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Male Escort Employment: What no one ever told you

The buzz on male escort employment is slowing down, but it remains a viable sector. However, what this means to those who are going into the industry is that they will have to work harder. I kind of feel the industry has become saturated. My dad was an escort, and the stories he told me is much different from what I see in the industry now.

According to my dad, when he joined the industry about three decades ago, there were just a few escorts in the industry. The law of demand and supply was working to their favour. Another thing that worked to their favour was that many people were more liberal in their belief. Today the combination of religious beliefs and saturation of the industry has led to a decline in male escort employment.

The law of demand and supply has now tilted towards the favour of the clients. For example, there was this day I got a call from a potential client. The client asked me if I was available to work as her escort for a certain adult-themed party which would last for four hours. I really love adult parties because of the freedom it gave me to express myself just anyhow I want.
Growing up I faced serious backlash when it comes to shedding my clothes. My parents frowned at it and considered it irresponsible. I finally got the opportunity to shed my clothes without being judged when I started going to adult parties. I fell in love with adult parties when I was almost twenty-one. Now I love to bare my body at every opportunity I get. This is the same reason why I spend much time on nudist beach.

So, when this client called me up and mentioned the adult party, I was immediately interested.
“I am interested. So what do you have for me?”

The client went on to give me details about the party and the role she wants me to play. We discussed for a while until it was time to talk about the charge. When I told her my fee for four hours, her tone changed. She seemed angered and said,
“I just finished speaking with another client who agrees to do the job for far less than what you are asking. The person who referred me to you assured me you were the most affordable I would get.”

I was trying to explain to her, but she dropped the call on me. There is still a significant amount of male escort employment, but most of them are not worth the stress because the clients are not willing to offer the standard fee.

The second factor that is severely affecting male escort employment negatively is the growth of religious organisations. Christianity is growing and so is Islam. A lot of secular thinkers have been turned over to one of the two religions. One thing many religions have in common is that they abhor the use of escorts. The increase in the members of these religions means a decline in male escort employment.

I have a friend who joined the escort industry because he couldn’t get a job. However, a few months after he started making enough money to pay his bills, he met this girl that he loved so much. The girl was a Christian and pleaded with him to stop escorting, or it may never work between them. Eager to get her, he decided to follow her to her church, and after a few weeks of going to the church he called me up one day advising me to quit. I hung the call.
I also have a few clients who used to be regular. However, they joined one religion, and I lost them. It is a difficult time now for those who are looking for male escort employment because they have to contend with many factors. It is a fragile industry. No matter how prepared you think you are, you can never be sure of what is coming next because the industry is highly affected by external factors. This is what no one tells you about the industry when you are trying to get in.