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Male escort jobs: Why ladies prefer to marry escorts

male escort jobsI know a lot of guys that take male escort jobs, and they always have a different mindset towards a relationship. I am eager to get married soon, but the problem is that I want to marry an escort, but I am still in doubt if I would be strong enough to fight the jealousy of seeing them around other girls beside me. I would love your candid opinion at the end of this – and every contribution will be highly appreciated.

The first time I had anything to do with a guy that worked male escort jobs was after my first relationship crashed. I gave my all, but he was an ungrateful leech. He also had other problems including the fact that he found it hard to keep his pants on his waist. However, I have been with a lot of escorts that didn’t include sex in the picture throughout all the hours we spent together. Some of these factors have endeared me to them.

Another reason why I would love to marry a man that worked for male escort jobs is that they will have my time. After my first relationship ended, I have dated a countless number of guys who worked in different establishments.

My worst experience was with a banker. He had all the qualities that ladies desire from their dream men; tall, handsome, physique, and rich. After a few months, it was obvious to me that I was his second love and far from his top priorities. He was barely there when I wanted him the most. I had to do what I think was right for me because I was losing my sanity.

The experience with men that worked for male escort jobs is totally different. First, they don’t work every day, so it is easy to excuse them the day they have jobs to do. They also don’t work for one client, so it is hard to pledge their loyalty to anyone. Everything they do with their client is transient, and they know it, so, they don’t get emotionally attached to them.

With this scenario, they definitely pledge their loyalty to their partner who also becomes their top priority. I have a friend who is currently dating an escort, and she has confirmed this. So you should understand why I talk with so much confidence.

Escorts have also seen and been with lots of women to the point that they are no longer easily moved by them. They can resist temptation from women more easily than men who rarely have anything to do with women. There are a lot more benefits that come with dating or marrying escorts.

In fact, I think male escort jobs have a way of refining men.  Any woman that gets the opportunity today or marry escorts should realise how lucky they are. I have tried both sides, and escorts treat women better than non-escorts.

That said, I think it is now time to talk about my challenges. I have been trying for months now to seduce and date an escort possibly, but it has not been easy. I have tried the option of hiring escorts and trying my luck, but they all seem too professional. As soon as they leave the door, all the communications and affection seize. Like I mentioned before, it is almost a waste of time trying to seduce these guys because I can assure you that they won’t fall.

More recently I spotted this fine young guy with all the qualities that turn me on. I didn’t hire him like the rest. I decided to take a different approach. I stalked him and knew all the places he went to so I met him in a restaurant one evening.

We began to talk and laugh and our time together was merry. After that first meeting, we met a couple more times. I started to say things that would suggest to him that I wanted him to date me so badly. After a long persistence, he agreed, and we began to date. The past few months have been thrilling, and I could not ask for less.

Although I know that he loves me I still get this tinge of jealousy each time that he takes up male escort jobs. What should I do?

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