Why I will never forget male escorting services

male escortingIf not for male escorting service, I doubt if I will be here writing this piece. My name is Rita, and recently I had a taste of heartbreak. I bet by now you would imagine that there was a guy and all that. Well, you are wrong. It had nothing to do with a guy.

My mum is the only person that has mattered all my life. She is the only close confident I have ever known, and she has always lavished her love on me without thinking twice. I didn’t meet my dad. My mum said he died when I was one. He was returning with enthusiasm to meet my first birthday when he was involved in a car crash and died. Such a fine young man, my dad, was. My eyes still burn anything I look at his frozen images in the family photo album.

It is exactly two weeks I turned twenty, and my mum was snatched by death in a similar event. I was supposed to be in that car with her, but my friend came around so I bade her goodbye with a promise that I would be with her soonest. I was never able to keep my promise. I wished I was there with her when it all happened.

I have cried my eyes sore, but I didn’t want to stop crying. I wanted to keep crying, but my eyes had been drained of all the tears in the tear gland. My friends came around to keep me company, but there was little they could do to help my situation.

They all fear the same thing; I could see it from their eyes. They feared what I would do if I was left alone. Some of them suggested that I see a psychologist, but I refused. I shared their fears too. Nothing made sense to me anymore. The only reason why I wanted to live and become somebody great had been snatched away from me.

The holidays were over, but I definitely won’t be returning to school for a while. My friends made sure I was never left alone, so they took turns to hire male escorting service for me. I must confess that they had their way of breaking my solitude – and they made it look so effortless. You would only understand the impact of what those guys at the male escorting services did if you saw how much my friends have tried without success. That is true professionalism.

What people don’t understand is that the more you treat people like they are sick, the more they become sick psychologically. That was exactly what my friends were doing. The more they told me “sorry” and said all those sympathy words, the more it made me think about the situation.

The guys from the male escorting service did not do that. I presume my friends should have told each of them they hired what I was going through, but none of them ever mentioned it. The first guy from the male escorting service knocked on the door, and when I opened, he flashed a brilliant smile. I continued frowning, but it didn’t seem to dampen his spirit.

I turned around and began to walk back to the sofa where I always curl myself up. He walked into the room and said, “Damn! This house stinks”.

Unconsciously I began sniffing my clothes. I hadn’t even known I was listening.

“Maybe you should go to the shower”, he said.

For the first time since the incident, my mind was totally cut off from thinking about the incidence. I could not agree more. I needed to shower. I walked as if I was under remote control and took my shower. I was my first in like 5 days or so – I have lost count.

Subsequently, the guys from the male escorting service continued to relate with me till the memories I never thought I would lose faded. I was struggling to hold onto the memories at some point, but it was obvious I had to let go. When I showed up at school the following week, my friends could not believe their eyes. They are still trying to find out exactly what happened.

Why I picked London male escorts over others

london male escorts

I have travelled many cities in the UK and could not resist using the escorts from each of the cities. When I look at my preference now, I think London male escorts remains the best. There is a sense of satisfaction I get each time I hire their company. The reason is not tied to a single factor but to multiple factors. You may have other preferences but just have a look at my view first.

London male escorts are in another class altogether. The first time I used the service was a mere coincidence. It was my first time in London, and I desperately needed a guide. In my usual jovial manner, I stopped this hunk and asked for help. Since I learned that it is difficult for men to resist a flamboyant smile from a cute late, I have been exploiting this trick with reckless abandon.

I could bet that he blushed. “Where can I get a guide to show me around the city?” I asked.

“You are talking to one already,” he said.

I laughed but he assured me he could be of help and I decided to give him a try. It was the first time we have met in our entire life, but we bonded so well like we have been friends from nursery. I am a hiking freak, and he knew some of the best hiking trails. It was while we were having fun that he told me that he was a male escort.

I screamed, “Oh gosh!”

It was as if I had hit the jackpot. My love for a male escort is out of this world because of their sincerity and sensitivity. Every hint of doubt I had about his capability evaporated. Up until that moment, I have never thought of the possibility of hiring a male escort as a tour guide. It was an epiphany. All he needed was to know my interest, and he made sure that I was satisfied.

Rather than look for a tour guide, I settled for London male escorts. Anytime I tell my story, I never fail to mention the role of London male escorts to my London experience. I lost count of the number I hired before my vacation was up.

I have also visited other cities in the UK during for vacations and didn’t really enjoy the experience I got from their escorts. In one of the cities, I hired an escort. He looked posh and fit. I was impressed by his physical appearance, but I found it hard to blend with him. His approach was robotic. He kept on asking question after question that I soon felt as if I was standing before a panel for a job interview – and he would not stop asking.

In another city, I met an escort that seemed too eager to leave. His demeanour was that of a man who was burdened or tired and was simply eager to go home and rest. I know some London male escorts also have a few personal issues that tend to weigh them down too but all the while I have been with them, they never show it. Their sincere smile often makes me wonder if I would ever be that happy, every single time.

The ability of an escort to be able to hide their bitter emotions from their clients to me is a sign of professionalism. I didn’t realize how much work it must have been for London male escorts until I began to encounter male escorts from other cities who were finding it hard to maintain their cool.

The last incident was appalling. It was a business trip, and I happen to be in one of the cities in the UK. It had become a routine for me to have a good massage before going for a presentation. I hired an escort to do the job because I have come to realize that they could fit practically into any shoe. This dude was pretty amateur. I was vexed because the agency I hired him from had a protocol that required the clients to state why they wanted to hire.

I may be pretty much opinionated in my observation, but I would like to hear your opinions too.

What happened when you become a male escort

become a male escortI can still remember the very event that made me become a male escort. While growing up, I was an arrogant kid. I was quick to anger and what happened when I become angry is usually beyond my control. The peak of it was the day my brother took my clothes. I pounced on him, and the scuffle nearly led to his death.

That day I ran away from home and promised myself that I would never return until I have found a solution to my problem. When I was younger, my mum always suggested that we visit a psychologist, but I would always refuse. I hated being around hospitals or anywhere that denoted treating people because they made me look sick. “All I had was a little anger problem,” I told myself.

I left home for an entirely new city. I was sick of people looking at me like a sick man. Heading to a new environment where nobody knew my identity felt like the best thing to do. I settled in this quiet neighbourhood and did a lot of minor jobs to pay my bills; from manning doors and flashing a fake smile at everyone that walked into the restaurant to clean the driveway after heavy snow.

I did these jobs for months until t began to feel like I was running around a big circle. I told myself that I deserved better. That was when I made the decision to become a male escort. Although I must confess that the little jobs I did played different roles in transforming me.

Sometimes I cleaned a long stretch of parking space only to wake up the next day to discover that it had been crowded again. It was a sickening experience, but it thought me to be patient with people who annoy me over and over again. From standing by the door and baring my teeth, I learned it was important to smile even when you are not happy. I picked up one thing or another from all the jobs I did.

I am sure you must be wondering the inspiration behind my decision to become a male escort. Well, it happened when I was working as a doorman. The majority of the customers that entered the shop would walk past me as if I never existed or at best smiled back at me. There was this male escort that would always stop briefly and engaged me in a chat. He did this even though we didn’t know each other.

There was this joy I felt each time we conversed briefly. It’s the kind of feeling you get when you have spent weeks on the sea and suddenly spots a land. After a month, I began to look forward to that brief conversation. He visited the shop very often and any day he didn’t show up was a gloomy day for me.

I closed from work one evening and decided to have a treat in one of the restaurants before heading home. I was walking down the aisle when I noticed him. I was filled with joy and went to sit with him. We had the privilege of talking longer because I was not on duty.

What I didn’t know was that his attitude of starting a warm chat with a stranger had become a part of me. I did it too to the sweeper on the street and to any doorman, I met on my way. He was pleased to have me around too.

It was during our conversation that he told me that he was a male escort. He took his time to explain to me all they did because I was totally lost. When he was done, he asked, “Would you like to become a male escort?”

I was hesitant to answer because I wasn’t really sure I understood what he said. I was more excited about his companionship. After observing his lifestyle for close to a year, I think that is what I want for myself. That was the motivation behind my decision to become a male escort – and I have really missed home. I can’t wait for the day when I would be a better man and beg my family to forgive me.

How male escorts helped me resolve constant depression

male escortsUnemployment is an issue in some states. In mine, you will feel it through the constant pressures from your employer to perform. Retrenchment has become easy. Once you fail to meet up with the demands of the jobs, you leave. I have been in this job for three years but only defaulted for the first time last month. The scare of losing my job has increased my inefficiency. Thank goodness I found male escorts.

When I began to interact with male escorts, I found out that life should not be taken too seriously. They, the male escorts, opened my eyes to a view about life that I have never imagined. I learned to take life one day at a time knowing that no one is one hundred percent certain about tomorrow. Let me give you the details to help you better understand my situation.

I worked with about thirty other employees in an open space. Everyday followed an almost identical routine. Although we were many working within the same environment, we were not friends. Each person saw the other as a competitor. That means that if you were in trouble, there was no one to look up to for help.

I continued to soak up the pressure for the first two years – probably because I was young and eager to impress. Also, it was my first time on any job, so the enthusiasm carried me on. As it is said, “Monotony kills interest”, doing the same thing for two years had robbed me of the enthusiasm and zeal that I began with.

In the beginning, I was always eager to get up in the morning and head to work. I didn’t mind staying there until everyone else had left. As time went on the enthusiasm waned, and it got to the point where I literarily pushed myself up from the bed. I became mentally drained.

I desperately needed someone to share my distress. One evening I came back in tears. I was fed up. It felt like I could not go another day if I did not get help. I wiped my eyes several times with my clothes, but the tears would not stop. I flipped open my laptop and began to search through forums. I was pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who was or has gone through such a situation. If there were others like me, I would love to see how they resolved their issue.

I started searching and found a forum with many comments about male escorts. The frequency of the mention and the testimonies that followed spiked my interest. I typed in “Male escorts” in my search bar, and there were hundreds of search results. I started to look at them one after another, and I was thrilled by what I found.

I have never imagined that there would be such a service. I think I have a lot of catching up to do. When I had more than enough information about escorting service, I decided to give it a try. I hired one of the escorts. The hiring process was very smooth and took only a few minutes.

In two hours the escort I hired was in my house. He looked cute and his smile dissolved some of my frustration. I struggled to smile back, but my heart was too heavy to give a genuine smile. He seemed to be a sensitive person too. He must have sensed that I wanted to be alone and did not bug me with questions.

“Can I come in,” he asked.

I nodded.

I sat on the sofa opposite him. He let me pour out my heart and chipped in a few words of advice where necessary. At the end of our conversation, he suggested that we hang out. I was reluctant but agreed. He took me to a park. We enjoyed the merry-go-round, bouncing castle and various other games. I had the kind of fun that I had only had when I was a kid.

From observing the life male escorts, I discovered that life should not only be about competition. Escorts look out for each other and that way they grow better in their career. I want to bring the same spirit into my organization, and I believe it is only a matter of time.

Success tips for Gay Male Escorts

gay male escorts

An escort can be said to be someone who carries out escorting activities to clients in need, an escort can either be male or female, and both have equal chances and prospects in the escorting world. Gay Male Escorts is a sub-category of male escorts. They are simply gay males who carry out escorting services to clients who need them.

The only difference being that they are gay by sexuality, nothing really hinders them from acting out as escorts. In times past, gay males have been faced with challenges as regards their sexuality, their nature as gays have usually prevented them from chasing their career to the fullest, this can only be done when their sexuality is not made known or proclaimed. Nowadays, with the acceptance of gay males in some parts of the world, they now have the liberty to chase their chosen career path to the fullest, without the fear of rejection.

With this, it is necessary to note that Gay Male Escorts have equal chances of being a successful male escort with their straight male counterparts. Although, there could be slight differences in their work activities. One being, the kind of clients they attract. Gay male clients would for sure prefer Gay Male Escorts; they feel the sameness of sexuality would make their work-relationship more understandable and fruitful. These escorts can also be hired by straight clients, be it male or female. Indeed, the escorting world is a levelled playing ground where everyone has equal chances of making it.

Now, there are certain qualities which Gay Male Escorts must possess to stand out as escorts. One of them being well-groomed. This applies to both independent Gay Male Escorts and escorts who are working for an agency. To be a successful Gay Male Escort, one has to be well thought of the very art and skill of being an escort; you must know the necessary things involved, the technical know-how amongst others. One thing clients are usually attracted to be escorts who show a level of professionalism in escorting services. They are usually drawn to them, and there is usually a high possibility that they would come back if they are in need of escorting services.

Also, Gay Male Escorts need to be ready to give all it takes. The commitment level needs to be high. This goes a long way in determining how successful the career path of an escort would look like. Gay males who are lazy by default, should not even consider going into the escorting world, as it is not for lazy people. There are times when you can be called upon anytime- this goes for agency escorts, you would have to respond quickly whenever your escorting services are needed. Laziness is a habit which must be ditched if one wants to become an escort. Commitment pays in the long run as it is responsible for the edge which some escorts have over others.

Again, the rules and guidelines guiding an escort must be imbibed by Gay Male Escorts. For an escort, the basic rules are staying safe and remaining confident about your chosen career path. It is important that safety is maintained for you and your body- health wise. It is important that your clients are screened thoroughly, their health status must be known and verified by a reputable hospital or clinic. You as an escort would not want to come in contact with a client who has a particular disease; this could spell the end of one’s career. Also, saying ‘no’ to an escort is not a bad answer, especially when you are an independent escort. The necessary boundaries must be set and known to both parties before escorting services commence.

Lastly, it is needed that Gay Male Escorts, display the right kind of personality. You must not be someone who trades words. One might have to be firm and not rude. Also, interfering in a client’s personal life is not advised, except in cases where the client needs you to contribute. Gay Male Escorts who stick to all the tips above, would have little or no issues.

Lessons from bisexual male escorts

Bisexual male escortsThere is always this stiff argument between men and women on which of the genders had the better role in the society. Women always believe that they are sidelined by men while men on the other hand often think that women are having too much. Bisexual male escorts made me realize that both genders can never be equal but should complement each other.

I used to be among the women that championed feminism. I strongly believed that women deserved more than they are getting from the society. When I look around, I see men dominate in all the government offices. The business climate also doesn’t make it easy for women to participate favourably or so I thought.

I easily made excuses for the errors of women but will descend on men for similar error or even for one with a lesser magnitude. I was the kind of feminist that didn’t want anything to do with a man. However, my body chemistry was failing, and as I grew older, I kept waiting for someone to make me feel special again.

There are days I would dream in my sleep and wake up with wet pants. This happens especially after seeing romantic movies. I couldn’t stand having a boyfriend who would order me around or try to snuff out my opinion. After much deliberation, I decided to settle for Bisexual male escorts.

With Bisexual male escorts, I know the experience would be different. In my thinking, I believed that straight male escorts would be biased in their reasoning. They would tend to take sides with women to please them. Gay male escorts, on the other hand, would likely think for men. These are just my assumptions anyway because I have never hired any of them.

What made me settle for Bisexual male escorts is that I believe that since they provided companionship to males and females, they should have learned enough from both genders. If I must be with a man, then he had to be the kind of man that would be ready to educate me on what I don’t already know about gender.

I don’t know if I should call myself a genius for the analysis I made earlier or if it was just a fluke but it turned out that the bisexual escorts I hired had a lot to offer. I got a lot of education from them as I had never gotten from any school such that I gradually began to change my mindset towards men.

When I raised the topic of gender equality among men and women, he was quick to reply. His words were apt and articulate, and he made his point without raising his voice. He said, “Genders can never be equal.”

I opened my mouth to protest, but he continued to speak cutting off my words, “If you tell a guy to carry a baby and give birth, he would probably fail woefully. Likewise, there are some qualities in men that if women had, they would find it hard to control. We just have to learn to appreciate the other person.”

He went on and on and by the end his stay I began to reconsider my stance on feminism. While he spoke, he caressed my hair and cuddled me in a way that I didn’t want him to stop. That was something I have not been able to do, talk about men with calm.

All the Bisexual male escorts I have ever hired had this trait in common. Even when they criticized women – and they do that often – they still did it with love. Before I met them, there was no time I have ever spoken to men that I did not raise my voice – as if doing so made my point stronger.

Yes, I still believe that there are some societies around the world where women are pushed aside, and their voices snuffed out. The main problem I have realized is that women are less eager to acquire skills or reach for excellence like men. Women who have are the ones we hear their names and no man can stop them.

Making the right choice as a London male escort

London male escorts

For an escort, making the right decision about where to work as an escort ultimately boils down to two factors: Working under an agency, or starting out independent. Truth be told, one has to sit down and think this through critically. One’s decision could make or mar one’s career in the long run. London Male Escorts must make necessary findings as regards this. Either of the factors above both has their merits and shortcomings, or it is up to London Male Escorts to choose that which ideally suits them.

First of all, London Male Escorts need to know that, marketing yourself as an escort is one factor which distinguishes agency escorts from independent escorts. As an independent London male escort, the whole workload of getting clients for yourself ultimately rests on you. This is one burden which you have to bear alone.

A larger percentage of strategies thought out for getting clients has to come for you. Independent London Male Escorts are more or less like the sole proprietor in this case. Nowadays, the social media has proven to be a useful tool in marketing and advertising. One’s business can grow effectively if the right approach is used when it comes to showcasing one’s activities online. The case is however different for London Male Escorts who are working under an agency; you need not bother yourself with marketing or publicizing one’s escorting activities, it is the full responsibility of the agency which you belong to. The best you can do as an agency escort is to offer your escorting services to the best of your abilities, to get more favourable reviews and comebacks in times to come.

Also, screening of clients is one factor which independent London Male Escorts have to carry out critically. One thing is for sure, some people mask their identities, and a pretty good number of them could be criminals; as a matter of fact, sex criminals. Once these set of people are gotten as clients, one’s career might be in jeopardy.

London Male Escorts who would be starting out on their own need to take extra pains to ensure that such clients are far from them. Independent London Male Escorts must ensure that a client is not a sex offender, this can be cross-referenced with the database of related bodies such as the National Sex Offender Registry, or even the Escort Blacklist Database.

Again, the profiles of such clients before commencing escorting services with them must be thoroughly checked to ensure that there is nothing sinister about the client. On the part of the escort agency, it is much easier for them to screen clients before the escorts are handed over to them. So, London Male Escorts who are under an agency, have little or no reason to worry about the clients they would be serving, as they would have been thoroughly briefed.

Now, to the benefits of working out on your own. It is a known fact that London Male Escorts who are independent have the luxury of keeping all the money to themselves. No one would have to give you a particular percentage out of the total money gotten from a particular escorting expenditure. The only money which would have to be spent is that which is invested into an advertisement. Unlike working for an agency, which a fraction of the money made is given to you, while the rest of the money goes to the agency. It would be quite easier for the independent London Male Escort to invest the money made from escorting services.

As a matter of fact, some quarters have claimed that independent male escorts who are renowned, usually earn more than agency escorts.

Independent London Male Escorts also have the luxury of picking their own work days; they carry out their escorting services when they want to. As for agency escorts, you have no choice than to abide by the agency’s rules. It is not the place of the agency escort to state when he wants to work or not. However, in cases such as health issues, the male escort might be exempted.

Gay male escorting on Valentine’s night


gay male escortingBefore joining the escort business, I addressed various folks in the business that revealed to me that gay male escorting was a deadlock. One of them went similarly as disclosed to me how they pass up a major opportunity for the whole Valentine’s Day fun. All things considered, I chose not to tune in to all that guidance. This is my first Valentine, and I think gay male escorting is so cool.

There is this prevalent idea that Valentine is a female festival. I believe that isn’t valid. Valentine is for everybody, and I think it is nearsighted to feel that demonstrating adoration ought to be limited to just those that are dating.

Through the brief span, I have been in this industry, I have possessed the capacity to make a couple of companions. Some are gay while others are definitely not. On February 14, 2018, we chose to observe Valentine’s Day uniquely by taking gay male escorting to the destitute in the city. It was the first run through in my life I truly felt exceptional. It was likewise the first occasion when I accomplished something that I was pleased with.

It began as a standard day for me – and I trust it was the same for a large portion of us. Around twelve, the thought came to me, and I called up two of my companions to recognize what they pondered the thought. They thought it was cool and concluded that they were in.

I went to the shopping centre and got a few presents. The goal was simply to take gay male escorting to those we thought would require it, however, may never have the capacity to manage the cost of the administration. I was additionally mindful that a considerable lot of them simply require friendship yet didn’t know about brotherhood administrations.

I didn’t tell my companions that I would get blessings and they were frustrated when they saw me with my nylon loaded with endowments. “Mehn, you need to take the sparkle? That is not reasonable!” part of the gang said.

“Come one, that isn’t my expectation,” I let them know. I said that requesting that they turn out from their homes on such a day was at that point enough forfeit and I would not like to trouble them more by requesting that they get endowments.

One of my companions was all the while protesting. I didn’t feel glad about it, so I opened my nylon and shared out the endowments among them. That tackled the issue, and everyone was glad. We went down to some displaced person camps and met various individuals.

Before we split up, I gave them an order, “Ask anybody you invested energy with the amount they think about gay male escorting“. We concurred where we would meet by the day’s end and wished each other good fortunes.

I met a woman that moved from one of the African nations. She was so just and segregated upon. I didn’t try to solicit her what shape from separation she encountered; I simply needed to make her glad. She took me to her tent, and we sat and visited, and the delight all over said everything. She specified that she touched base in the nation she had never had such a broad and quality organization.

I felt extremely pleased with myself. She offered me a few tidbits, and I sustained her some of it. It was the first occasion when I experienced a woman that was bashful. She becomes flushed a great deal and was carrying on like an affection struck youngster. Before I exited her, I gave her one of the pink covers in my pack. She shouted, and for a minute I was frightened I may be blamed for endeavouring a deplorable wrongdoing.

She nearly would not like to release me, yet as the time moved toward when my companions and I consented to meet, I needed to peel far from her and make a beeline for our meet point. I know I have not been in this gay male escorting business for long, yet I won’t overlook this Valentine in a rush. My companions additionally had their diverse energizing stories to share. We alternated to share our encounters as we went home and I can hardly wait to do that once more.

Valentine’s Day male escorts made me feel loved

valentine day male escortBy this time last year, I was a lonely woman feeling rejected. The psychological trauma was excruciating. The more people talked about preparing for Valentine’s Day, the more I got depressed and wished I was loved. February 14, 2017, Valentine’s Day male escorts gave me a surprise I will not forget in my lifetime.

On the 12th of February 2017, I reeked of hatred for myself. I guess I would have felt different if I had a good job that paid well and kept me busy. As an immigrant, finding a job is not always easy. I did a lot of babysitting and cleaning for different homes. The pay was good enough to keep surviving though, and it was pretty better than my home county.

I had no boyfriend, so I wasn’t expecting any gift. I felt less of a woman whenever I went online and saw posts talking about the perfect Valentine gift. I recall when I was in my home country, Valentine used to be special. I had a lot of admirers, and they use the celebration to try and woo me, every one of them. I would get a lot of invites such that I would be the one picking where I want to visit.

When I came here, I noticed a society where everyone wants to be on their own. I have this neighbour I don’t see for months. Even when she was around, she would lock up herself in her room. It’s so difficult blending in here.

I remember coming back from babysitting a client’s child on the 13th of February last year when I bumped into this guy. I was nibbling on my phone and didn’t see him coming. The force of the impact made me lose grip on the phone. It fell on the concrete floor, and the screen cracked.

I knew there was no way I could get money to replace it. I was furious at myself. The guy was apologetic even though it wasn’t really his fault.

“I am so sorry,” he said.

I was numb. I stood still thinking of what to do. My eyes were fixed on the shattered screen. After apologising for a while, he bent down and picked up the phone and did something remarkable. I was stunned. He pulled out his phone, swapped the SIM and gave me his phone. I was in a dilemma. I wanted a replacement because I knew I couldn’t afford a new one but I was also sceptical of a trap.

As if he read my suspicion, he said, “What about coming to Valentine’s Day male escorts party? If you don’t like the phone, you can give it back to me then,” and smiled. He mentioned the venue and briefly explained the expectation. He then gave me his number.

I smiled back cautiously as I took the phone from him. “I will be there,” I said.

A little party would not hurt I told myself the evening of the next day when I dressed up in my red linen gown. I don’t wear it often because it sweeps the floor although I enjoy the feeling I get whenever I put it on. It hugs my skin in a way that it brings out my curves.

The Valentine’s Day male escorts party turned out to be a blast for me and I was happy I attended. There were lots of drinks and for the first time in my life, I partied like I was in the elite class. It was there I learned about who male escorts were.

I imagined if the male escorts on regular days were the same as the Valentine’s Day male escorts I partied with. If it were, it was easy to explain why people got addicted. It was an evening of happiness for everyone.

The climax of the event was giving out gifts. I was shocked when I was called up to receive the gift of the “Most sexy lady”. Attending that Valentine’s Day male escorts party changed made me feel loved. It changed my life and the way I saw myself.

I saw the guy that gave me his phone. We swapped phones again an I discovered he had fixed my phone.

Gay male escorting gets me weak to my bones

gay male escorting

I am a lesbian but sometimes get the urge to hang out with guys. It happens very few times though, and I pick escorts at such times. When it comes to choosing an escort service, I always stick with gay male escorting for several reasons, and I will share some of them with you.

First off, I know anyone will easily understand why my preference for a gay male is escorting. As a lesbian, hanging out with straight or bisexual guys would just sound weird right? But for me, it’s not really about the sexual orientation. It’s about the memory. It makes me treasure my bold steps and reminds me that I owe no apology to anyone in the way I live my life.

I grew up with a repressive father who wanted me to do exactly what he wanted. For several years I felt like a puppet. I know some of you out there will relate to this. I know there are lots of parents like mine out there. I also realise that some of them do what they do because they love their children a lot and don’t want them to make mistakes in their life choices.

But, I hope they will realise that by doing so they are limiting their children. Mistakes are part of growth. In life, you got to make mistakes and learn from them. I believe children should be allowed to explore the depth of their imaginations.

I don’t only love art, I am excited about everything art, paintings, drawings, sculptures, performances, just name it, but my dad insisted I study along the medical line. I started studying in that line, but because it wasn’t something that excited me, I performed poorly. My grades kept declining steadily.

My dad was persistent that I must study medicine. So, one day, while he was away, I packed my bag and left the house. I made sure I did not leave a trail to my destination, but I dropped a not that they shouldn’t bother looking for me so that they won’t raise any alarm and get me into trouble with the cops.

I think my dad’s attitude left a psychological scar that made me afraid of men. I couldn’t endure such psychological torture. The fear of men made me become a lesbian. I always felt bullied whenever a guy touched me. It was that bad. Although I must confess, it is getting better now. I feel a little freedom now.

With gay male escorting, it is like we are close but not really together. Everyone stays in their lane. I have achieved most of my dreams. I enrolled in an art school and learned painting and sculpture. I was one of the tops in my class. I was not very spectacular at sculpturing, but I can brag that I am a force to reckon with.

When I look at all I have achieved, I think of how being gay (carefree) was the best decision I have ever made. I would probably be reeling in regret or reeking of failure and thinking of how I would never level up to other students.

Gay male escorting reminds me of how I became who I really wanted rather than being what my dad wants me to be. There is that mental fulfilment I get around gay male escorting that I don’t get anywhere else.

Yes, I enjoy the occasional parties we attend together and how they often make me go wild and unleash my inner child, the child that just wants to do anything without regret or pity. I don’t get this feeling anywhere else, I tell you. It’s a feeling of fulfilment and completeness. I just want to have the feeling all the time.

I know most of the people that use gay male escorting services do so for the physical experience that they get but for me, it is more than that. It is about the mental feeling and, I think, unlike the bodily feeling, it lasts longer. Whenever I want to undertake a new project and feel mentally stuck, all I do is hire, and I usually end up feeling refreshed and motivated to hit the task with all I have.

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