular club few blocks away. I visited the club and sat at the bar. After a few shots, I spoke privately to the waiter that I was looking for male escorts.

He made a call and pointed me to the back door. The back door led to a passage with many rooms. There were lots of cute guys hanging around. I met one of the guys and told him that I was looking for male escorts.

“I am your perfect guy,” he said with a smile and opened a door for me to enter.

The stench that came out of the room made my stomach to twitch. I peered quickly, and another lady was lying motionless on the bed. My instincts told me I should flee and that was exactly what I did. I wonder what would have happened to me if I had entered that room.

I later figured that it was something of the past to visit places when looking for male escorts. All I needed to have done was to visit an escort agency online and hired. Please be smart and stay out of trouble.

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