Male escorting agencies: the journey so far

male escorting agenciesThe improved services offered by male escorting agencies are witnessed by both the escorts and the users. As a teenage girl of nineteen years, I loved posing with different guys because it made me popular among my friends. I loved the way my girlfriends used to gossip about me without knowing that there was nothing between the guys and me.

I was the sensation in college because of this behaviour. Guys loved me a lot because of my easy-going nature, but there was some that thought that I was a cheap prostitute. I was disgusted the day a guy from another department walked up to me and said, “How much would you charge me for a night?”

“Yuck!” was all I could say. I rolled my eyes at him and walked away. I am sure that he must have felt embarrassed because there were lots of people around us and I was loud enough to attract attention.

However, when I got out of college, it became more difficult for me to find guys to be my side as I move around the city. I wasn’t bold enough to walk up to random guys and ask them to walk me around the city. In school, it was much easier because many guys were crushing on me and found it a privilege when I asked them to tag along.

A college is also a small place where you know almost everybody, so it doesn’t feel like you are walking up to a stranger even when you are talking to a guy from a different department. This was because there was a common ground linking all of you. That was many years ago.

The arrival of male escorting agencies a few years ago was thrilling. It provided a common ground like the one I enjoyed in college. When you are hiring from male escorting agencies, you are certain already that both of you share a common interest which makes tagging along with a little easier.

The number of guys around me has increased again since I discovered male escorting agencies. I hire once or twice every week, particularly during weekends. I work really hard, and that is why I don’t play with my weekends. It is a time of refreshment for me. I hang out in parks, restaurants, and occasionally go to see a movie – if there is a blockbuster premiere.

It is hard to say you are having fun when you are doing it alone. The effects of some things are better when shared.  You can understand the reason why I cannot help but hire, especially at weekends. Before the coming of male escorting agencies, this was pretty difficult for me and when I do hire I discover that I end up recycling the same guys. This wasn’t cool at all.

The escorting agency industry has grown tremendously such that you can now hire guys from different parts of the world. I really do have a preference for American guys, but once in a while, I explore the depth of my fantasy by hiring a black guy or a dude from Asia. The times I do that gives me the opportunity to explore different cultures.

The feeling is also different with guys from different parts of the world. Unfortunately, it is not a kind of feeling that can be explained with few definite words like describing an item. It is a personal thing and may be different with another person. The bottom line is that I always have a nice time – and that is definitely my secret to staying young.

Some male escorting agencies have introduced a brief form of interrogation on the client when they want to hire in the form of a form or a phone call. Although this may be a little inconvenienced for a first time user, it is paramount if they have to provide a personalised service.

I am certain the escorts would be thrilled about this too because it gives them a kind of assurance on their safety and they have a glimpse of what exactly they are heading into. I don’t know if I would ever stop hiring from male escorting agencies. Even if that would happen, I am certain it is not anytime soon.

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