Male escorting for those without Christmas plans

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Christmas is an exciting time of the year, and for some people, it is the most exciting time of their life. I am part of the latter, but last Christmas nearly became the worst time of my life if not for the help of male escorting service.

For the first time in my life, I was approaching Christmas without a plan. The normal me begin to plan for Christmas from the first of November. Let me start the story from the top as it will help you to appreciate the role of male escorting services further especially if you have found yourself in my situation.

In the first quarter of last year, I secured a dream job. One of such jobs that everyone dreams about from their high school days. It was the kind of job that gave you the kind of jumbo pay with prospects of rising fast in your career if you worked really hard. I was determined to reach the top of my career within the shortest possible time, but it came at a price.

Before I secured the job, I was a cleaner in one of the food processing factories so you can imagine how happy I was moving from that to this. My boss saw my dedication to duty and handed me more tasks. I really didn’t complain about the rising workload because I knew I could handle them.

Within the first three months of resumption to duty, I was sent on two different business trips. One was within the state but in another city while the second was outside of the nation. To help you understand how important these trips were, I would like to mention that you don’t get sent to represent the company unless the company is confident about you.

Also, once you begin to feature on regular trips, it means the company was already considering your promotion. I was really excited on my first trip and the second which was outside the nation was really emotional. Besides the fact that it would be my first time outside the nation, it was also a show of the growing confidence my company had for me.

I got my first promotion after five months – which till today is the fastest the company has ever recorded. With the promotion came more duties to attend to. My trips became more frequent, and the thrill was fast fading away. It rather became exhausting sometimes. To my amazement, I lost track of time.

When I realized what was happening, it was twentieth of December. Worse of all, I still had a lot of company stuff to settle before the holidays. It had become a tradition for me to spend the holiday with my family but the possibility has been ruled out by my tight schedule.

On Christmas Eve, the air, the lights, even the sound from the television and radio all echoed Christmas, but I still had a pile of files in hand as I walked to my front door. I opened the door and slammed the pile of files on the table. I had mixed feelings. I was doing all these in parts for myself and partly for my family.

Now I have it all and have lost the chance to share my joy with my family. My heart broke when my phone rang, and it was my father who was on the phone.

“Hello,” he said, I could sense the excitement in his voice, “Hope you are still coming. Everyone else is here”.

“I will do my best dad”, I said.

I knew the possibility was already ruled out. Tears gathered in my eyes.

It seemed like a gloomy Christmas until I sought male escorting service. I really didn’t have any place in mind to visit or how to spend the day in such a way that it would make an impact. I have known about male escorting services, but I didn’t know they were this efficient.

The guy from the male escorting service that I hired was able to make me smile. I know the feeling I had was nothing compared to spending time with my family but let’s face it, it would have been worse.

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