Male escorts are the total emotion package :)

Hello! My name is Angelica. I am excited to share my experience with male escorts. Pardon me because I am not a good writer, but I will try to make it an interesting read for you. Well, I am very adventurous. The first time I used escort service was out of curiosity. I just turned 18, and I was eager to know what having a boyfriend would feel like.

I had to lie to my dad to give me some money. He was sceptical too – I guess I am not the best of liars – but being the only child of your parents also comes with privileges. He gave me the money, and I was happy to use it to pay for escort services. The meeting arrangement was to happen at my friend’s house, and I must confess that I was pretty anxious about the whole thing. Oops! nearly forgot to mention that my friend also needed one, so we had to hire two.

When the male escorts arrived, my anxiety spiked. I didn’t know which cloth to wear that would be perfect. Looking at my friend, I wondered how she could maintain her cool. I guess it might not have been her first time. I chose an escort that was twenty-one. I don’t know why but being around men who are far older than me sends shivers down my spine.

They were really cute, the male escorts. My friend hugged both of them and locked hands with her escort and led him out of my sight. I had no clue to where they headed to. I felt betrayed. My legs began to wobble. I didn’t know what to do or say. It was later that I concluded that male escorts must be very sensitive and proactive. They know how to deal with different clients in different situations.

He walked towards me and placed one of his hands on my right shoulder, and we walked to the sofa. He beckoned on me to sit down and from nowhere spun a discussion. I get it a lot when a guy meets you for the first time and begins to ask you many random questions like you were on probation and being interrogated. He didn’t ask a single question. He started talking about relationships, then to politics, and health. He was pretty versatile, and that impressed me.

Gradually I began to loosen up and engage more with him in the discussion. After about an hour, I had lost all my anxiety. I discovered that there was nothing really special about having another guy beside you and sharing intimate discussion. I guess it was pretty the same experience with having a boyfriend.

“I am becoming bored of sitting here. Can we go anywhere else?” He said after a while.

I nodded.

“Do you have any place in mind?”

I shook my head.

“I think I know a place that you would love,” he said with a broad smile that stretched his forehead.

It ended up that we did not visit just one particular place but myriads of places. It was awesome, the entire adventure, outing, him holding my hands and covering them with kisses. Everything felt good. I guess this feeling is what women mean when they tell a guy, “Make me feel like a woman”. I will give anything to relive this feeling over and over again.

Fast forward to two years later when I began to use male escorts more frequently. That time I was going through heartbreak. That feeling is terrible. It is something I would never wish on my enemy. You feel so helpless. At that point, life began to lose its meaning. If not that I came from a Christian family where I was told that taking your own life would be an expressway to hell, I would have done it with ease.

I naturally started to abhor men. But, there was something about male escorts that made me need their companionship especially when I thought about my first experience. I hired, and as expected, he worked his magic on me. I have observed that it is easier for a man to make a woman going through heartbreak feel better. What an irony.

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