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Male escort agencies: What users stand to gain

male escort agenciesMy name is Gabriella, and I am 38 years old. I still dream of leaving London someday to live in America. I want to share my experience with male escort agencies over a decade and what I have observed which I think may be useful to someone out there. I am not a good storyteller and not good with the use of flowery words, but I will make sure that the message is crystal clear.

I started using male escort agencies when I turned 20, so that means I have followed the evolution of the industry for the past 18 years. Back then, it was just a few agencies available, and you have to go through thorough screening before you would get access to an escort. Sometimes you would have to try for days. It was a horrific experience for escort users I must tell you.

I recall vividly the day my bestie turned 21. I had made arrangements to surprise her with an escort because she was organising a private party at her home. I went to this escort agency and flipped through some of their escorts until I found this really young guy with an athletic physique. I know my friend and her weakness for such guys so I decided that it would be the perfect gift for her.

From previews experiences, I have learned to book for an escort upfront to avoid stories. So I placed the booking two days before the party. When I went back on the day of the party to fix the appointment, I was shocked to discover that the guy had been hired by another client while mine was cancelled. I didn’t know what happened, but it made me really furious. I flipped through the available escorts and didn’t find anyone that fulfilled my requirements.

I quickly raised a dispute with the customer care representative. We began to chat, but the response I got was flimsy and unsatisfactory. In anger, I began to rant. A good customer representative would have tried to calm me down, but this one cut me off. The action escalated my anger. I shut down my computer briefly as I tried to catch my breath.

After an hour, I went back online and began to search for other male escort agencies to see if I would find a good birthday present there. I was certain I was never going to use the previous agency again, no matter the reason. I searched thoroughly, but the only agency I saw didn’t have escorts that could come to my city. I gave up and walked to the mall to get a gift for my friend. I bought her a nice makeup kit which she very much appreciated, but I felt robbed of the excitement I would have felt from watching her surprised face.

As years went by, more and more male escort agencies began to show up. I was pretty excited about this development because I knew it would make it easier to find whatever I was looking easier and faster. Like every other industry, monopoly is pretty bad and can easily lead to taking clients for granted. I am sure that if that escort agency that disappointed me many years ago had a good competitor, they wouldn’t have acted the way they did and that customer care representative would have been nicer. I am pretty sure of that.

Besides the ease of getting an escort, there is something else the proliferation of male escort agencies has done for the users. This is even a more crucial intervention than the customer relation. I know you probably would be wondering what it is. It is the cost of hiring escorts.

The price of an escort for a few hours before could exceed £400 which was pretty very expensive for just anyone. I remember how hard I had to save to be able to afford my first escort. Today the price is almost less than half of that initial figure. It is exciting for me because I get to have male companions more frequently.

There are male escort agencies that go as far as offering incentives to users to make them stay or to get them to try their services. These are all good news for escort addicts like myself.

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