Male escorts available during the New Year

male escortsMy name is Christine, and I have been using male escort service for a while, and I have noticed that male escorts available from the New Year day up to the end of the first weekend are usually have not been hired during Christmas and they are usually more expensive to hire.

The beginning of a new year is always filled with expectations. People make lots of New Year resolutions and the drive to achieve them is still high. Male escorts available during this time are always optimistic and tend to be determined to reach all their financial goals. Majority of the escorts that work during the Christmas period usually use the New Year eve to rest or spend time with their family.

Male escorts available in the first weeks of the New Year are usually very few. The rise in demand for the few available male escorts is what pushes up the price. If you did a bit of economics, you would understand the relationship between demand and supply and how the relationship affects the price of the product or service.

I recall two years ago when I first discovered male escorts; I was so eager to spend Christmas with them. Since I moved to London, Christmas has always been a quiet time for me basically because I didn’t have anyone to celebrate with. Travelling to America every Christmas to celebrate with my family was not also feasible.

Discovering that there was a service like escorts which helped people to celebrate was an epiphany. I started to look forward to Christmas. On the eve of Christmas day, I logged onto one of the agencies I found, and to my greatest amazement, they were only a few male escorts available for hire. I did not like the guys I saw. They were either in their late thirties or early forties. I wanted somebody younger.

I decided to wait until Christmas morning to see if more escorts will be available for hire. The next morning I checked and was stunned to discover that not a single escort was available. I was robbed of regret.

“I would have just gone with what I saw”, I lamented to myself.

So, officially, my Christmas still went down like the others with nothing different. I wasn’t happy about it, but since there was nothing I could do, I brooded my loss. On the thirty first of December, I decided to try again; maybe I could have some luck and start the year with a blast.

I went online again and did some search and discovered a handful of guys probably in their early twenties. These guys were young and vibrant guys with a contemporary fashion sense. I clicked my fingers at my luck and quickly hired one of them. What I quickly discovered what that the male escorts available during this period are at almost twice the price of what they used to be.

I still went ahead to hire one of them. I was weak on my knees the very moment he knocked on my door. He rocked ripped jeans with a fancy top and gelled his hair to a stylish finish. He said hi with a smile and hugged me then whispered in my ears, “Happy new year darling”.

Officially, the party had begun. He followed me to the kitchen, and with his help, we wrapped up the dishes. He even composed and sang to me while we ate. I felt like a poor girl dating a price who has just been invited to the royal bouquet for the first time.

When we had finished our meal, I wanted us to retire to the bed and cuddle in each other’s arm, but he suggested we attend a concert because a popular country music was coming to perform. It was a free concert, so nobody was paying extra bills.

I accepted. We went to the concert, danced and sang along till we were exhausted. We left before the end of the concert because I was really exhausted. He showered me, and we cuddled on the bed until morning. It was the best New Year celebration ever. I am definitely going to have a go at male escorts for more celebrations in the future. Never again will I be gloomy while others are celebrating.

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