Male escorts are better antidote for depression than drugs

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When you lose loved ones in succession, and a short period, you risk falling into depression. Male escorts helped me to get over the depression faster than drugs. That was exactly what happened to me. My name is Nicole, and I would like to share my story with you. I am not sharing the story to attract sympathy. No. I want you to learn from it.

The solution we seek so dearly is often disguised in a dark, ugly hood. It was my twentieth birthday, and I was so thrilled with the fact that I was exiting the “teenage” ages. My parents were happy to because I have done so well in school. I was in my penultimate year in the university. It was a holiday, so I was at home with my parents.

It was a surprise party. My parents didn’t let me know about it until a day before when they informed me to invite my friends over. It was the best day of my life – little did I know it will also open a sad chapter for my life.

The music was loud, and there was more than enough to eat and drink. My eyes were filled with tears when my parents handed me the car keys. It all seemed like the fluffy end of a Disneyland tale.  Gifts also poured in from my friends.

Naomi was there too, and I remember dancing with her. Naomi was one of my closest friends. There was never a secret between the two of us. She was always the first to know whenever anything

happened to me and vice versa. The next morning the news came as a huge joke.

Naomi had a concussion. “How did it happen?” I asked in dismay.

She slipped on the stairs on her way home and hit her head hard on the ground. I was so busy on the night that I couldn’t tell if she took too much alcohol – but that was unlike Naomi. By the time I got to the hospital, she was already dead. It was the first time I ever felt shattered.

One month later, I was still brooding her death. Her seat next to mine in school was empty, and each time I looked at it, the memories flood back to me. My parents were planning a vacation and would have loved me to join them. They knew it was the perfect antidote to my sadness. Sadly, I could not join them because I had to clap my studies. It was my finals and one of the toughest periods in school.

I was there at the airport to see my parents off. We hugged and kissed and said goodbyes. I was in school when there was a report of a plane crash. My heart skipped. I prayed, hoped, wished that it was not the same plane my parents boarded but my fears caught up with me. Their names were all over the screen from the manifest.

That was the hardest blow. I went into a trance not speaking with anyone for days. My glucose level was running low, and some family friends had to force me to the hospital literarily. Drugs after drugs, pills after pills, morning, afternoon and night. I swallowed and swallowed and began not to swallow.

After two weeks – or so – I was out of the hospital. For me, nothing much changed. The drugs only provided me with temporary relief, and I didn’t like it. Some of my close friends paid me regular visits, and it really helped my post recovery.

One evening, Frances arrived alone in the company of two muscular men that were good looking and smelled good too. She didn’t tell me who they were, but she said they were going to pass the night with us – meaning she was spending the night too.

The warmth of having people around was all I wanted. Depression gets worse with loneliness. I didn’t object what she said. Frances made dinner. At the table, the male escorts chattered so freely that it felt as if we have known all our lives.

Unconsciously, I began to let down my guard, and for the first time in the past two weeks, I saw myself smiling again. It felt strange, me laughing at their witty jokes. Total strangers. They even cuddled us to sleep that night.

I didn’t want to let them go, but Frances assured me that I would have more male escorts visit me subsequently. In less than a month of regular time with male escorts, I am back to my old self, the ‘busy as a bee’ young lady working hard to come out tops in her exam.

Things will never be the same without Naomi and my parents, but there is hope for brighter days in the company of male escorts.