Male Escorting And The Journey Towards Transformation

Half a decade ago, I was everything anti-social. I did drugs and every other thing that you could think about. Most of my friends from school abandoned me. However, that didn’t bother me much because I made new friends with like minds. The only person that stood by me through thick and thin was my girlfriend, Anna. God bless her lovely soul. Today, I am a changed man, and it is all because of male escorting. I will tell you the entire story with every single relevant detail.

My male escorting story…with every detail

Twice I have been to rehab, and a few weeks after my return, I relapse into my old life again. It was not that I wasn’t trying hard enough. Far from it! The forces controlling my life were far stronger than me. I needed a stronger purpose to be able to counter it. Anna saw my struggles, and it made her sad too. One day, she introduced me to a friend (Jack). She said he was a different kind of therapist. I didn’t like what was happening to me and was ready to embrace any solution that would make me better.

Jack was a psychotherapist. However, he was also into male escorting on the side. Jack was pleased to meet me and willing to help. He said it pained him to see young men on the street, wasting their lives on alcohol and drugs. The first few sessions were just about talks and yoga. He also shared a lot of personal stuff with me. He made himself so vulnerable that I soon began to reciprocate unconsciously.

One thing that happened with Jack that was lacking in all the rehab centres I have visited is the feeling of longing. With the rehabs, I always felt like I was in prison. All I ever wanted was to get done and get out. With Jack, it was a different feeling. I didn’t want each day to end and, by the end of the day, I was already looking forward to the next day. What I think is the difference is that Jack wanted to know me without judging while the rehabs didn’t really care who I was.

Two weeks flew by, and I didn’t use any drugs. Better still, I didn’t find myself under any pressure to do so. I was already smiling at my own success. The next thing Jack did was to tell me about male escorting. He gave me a detailed rundown of what it was all about. He also told me about himself and how joining male escorting was instrumental to his own transformation. I was ready to embrace any process that will help me to get transformation.

Upgrading your wardrobe as a male escort
Upgrading your wardrobe as a male escort

From counselling to male escorting tutor, Jack was patient and ready to bear all he knew. He told me about work ethics, how to speak, dress, and set up a great profile. This lesson lasted for about a month. By this time, I have had my profile on this escort agency set up. I also upgraded my wardrobe with some themed costumes.

Becoming a male escort

Why themed costumes, you may ask. Well, I just wanted to stand out. This was actually what Jack suggested. There are lots of escorts out there doing the same thing. For me to win the hearts of clients, it was essential to do something different—but cool. Therefore I wanted to be that escort that anyone would hire when they want something extraordinary. Roleplay became my niche.

Fast-forward to a year after I met Jack and joined male escorting, I have unleashed a new me. Some of the guys I spent time with on the streets doing drugs could not believe it was me when they saw me neatly dressed. I had also gained a few pounds—although Jack advised me to keep my weight in check and stay healthy because you will hardly find a client willing to hire an obese escort.

Today, I am no longer regarded as a menace to society. I pay my bills, and I cannot be more grateful to Anna. We are planning to have a small wedding at the beginning of next year. I also want to use this medium to tell us that it is wrong to tag anyone as useless. When you meet anyone that the society tags ‘useless’, lend a helping hand. I could have been one of them if not for the help of Anna and Jack. A sense of care often goes a long way in our quest for transformation.

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