Male escorting jobs: Better than the office job

male escorting jobsI quit my office job about a year ago for male escorting jobs, and it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. When I was in school, an office job seemed to be a dream come true for everyone I am certain some students still feel that way but it was only when I resigned and started taking male escorting jobs that I realised I had been a slave all along.

At first, it seemed really exciting especially when the money rolled into my account; I mean the office job. Gradually it started to feel like survival of the fittest. I woke up very early in the morning so that I would make it to the office early enough to avoid being queried but that was the least of my worries.

My major worry was that my salary remained dormant after many years and I desperately needed promotion. I wasn’t eager for promotion only because of the pay rise although I would not deny it was part of it – a promotion would also mean that I will now have more flexible working hours. It would also be a big boost to my CV peradventure I decide to quit a new establishment.

By the standards of my company, I was due to be promoted a long time ago. The only problem was that my manager was stealing my shine. Your contribution to the company determined if you would be promoted or not. However, my manager will take all my ideas without acknowledgement and present them as if they were his. This was the major reason why I remained stagnated in the industry. The decision was that I had not made enough contribution to get a promotion.

I feared to confront him face-to-face to avoid losing my job. After living with the trauma for many years, I decided to quit the job. Quitting was more honorable than being sacked. Staying would mean that I may go bananas one day.

After quitting my office job, I hoped from one establishment to another for a while, but the satisfaction was lacking. I yearned for job satisfaction, something I would do effortlessly. It was during this search that I found male escorting jobs. It was just as thrilling as it sounded.

In male escorting jobs, there was no boss to order me around or teal my shine. I also enjoy the flexibility a lot. Any day I don’t feel like to work I will just switch off my phone an embrace my bed without the fear of being queried or losing my work.

Sometimes I tease people that male escorting jobs are not real jobs and that is why they pay higher. You mostly work at your comfort and terms just like a freelancer. I recall one of the experiences with my clients. Normally, I go to the house or wherever my clients want me to meet them, but this particular client wanted to meet me instead.

It sounded strange to me, and I was skeptical. I wasn’t comfortable with the arrangement. The first thought that came to my head was that she was probably trying to set me up for the cops. She was offering the kind of money that I couldn’t resist. I rented a small apartment and gave her the address.

She arrived as agreed and it turned out she was a popular businesswoman. She was in need of a male escort but declined the usual meeting in a hotel or her house because she didn’t want the prying eyes of paparazzi on her. She wanted to surprise her friends with a trick that she has got a new boyfriend.

We had an amazing time together, and I decided to act along with her plan. On the day of the party she called me out, and we hugged and kissed in front of the watching crowd. We were so convincing I can say with certainty that they fell to her game.

I got a huge bonus at the end of it all for staging a believable action. I don’t even have to roam the street looking for male escorting jobs like I did with office jobs. Male escorting jobs come to me.

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