Male escort jobs become very lucrative $$$

Lucrative male escortingWhen I decided to become a male escort, the first challenge I experienced was finding male escort jobs. That time – about a decade now – only very few people knew about the services. Even among those that knew, only very few saw the need for the services.

In the past two to three years, there has been a spike in male escort jobs. The demand has become too high. Although there has been a rise in the number of escorts, it has not been enough – in some locations – to match the growing demand.

This goes a long way to highlight the increase in the level of depression or diminishing love in the society. Hitherto, some of my personal observations and studies have shown that majority of those who use escort services are looking for happiness. The irony is that male escorts are becoming happier for obvious reasons. I would like to share some of the experiences of my clients to help you understand what I am talking about.

One of the first clients I had when I joined the escorting industry – about a decade ago – was in her early thirties. She made me understand that she had been looking for male escort jobs since she learned about the service. We saw a movie together, and I walked her home. On the way, she opened up and started to tell me about all she had been through.

According to her, she had been in a relationship for five years and was planning a marriage with the guy. One day he travelled for a business trip and never returned. I heard through a source, after six months, that he was married. I could not verify this because none of his contacts was going through.

“I have been trying to move on since then but…” her voice trailed off.

After talking, I noticed her arms tighten around mine. I was left to wonder what must be going through her mind. Probably she wished I could be the replacement for her lost lover. Probably she had never been in an intimate relationship after that incident. I could relate to the trauma although I can never claim that I really understood her feelings.

Placing my over a decade male escort jobs experience with the current experience, it is obvious that nothing – or only a little – has changed. Most of the ladies that are looking for male escort jobs are usually distressed in one way or the other. But something else has changed.

Unlike a decade ago, now I get clients who are in their early twenties. This is sad because it shows that younger girls are getting into conditions that a few years ago was only peculiar to older women. I will like to share the experience of one of my recent client. She was twenty-two, but her story was a big one.

She was the first client that I ever met crying. She opened the door with tears flowing freely down her eyes. I held her in my arms and took her to sit on the bed. She lived in a small room that was not in the least sense tasty. I sat beside her and allowed her to wet my shoulder with her tears. It was depressing watching her in such a state, but I had to maintain professionalism and keep my emotions in check.

When she was in a better state, I asked her if she was hungry and she nodded. I dashed out and got her something to eat. I allowed her to munch in peace while I scanned the room and helped her to fix a couple of stuff in positions that made the room look much better.

Her face had lit up after the meal, and I suggested that we take a walk. She agreed, and we wandered into one of the forests. We moved aimlessly around admiring the trees and flowers and the incessant chirping of birds.

When I noticed she was now smiling, I popped the question, “What happened?”

“My boyfriend lured me to his friend’s house, and they took turns to rape me.”

What she said next left me speechless, “I don’t want to press charges because I still love him”.

I still don’t know what to feel. I am speechless.

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