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Male escorting in London: Business or Lifestyle?

male escorts in LondonMale escorting around the globe is treated like another business. Men of different ages go into the field for almost one purpose; to make money. Male escorting in London is different altogether. It has become a lifestyle over the years. People hire the services of male escorts for different reasons. This lifestyle is more popular among the young, especially those in the early to mid-twenties

The current generation lives most of their lives on the media. They want to follow the lifestyle of one celebrity or the other. This has increased the culture of partying. The bad part is that these young people also copy the bad relationship with these celebrities. The effect is that male escorting in London is now the resort of these young ones to live up to their party spirit.

As a mother of 3 in her late thirties, I sometimes envy them. I wish I were at their age. My husband was on leave from work and came back home. I was so excited that I would have him around for the next one month and I was eager to make the most out of our time together. It was summer and the day was mostly hot, so we usually spent the time indoors.

It helped that I worked from home, so nothing was putting a barrier between us. When our kids leave for school in the morning, I will jump in his arms, and we would cuddle and kiss and make out all day until our kids returned from school. One evening our kids were throwing racket at home, and I wanted some time with my hubby so I asked if we could go out. He agreed. We dressed up and left.

I didn’t know where he was taking me to, but I stuck to his arm and tugged at his muscles. It was a lively club with amazing lighting. Different coloured bulbs made the evening romantic. We ordered a few glasses of drinks, and I was already feeling tipsy.

As we were talking, I noticed a lot of young girl and guys hovering around the venue, hugging and kissing like the world was about to end. My husband is a very shy guy, but I wanted us to feel young like the light crowd, so I pulled him up, and we went to the dance floor. As we danced, I asked him if he was cool with switching partners. He hesitated for a while and said, “OK”.

My gaze was already focused on one of the young couples. I told him that we would dance closer to them and I will steal the guy while he steals the girl. He agreed, and we did just that. The couple seemed alarmed for a second until we explained ourselves and they relaxed.

Once we were on the same page, I started a discussion. I must admit, he has more moves than my husband.

“My name is Helen. You?”


“That is my husband. Your partner is pretty”. I did well to avoid words like girlfriend and wife so that I won’t feel embarrassed if it turned out I was wrong.

He smiled, “We are not really partners. I am with male escorting in London and just doing my job”.

Male escorting in London?” I reiterated with a raised brow.

He nodded and explained. He also emphasised that many of the guys around were also escorts. I was stunned because I was beginning to admire all the young couples. There is definitely more to life than meets the eyes. He started to tell me more about male escorting in London and how young girls have been making the industry boom.

He was surprised when I told him that I didn’t know about male escorting in London. He said it was more like a lifestyle and that almost every young lady knows about “Us”.

I didn’t know what the young girl was telling my husband and I was becoming jealous. “I don’t trust young girls with married men”. I dragged my husband out of the conversation. We charted more on our seat and headed home. He was also startled when I told him about male escorting in London – and I had no option but to explain further.

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