Male escort agencies and the expansion of choice

male escort agenciesI know some of you are pretty new to this escorting business so let me tell you a bit about male escort agencies. By the time I started using male escort agencies when they were just a few of them around.  The demand then was higher than the escort agencies could handle, and that made the price of escorting to go up.

I started using the services of male escorts when there were no agencies, so the coming of escort agencies was a huge relief to me. It saved me the stress of moving from one area to another and asking so many questions.

I had a friend then who always came to me to know what it feels like to have an escort. I was always pleased to share my experience with her, and it always made her happy. I saw the longing in her eyes, the Goosebumps that baths her skin as I take my time to paint the picture of my experience with male escorts. She obviously wanted a taste of them, but I don’t know what was stopping her.

One day I decided to take the bull by the horn and ask her to find out why she so longed for male escorts but didn’t want to reach out and grab one, even when they were well within her reach.

“If you love listening to me share my experience with male escorts, what is stopping you from hiring one,” I asked, using a tone that would make my question appealing rather than sound like a mockery.

“I really want to. In fact, I look forward to the day I will,” she said, “the problem is that I can’t move from one bar or club to another searching for one. Those are the last places I want to go. And like you said, there was no guarantee that I would find one anyways. And I don’t want everyone to know that I hired an escort.” She shrugged.

Now, the coming of male escort agencies meant that my friend – and those like her – who wanted to maintain a bit of privacy with their lives can now hire escorts from the comfort of their homes. Even some of us who did not mind prying eyes still felt it was a welcome development since it eased our stress. It was a more assured way of hiring than exhausting yourself moving from one club to another.

Over time, more male escort agencies sprung up and the competition set. This male escort agency was the best thing that happened to us, the consumers. It came up with more services and the cost of hiring (regarding money and time) reduced drastically. Sometimes, I wished this had happened like ten years earlier when I was still younger.

I was twenty years when I hired my first male escort. My friend invited me to her birthday party, and it happened that she knew a lot of escorts and invited them too. I dressed up and showed up. At the party, there was a game of “Truth or Dare”. I decided to dare and was told that I had to stick with one of the male escorts until the end of the program.

It was the first time I heard that word, male escort, so, I imagined it would be a terrible experience that would make me scream and entertain everybody else. It turned out to be one of the best experiences I have ever had. He lured me to dance so hard and drink harder until I was almost drunk.

After that day, I began to long for the day I will be opportune to be with male escorts again. I met my friend, and she told me how to find escorts, but it was a tedious journey.

All that has changed after I got familiar with male escort agencies. I stay in the comfort of my room and hire. The rise in male escort agencies also led to the expansion of the services they render. Unlike in the past, I get to choose between bisexual or straight male escorts.

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