Male escorts and my cultural shock

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No matter how confident or open-minded, you are you will be gripped with cultural shock when you get in a new location. I am a party freak and a viable social girl, but this has never been easy for me. No matter how much optimistic I feel about the place, everything changes the moment I step out of the plane. My stomach grumble and knot and I find myself struggling to maintain the smile on my face.

When I discovered male escorts all that changed. I discovered that the problem is that when preparing to head to a new location, our minds are usually limited to the expectation of entering the country. When we finally get in, our mind goes blank.

Before I discovered male escorts, I will be like, “what next?”

However, now that I know about male escorts, the moment I step down from the plane, I am already excited about the different escorts that may be available in the new area and how I could meet them. Every journey from start to end is now filled with excitement for me.

Let me share one of my dreaded experiences with you so that you will understand my excitement on discovering male escorts. It was my first trip to London. London is one of those cities that when I see it on television, I already wish I was there. There is this air of adventure that hovers over London. There are many exciting places and events to attend.

London is also very peaceful. At least I know the crime rates are low over there or so I thought. Although I was going to a business meeting, I expected it to be fun at some point when the official matters were over.

It was all fun and expectations when I was packing my bag. I couldn’t wait to experience London. However, the moment I stepped down from the plane and the first wave of cold air blew across my face; it was as if the air froze my senses too. What followed next was anxiety, the thought of not putting up a good presentation and failing my organization. It was a sickening feeling.

I was numbed on my digits. I shook people without feeling their palm on mine. The tension reduced within days. After the three days of dialogue and paperwork, I had two extra days before I head home, so I decided to make the most of it.

I asked around, and luckily there was an opera concert that evening. I dressed up and showed up. The performances were masterpieces. I enjoyed every piece of it. When it finally came to an end, I wished it could stretch out a little longer.

Several things went wrong that night. When ill-luck strikes, it usually comes in cascade. I didn’t know I didn’t have the money or my credit card in my purse. It was when I was about to head home that I realized this.

Luckily for me, my hotel room was a walkable distance – about 30 mins of brisk walk. It would have been easier if I had a partner. The night breeze was really chilly and made my face puffy. No matter how much of a social animal you are, making new friends is still pretty difficult particularly in London where people are reserved.

Halfway home, I noticed a guy was trailing me. I wasn’t bothered at first but soon grew worried when he persisted with each turn I make. Then he began to close in. I tried to run, but he chased me down and knocked me to the ground.

He had a hood over his head, and I could not see his face. He pulled out a knife from his jacket. It shimmered in the moonlight. I froze and quit struggling. He gestured to me to hand over my purse, and I obeyed.

He was about to open the purse when another guy started running down. He got up from pinning m down and ran away. I wonder what he would have done next if he discovered my purse was empty.

Are you hurt?” the new guy said.

I shook my head.

“You don’t walk in this neighbourhood at night alone. You should hire male escorts if you must”.

We talked more as he walked me to my hotel room. He told me a lot about male escorts that I hired one the next day. You don’t need to struggle to make friends with escorts. They blend in naturally. I figured that I could always use some friendship when I visited any country without a companion.

We had an amazing evening, and I sure had a lot of sweet and bitter memories as I went back to America. Although I was disappointed that my security idea London was overrated, I was glad for my new discovery.