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Welcome to The Male Escort Agency, my name is Ian I have previously worked as a fulltime male companion for over seven years and with the experience I gained I decided to set up “The Male Escort Agency” to provide ladies and gentlemen, the searching facility to find the perfect male escort/companion for all dates, events, and occasions.

We are now at the stage where we are the UK’s most visited and highest 5 Star independently reviewed agency online. We have now grown to the point that our employees include Melissa and Michelle to help provide extra help in what women are looking for with a male escort. We have just expanded into the USA market due to the incredible amount of interest from our American friends, escorts, and clients.

The Male Escort Agency offers a full service to help male companions whether straight male escorts, gay male escorts, or bisexual male escorts to advertise and promote their services, with ongoing assistance and input from our team to ensure the highest levels of quality, security, and discretion for all our clients.

We have male escorts to cater to all areas and sexualities, so please take a good browse. Ladies and Gentlemen if you have used our services please remember to leave a review of your chosen escort/companions.

Reviews help us so much in continuing to provide a premium service if you have any concerns what so ever please do not hesitate to contact us as we really appreciate your feedback.

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All you need to know about The Male Escort Agency

The idea 2009

Firstly let me thank you for being interested enough to read more about our exciting company. My name is Ian, back in 2009, I was at a loose end after a previously successful business struggled to recover from the 2008 financial crash. During an evening out, socialising and having a drink with a few friends and colleagues, we were generally discussing the hard times we and the whole economy were facing, A close friend asked me if I had ever thought about the possibility of becoming a male escort!, after I had picked myself off the floor from laughing, my response was women do not pay for men’s company (why would they need to ?) he then went on to explain to me about a close friend of his who did exactly such work as a straight male escort and was kept busy, busy enough to utilise escorting as full time and very lucrative vocation.

Being a rather sceptical person I decided to research this area myself, I contacted a few different escorts from the only UK directory that was operating at that time, and to my astonishment, many of the gents I spoke to were, in fact, doing quite well and enjoying the experience. This information prompted me to give male escorting a try, I created my own website to promote myself as a straight male companion and at the same time enrolled myself on the directory that was available. Sure enough, I started to receive enquires, I had been totally unsure when starting how much interest I would receive, as back then it was a little unheard of vocation. After a few months I was regularly being booked twice to three times per week and also building up a group of regular clients some of whom also, as a side, became dear friends, traveling the world, expenses paid, and also getting paid to have fun and look after people while away which I naturally loved. All the time I was escorting, I was also learning how to improve myself both physically and intellectually to make me a better and more rounded person, in doing so I became more adept in understanding women, there many different ways, moods, and needs, which also help me so much to improve my own life in general. I was also learning skills on how to market myself, improving my biography and profile images to portray myself in different scenarios whether it be for clients looking for a “plus one” to a business event or a casual look for clients who just wanted to relax and chill out from a busy life.

Escorting was not all strawberries and cream, there were a lot of time wasters out there amongst the genuine clients, so I progressively developed a system to filter out the time-wasters, that system has worked well and now enables me to offer personal advice on my previous experiences to pass this experience on to aspiring male escorts enabling them with a head start in this exciting, interesting and very rewarding industry.

2012 The development

In 2012 I came to the realisation that no other agency was providing advice or ongoing support provided by a time served experienced Male escort to help new escorts decide if it may be something which would be suitable for them, this is when I realised my experience would be invaluable, as I could give first-hand advice on what to look out for and how to make the most of the way an escort can promote himself to generate the maximum amount of interest to benefit not just himself but more importantly the client’s experience, which is, of course, the main priority, this prompted me to fill this gap in the market by inviting other men wishing to promote themselves and develop a professional profile to join my website.

Since 2012 the website has grown massively due mainly to the general acceptance in Male Escorting, its popularity has increased exponentially year on year. Now in 2020, we are the UK’s most visited agency attracting well over 6000 unique visits per day, we now employ our own web design team and also experienced escorts who are able to offer advice to new starters whether Straight, Gay, or Bisexual, we are here to help. We pride ourselves on giving the best expert advice which in turn gives us top results, please take a little time to read our reviews, all you need to do is just type into Google “The male escort agency reviews” and read them for yourself or click on the stars below:


Exceptional Growth 2015-2020

Between 2015 and 2020 demand in the male escorting sector was beginning to sore, regular documentaries, and reports in newspaper and magazine articles increased awareness for both clients and escorts alike, we had seen our company grow from 20 male companions in 2012 to over 500 active male companions straight, gay and bisexual by mid-2018. The sudden success and growth of our industry had left us with two main issues, the site was now getting old and top-heavy at 7 years old it was struggling with the increased traffic and sheer weight of profile images, secondly, over 50% of our visits were originating from the USA which we could not facilitate with the old site.

We desperately needed a brand new bespoke website that could facilitate the interest from the USA and also provide much-improved speed and user experience to carry the business into the future.

The start of building a bespoke new website from scratch with over 10000 pages of unique content is no mean feat, A very daunting task to say the least. So we decided to take the plunge and employ our own in-house website design team who could take all our dreams and aspirations, then tell us what was realistic and the best way to reach our goals.

September 2020 and the Future

After 16 months of plenty of blood, headbanging, sweat, tears, and close mental/physical breakdowns,  eventually we are now in the process of finalizing the new website which you see today, designed to improve page speed, navigation,  but also and most importantly the clients and escorts experience.


Welcome to The Male Escort Agency USA

Due to the extensive international interest, we have been receiving from the USA  over the past 5 years, we have now launched the website in North America, so to our American friends, we would love to be able to help you with our years of knowledge and provide you the advice and expertise to promote you in your new exciting and rewarding career. Above all help provide USA  clients find their perfect man for whatever the event maybe. Visit The Male Escort Agency USA

Going forward, we are currently receiving highly increased interest from Canada and also Australia so within the next six months, we will be developing the site further so we will able to satisfy your requirements as well.

Due to the devastating effects of the COVID 19 pandemic on the world, we are also in the process of creating a live cam to cam system where clients can meet with their chosen escort virtually as an option.



Thank you so much for taking the time to read about the history of our unique and forward-thinking company
and what the future has to hold.


Ian Booth

Founder and CEO of TMEA Ltd, A company registered in England and Wales (12076738).
Registered office address: 71-75 Shelton Street, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ.

Having been an experienced male escort for over Six years, in that time I have learned a huge amount. I have discovered what clients both require from male escorts and also what they expect, In gaining this understanding of the male escorting world, I have been able to help, teach and support other men who are wanting to enter the rewarding and exciting world of male escorting.

I decided to start The Male Escort Agency as an online portal where men can maximise their careers in the male escorting industry. The male escort agency website is not only a great way to get help and information on becoming a male escort but is now the UK’s leading agencies attracting over 65,000 visits a month, creating great demand in male escorting services.

You don’t need me to tell you that unless people can find out about you then your chances of being booked as a male companion are virtually nil. By offering a level of help, information, evaluation, and promotion for male companions it sets our website apart from any other agency or directory. Purely from our personal experience, I know that what we offer is totally unique.

It is vital that a male companion is perfect for the occasion for which he is booked, this can be anything from a dinner date, a wedding, a business trip, or just a relaxing holiday. What everyone is looking for in a male escort is security, good company, conversation, and attention. It is always essential that escorts and clients build up a  rapport before you meet, there is no charge in contacting the male escort of your choice.

With The Male Escort Agency, you will find a detailed search facility that will help you find the perfect companion for your occasion.

Through reading this page you will have learned that the male companions on this website are personally evaluated and approved by our team we then offer advice on how to improve skills to attract more clients, in turn, this improves the level of service they can offer clients. We decided to do this for two reasons.

The first is that we want to make sure that the male escorts have the right personality and experience for your occasion. We simply want to make sure that anyone who books a male escort from The Male Escort Agency has the best possible experience that can be offered therefore keeping the good feedback and satisfaction coming in.

Secondly, we want to make sure that all of the male escorts featured on The Male Escort Agency are the right type of person for the business. We never want to create a false illusion to any man who really is not cut out for the world of male escorting, It is not fair to them, nor to anyone who is booking them. What we have created is true to both our team and my own personal beliefs. We constantly strive to make sure that The Male Escort Agency offers the best male escorts available in the UK. We also wanted to ensure that the rates charged for their time spent with you are realistic and transparent.

The male escorts provided through The Male Escort agency escorts are generally available within a few hour’s notice. As particular male escorts become popular they will obviously get booked up, so if you have an occasion coming up we recommend that you make contact sooner rather than leave it until the last minute.

As a previous male escort what I find most important is communication, to talk to your chosen escort so they fully understand the details for the occasion, it gives the chance to strike up a rapport, and most importantly gives you the client the ability to find out that the escort you are booking has the skill sets required for what you request them for.

Discretion is A huge consideration at The Male Escort Agency and so is your privacy. We do not require you to register any of your personal details in order to contact our male companions nor do we need you to book your escort through us, you contact your chosen male escort direct from the details provided on their profile page. If you do have any concerns or questions please feel free to.

Contact Us

Most people have never booked a male escort and think the whole experience will be daunting. That could not be further from the truth with The Male Escort Agency. We have made sure that every male companion on the website has been personally evaluated and is more than able to put you at your ease right from the beginning with discretion being key. If you require specific help in finding an ideal escort please feel free to

Contact Us

We have been so pleased with the excellent feedback that we have had both for The Male Escort Agency and the male escorts on the website. We decided that it would be best if those people who had booked a male escort through The Male Escort Agency had the opportunity to write their own reviews. They are totally discrete, anonymous and helps anyone else looking to book a male escort make an informed choice. You can read clients’ reviews on escorts via there profile page. or by clicking here

Our Escorts Reviews



Independent reviews by clients and escorts can be found by simply typing “The male escort agency reviews” into Google or clicking the stars below.

Five Star Male Escort Agency

What we strive to do is to provide a high-quality service to ensure that anyone who books a male escort through The Male Escort Agency has a wonderful experience and one that can be remembered for all the right reasons. We believe that trust and privacy are the cornerstones of being a male escort and confidentiality is essential. By helping our escorts improve themselves provides a higher quality service to our clients.

Becoming a male escort can be a fun and rewarding way to spend your time. You get to meet new and interesting people, visit some great places and make a living all at the same time. There is no blueprint for being a male escort and we come from all backgrounds and ages. You will no doubt have plenty of questions and We are here to help you.

Become a male escort

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