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Male companions in London: Something new to learn every time

male companions in LondonTeachers or scientists claim that practice makes perfect, but I have come to discover that this doesn’t apply when you are dealing with male companions in London. The more you use their services, the more you will discover, and each discovery always comes with a burst of excitement. I am pretty excited to share my discoveries with you.

If you are reading this article, it is obvious that you are a user of male companions London services or you are an enthusiast who for reasons best known to you chose to admire from afar. Whatever the case may be, you should have learned a few things about the services they provide. Well, my idea of companionship, even before I was bold enough to hire my first companion was someone to talk to when I feel lonely.

It is not entirely wrong to view male companions in London in this light. In fact, to some people, that is all they desire, and this service was designed to deal with different people and the guys that offer companionship service knows this.

When I first heard the word ‘companions’, the first thing that came to my mind was loneliness. I was rarely lonely so you should understand why it took me a long time to give the service a try. If like me, you also think that solving loneliness issues was all there is to male companions in London, I tell you today that it is a very myopic way of looking at them and it is time for you to change that mindset.

I didn’t know all these the first time I hired. In fact, I must confess that the first time I hired, I had the male companion sit beside me on the couch while we talked and viewed random programs on the television. The idea of having a nice-looking and caring young man beside me was sensational. It made the hair at the back of my head to stand.

I enjoyed that feeling for quite some time, but with the repeated hire, it began to fade. There was a day I hired, and when the guy left, I felt like someone who had just lost valuable properties to inferno. This was because I didn’t get any new excitement out of the hire. I had reached the point economists describe as diminishing returns.

What I didn’t know was that I was already becoming an addict. Even when I didn’t feel like there was anything new to hire for, I still found myself clicking the hire button. Then I will sit for few minutes and regret why I did that.

My breakthrough came two months ago. I hired and as usual we sat and chatted and drank and ate. Then I teased that I needed a massage.

“You are lucky because I am a professional in that”, he said with a big smile.

I thought he was making a joke out of my statement, but he led me to the bed and romantically stripped me down to my undies. Since the whole sudden change of feeling and experience made me giddy, I did not resist his actions. I just let myself to be controlled by him.

He carried me to the bed and laid me face flat. Then, he began to walk his hands all over my back. The feeling was magical that all I wanted to do was to sleep off, but on second thought, I guessed it was rude sleeping off when you have a visitor who is not a family member in your home.

Twice he tried to stop, but I pleaded with him to continue. To force back sleep, I started a discussion with him. When he finally stopped, he took me to the shower and gave me a nice bath. I felt like a kid around him. It was a feeling that is better experienced than told.

After that experience, I have been pushing my luck. I now ask male companions in London to follow me to one occasion or the other or do one stuff or another. I am yet to get one that will refuse to do whatever I said. This provides me with a new experience each time.

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