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Finding gay male companions

gay male companionsMy name is Brown. If there is one thing I enjoy the most, it is spending time with gay male companions. The sad thing in the past, about a decade ago, was that it was hard to find gay guys. The story is different today, and it has made me more excited than ever. I now have a great way to spend my weekends.

The main reason I don’t enjoy the company of just any guy is that most of them are vain in their discussions. I once entered a bar and saw a group of guys on a table. I felt like socialising that day, so I walked over and asked them if I could join them on the table. They agreed, and I went to get a bottle of red wine from the waiter so I can share with them.

Now, when I sit down to socialise, I always hope to learn a few new things about business and how to make money or how to make an impact on my society. It didn’t happen in this case. For the close to one hour, I spent with them they kept talking about their relationship and how they made love to this and that girl and how the girl said they were good in bed. As a young entrepreneur who was looking for ways to expand my business, I am sure it is easy for you to imagine how uninterested I must have been. I was certain that gay male companions wouldn’t have time to talk about women.

Before coming to the bar, I had hoped I would spend at least three hours. However, I tried to endure their topic for the next thirty-five minutes or so. A few times I had tried to change the topic to something business related, but they quickly went back to discussing women. When I couldn’t bear it anymore, I stood up and told them I have to leave.

I wished it was possible to spend more time in the bar with a better company, but I felt it would be rude to leave their table and head to another table. I simply walked out of the door. The next day I went to another bar, and this time I found myself in the midst of gay male companions. They were lively and full of ideas. One moment one was talking about how he was taking up courses to improve himself so that he would be able to provide more satisfaction to his clients.

They took turns to share their ideas. It was like a catching up thing. One person would talk about what he has done since their last meeting, the progress he has encountered and his challenges then the rest of them would comment and make contributions on how he could handle the successes and challenges.

When they finished going around, one of them turned to me and said, “So, what is your story bro?”

I took a deep breath. I tried to arrange the information in my head because I didn’t know where to start. While talking about myself, I mostly focused on the challenges of my business. The problem was that I was trying to get my business into the market, but customers would not even give my product a thought. They rather stick with my competitors who have been there in the market.

When I finished one of my gay male companions said his uncle went through a similar problem when he started his business and suggested I should take the same approach he took. He said when his uncle discovered he couldn’t break into the competition, he relocated his business to other cities where his competitors did not cover.

By doing so, he was able to capture the city and expanded from there. Another quickly added that I could change my target audience, like tweak my product to focus on another set of audience. These were options I never considered. The thought of it excited me.

After that evening I have been longing for more time with gay male companions. Whenever I don’t find them in the local bars, I hire them online. All the times I have spent with gay male companions have always been rewarding, and you should give them a try too.

gay male companions

Gay escorts: Blending into LGBT society

gay escortsI am Kelvin. I am gay, but it has always been difficult for me accepting that in public because I was always scared of what people would say. That changed when I began to hire gay escorts. From them, I realised that there were LGBT friendly communities where you can express your sexual orientation without anyone judging you. You will not understand how exciting I am unless I tell you the story from the beginning.

I am the only male child in a family of four. From a tender age, my dad was already telling me of how he wants me to head his company. That meant I would have to study hard in school. I have never been academically sound, but it was difficult to explain that to my dad because he would never understand.

My dad was not happy when I told him that I was gay. He found it hard to accept the reality, and my life was a terror afterwards. I couldn’t live with the harsh environment anymore, so I decided that I had to leave home. The eve of my twenty-first birthday I left home without leaving a trail to where I was going except the note that let them know that I was not missing.

I went to a neighbourhood where I met gay escorts. One of them called Peter took me in and helped me to get a job. I stayed in his house for months, and he loved me like a brother. I don’t like people paying for my bills. I was certain he would have done it without complaining. I stayed with him for close to a year, and within this time I learned about the LGBT community.

When he told me that he was one of the gay escorts I was curious to know how they stayed above the criticism and hate. The thought of it reminded me of the experience of my family. For the first time in a long while, I thought about my family without bitterness in my heart. I told Peter about it, and he advised me to forgive them but I had already.

In the coming days, Peter introduced me to other gay escorts and lesbians and transgender. That was when it dawned on me that I was in an LGBT-friendly community. Peter usually did the introduction leaving me with the job of shaking their hands or hugging them as the case may be. It was thrilling to discover that I was not the only one who was gay. I felt like I was home, the place I could freely express myself without the fear of intimidation.

A few months later, Peter asked me if I would like to be one of the gay escorts. At that point, I didn’t know who gay escorts or what they did. I just nodded because I have grown a certain fondness with Peter. I had built a sense of security around him. I reminded myself that if he wanted to kill me, he would have done that a long time because I have been living with him for over a year. No matter what it was, I guessed that it must be something good for me.

The first client I ever had was a young dude in his mid-twenties. Hanging out with him almost felt like tagging with a brother. What was odder was that we were the same age and had a queer resemblance. He was a wild dude when it came to partying. He drank and danced and flirted with more random girls than I could count. I looked on and cheered. I began to wonder in my heart how he did it with ease.

When I got home that evening, I was both excited and exhausted. All the ideas in my head ended the same; lie down and sleep. It is difficult to cheat nature, so I had a cool shower and retired to bed. When Peter came back, he was eager to hear about all my experiences. I waved him away and dozed off.

The next morning I apologised to Peter, but he said it was not necessary. “Is this what gay escorts” always enjoy? I teased. He began to laugh. I joined in the laughter.

gay male companions

Southampton male escorts: from gory to glory

Southampton male escortsYou just know some days are headed for disaster from the moment you get up from your bed. You will only wonder how worse it could get. When you get a letter summoning you before the company executives the next day for a colossal error emanating from your department, you just know the next day is a total mess already. You will hardly be able to sleep unless you care little about losing your job. My job was everything to me. Thanks to Southampton male escorts, things turned out differently.

Before I get to the part of Southampton male escorts, I would like to tell you a bit about my life and my job. My parents died close to five years ago, and since then, I have been in charge of taking care of my younger brother. We preferred staying alone than going to live with any family relative that would make our lives miserable.

I was lucky to have a job in a food processing factory. It was an exciting job, and I was really happy with it. I was the one in charge of the section where the fruits are washed in readiness for processing. Although everything was automated, there was still the need to have someone keep an eye on the machined to make sure there was no error.

On the disputed day, I recall I didn’t monitor what went into the machine. Somehow, lemon had gotten into the conveyor, and I failed to spot and remove it. It mixed up with the oranges and was processed along. A good part of that batch had a totally different taste from our usual production. The first thing I learned about food processing was that consistency in taste was crucial or you would lose your customers.

When the variation in taste was discovered, the video feed was monitored, and the lemon was spotted. The video feed also showed I was not there to monitor the loading. All the evidence showed that I was nonchalant in my duty. It also meant that the batch would be discarded costing the company loss of thousands of pounds.

The letter was just a formal way of making my exit professional. When I got home after receiving the letter, I was restless. If I didn’t come up with a good explanation, I would definitely be shown the door.

My little brother was in school, and I desperately needed to talk to someone. I was sure that talking to him would have been helpful. I decided to hire one of Southampton male escorts to keep me company. Obviously, there was no way I would ever sleep through the night without a companion. I also knew that not sleeping would only complicate my problem. I needed to stay mentally sharp when I faced the executives because that is the only way I would be able to pull off a good defence.

The escort arrived not too long, and I couldn’t get myself to smile at him as I always did. I ushered him in and gave him a seat. Without a pulse, I poured out my problem towards him and broke into tears afterwards. I know Southampton male escorts couldn’t possibly have the solution to every problem in the world, but I couldn’t help the emotional breakdown.

He drew me closer and held me in his arms. He didn’t force me to stop crying rather he continued to pat my back soothingly. When I stopped crying, he began to ask me a series of questions including my job description, if I worked extra hours or did works outside my job description. I didn’t know where he was driving at, but I gave him sincere answers.

After the interrogation, he said, “I think you are doing far more job than you should and instead of seeing this as execution, I think it will be an opportunity for you to actually let your superiors know how hard you are being drained and how it was affecting your productivity”.

He was absolutely right. If anyone had told me that Southampton male escorts would help me deal with the mess, I would have argued. Everything ended well, and the supposed mistake is being considered for a new product line.

gay male companions

Gay male escorts and non-gay clients

My name is Donald, and I am one of the proud gay male escorts working in London. I was asked recently by a friend what it was like working in the industry and was surprised when I told him that I sometimes get non-gay clients. The look on his face was that of horror, and I tried to explain to him that my work description is much different from what he thinks. I know there are others like him out there which is why I have decided to put up this post.

When I joined the escort industry as gay, I had similar expectations, that all my clients would be gay. Getting along with men was usually easier for me than getting along with women. I didn’t foresee any challenge if all my clients were gay, but I was so wrong. The mistake I made was not to have asked gay male escorts who were there before me what the feeling was like.

The first five clients or so I got were all gay, so I didn’t feel any pressure giving them the best experience and value for their money. My first challenge was the day a lady hired me. Normally I would have declined, but I also saw it as an opportunity to explore the other side of the table. She was cute, and I asked myself, “What could go wrong?”

Before I went to meet my client, I consulted other gay male escorts and asked them what the experience felt like, and the most useful advice I got was that it was important for me to be myself. I looked my best as I went to meet my client, and I hoped she wouldn’t be a free minded person that would be open to ideas because I also had surprises up my sleeve, but all that would not happen if the client were rigid.

She was a pretty young woman bustling with smiles. She was already dressed up, and I was wondering where she would be taking me. I asked, but she refused to say. She stopped a cab and whispered to the driver. We got in and began to move. We ended up in a private party, more like an engagement party organised by a friend.

I asked her why she decided to choose gay male escorts over the other escorts and she said she was very weak around guys and would prefer a guy who is not drawn to girls since that is the only way she would guarantee that she would not have sex with him.

She told me how her scepticism for boys started after her last relationship. She gave her heart to this guy who promised to marry her. After two years the dude disappeared without warning since then she has been finding it difficult to trust any other guy. I felt sorry for her. Having a glimpse of why your client hired you in the first place is a rare privilege that any escort would love to have. Like it is said, a problem shared is half solved. Knowing what is wrong with your client would help you think of ways you can help them achieve happiness and satisfaction.

The party ended around 8 pm. She wanted to go home, but I told her I had a surprise of my own and asked if she was free to try it out. She nodded. I stopped a cab and whispered to the driver just like she did. She laughed and entered. We ended up in a theatre. A romantic movie was playing, and we entered.

She jabbed me and told me that she had a weakness for romance so why did I bring her here? I told her it was important to embrace her fear because that was the only way to overcome it. We sat down, and as the movie played, she cried at some point.

When the movie ended, she was glad she saw the movie. I explained to her that it would take time before she got used to being around men again. I told her that if she hired more gay male escorts, it would help. I was really happy about the experience.

gay male companions

Male escorts in Scotland: from ordinary to extraordinary

scotland male escortsMy name is Shirley, and I have observed that many people don’t know how to use male escorts in Scotland which is often the reason for the bad reviews we have been getting lately. I once spoke with a friend who said, “It was a boring experience” in response to my question asking how she felt after hanging out with male escorts in Scotland.

Certainly, I may not be the most experienced when it comes to using escort services, but I do have at least three solid years’ experience which, I think, places me in a position to advise the newer users who are trying out an escort for the first time. I also think that some so-called long-time users of escort services can also pick a thing or two from what I am about to say. It all boils down to your ability to keep an open mind. Nobody knows it all, remember?

The first time I used the escort service was during my college party. There was a trend back then that it was only the nerds and the ugly who showed up to parties without guys beside them. Some of my friends have accused me several times of being the former, a nerd. I was desperate to prove them wrong. Truly, I didn’t have any close male friend so coming to the party with one was out of the question. I had to find an alternative.

The search for a way out led me into the arms of male escorts in Scotland. I found out that some of the guys in the college worked with the escort industry, so that made it a lot easier for me to conceal my secret. I simply hired one of them. We really had a nice time together, danced, and joked. It was supposed to be another ordinary day, but it turned out to be extraordinary. I was able to fool all my friends because the escort was at our school, so they actually thought we have been dating secretly.

At some point during the party, I actually wished we were really dating. For the first time in my life, I actually had a feeling of what dating felt like. For a moment I began to wonder if all relationships were this rosy but then I have heard stories about terrible relationships. I began to imagine how dating male escorts Scotland would really be a thrilling experience and a dream come true for any lady.

I know my case was peculiar because I didn’t have expectations when I used my first escort. That may not be the same for some of you out there, and that could be the bane of your experience. You may have heard so much about male escorts in Scotland, and you approach them with one expectation or another. I want to tell you it is better to hire escorts expecting nothing because that is the way you will reach their full potentials.

That party in college was not the only time that escorts turned an ordinary day to extraordinary. There was this Christmas that I couldn’t travel to meet my family. I was already feeling depressed because there was always a big union in my house and my siblings would be around. I felt like a total loser in all.

I didn’t know what to do. I knew that if I did nothing, I would end up spending my entire day at home doing absolutely nothing. Doing that on a Christmas day is more like a disaster already. Thinking about it made me sick. It has become a habit for me to hire whenever I was clueless because of how escorts easily turned around the day.

I pressed a few buttons and voila! He was at my house after a few hours. He told me that some public parties were going on around the city and asked if I would love to attend any of them. I had no choice, so I followed him. It was mad fun for me at the end of the day, and I didn’t feel the absence of my family – which I never thought was possible.

When you hire male escorts in Scotland, don’t order them around like a puppet. Let them make the decisions, and that is when you will love them more.

gay male companions

Rocking gay male escorting services

gay male escorting servicesWhen my friends tell me they are tired of using escorts, I quickly ask, “Have you tried gay male escorting services?” Guess what, their answers are always the same, “NO!” Then I would go ahead to tell them about the service. From the mention of the name, many people immediately think that they only offer their services to gay, but that is not true.

Monotony, they say, kills interest. This happens to everyone so you should not think that your case is peculiar. When I started using escort services, I stuck with straight male escorts because I was straight and I thought the reason for dividing escorts into categories was for you to choose the one that matches your sexual orientation. That may not be entirely false, but no one will penalise you for crossing sexual orientation. In fact, you will only discover how fun it is when you give it a try.

I am a very open-minded and inquisitive person. So, after seven months of trying out straight escorts, I began to ask myself what would happen if I should hire any of the other escorts in the other categories. This question started as quiet musings before growing into nagging yearning.  One by one I began to try out all the other escort categories including gay male escorting services.

I usually hire biweekly so in three months I had tried out six different categories. One of them that stood out for me was a gay male escorting service. I hired one of them for the records not actually expecting anything different, but I was wowed at the end of the day.

I must admit that he was not as romantic as the straight escorts I was using, but I could understand that. He was gay and certainly didn’t have affection towards a woman. When I hit the hire button, I was hoping to have a weird experience knowing that I was heading out with a gay. I was expecting the kind of weird experience where we would communicate like distant individuals without our bodies coming in contact.

I was wrong. I tagged along freely with me, affectionately embraced me and held my hand as we walked to the beach. As compensation for his lack of romantic nature which I also think may be different if he was dealing with a guy, he had a wild sense of fun. There was no dull moment around him. He will only stop playing if you admit that you are tired.  Even at that, he would never stop talking.

At the beach, he rounded up some couples and literarily compelled them to play volleyball with us. He refused to take the excuse, “I had never played before” which I gave him. “There I always a first time for everything,” he said and encouraged me to see it as an opportunity to learn. His persuasive nature was hard to resist, and I fell for him.

I have always admired volleyball players and being able to play huge for me. The game was not hard to learn. I played, and in a matter of minutes I became a pro in serving and receiving serves, and he commended me for it.

Volleyball was not the only sport I learned that day, thanks to this guy from a gay male escorting service. When we were tired of playing volleyball, he dragged me into the water, and I also learned how to play water ball. We rested on the white sand and allowed the sun to bath our skin then challenged ourselves to a short sprint. We stole the show at the beach that day as some couples soon began to imitate us.

Around 2 pm he held me by the hand and took me to a beach bar. For the first time, I tasted a vodka. It burned through my throat down my tummy. I wondered how anyone would enjoy something that felt so hot up to the point of getting drunk. He laughed.

What excited me the most about hanging out with the guy from gay male escorting service was that he didn’t tell me where we were going so I wasn’t expecting anything. I think gay male escorting offer a break from the boring escorting routine.

gay male companions

Comparing south east male escorts with the world

south east male escortsI have always been advised not to compare people because everyone is unique in their own ways, but as a human, we cannot help but compare knowingly or unknowingly. I have travelled through at least four continents, and I would boldly tell you that south east male escorts are the best when it comes to romance.

If there is one thing I have always craved for my man to have, it is a sense of romance. I am not a feminist. I believe in the natural order of things. I believe that men are the stronger sex and women the weaker sex. But I hate it when men shove it down my throat that they are the stronger sex by thinking that being romantic to a woman or excessively showing their affection makes them weak.

I know my definition of being romantic may differ from that of another lady. For me, being romantic simply meant having a shoulder to lean on when I am weak, having someone to hold and pet me when I cry. Having a man who doesn’t think I talk too much and who would be ready to listen to some of my senseless rants, a man who would lift me off the ground to show his excitement. These were all I wanted from my man.

I was somewhere in the south east lately to deal with some business. Along the line, I had a stint with south-east male escorts. The encounter made me realise that my definition of a romantic man was way too low. I was baffled by how romantic those guys could be. I have decided to share my experience here to let girls know that they should not be afraid to demand more from their men regarding romance. Let your man know that being romantic doesn’t make him less of a man.

I hated being lonely so getting to this country where I didn’t have any friend was really challenging. I went down to one of the busy restaurants on the street to have my dinner and hopefully make a friend or two. First off, I was excited that my local dish was served in the restaurant, albeit it was very expensive. The preparation and spicing were a little different from what I was used to, but I enjoyed every bit of it.

While I was eating, this dude, probably in his early twenties came to my table with his tray, “Can I?” he gestured towards the seat beside me. “Of course”, I said.

He sat down, and we begin to talk. “Your face and beauty look fresh,” he said. I laughed, “That is because I am new here” I smiled. He asked how much I was enjoying the city and I told him that “I just got here”.

As we talked along, I told him how bored I was because I didn’t have any friends around and he teased that I just got one. He further suggested I should give south east male escorts a try and teased how they have stolen the heart of all the ladies around. We both laughed. We exchanged contacts, and he gave me further instructions on how I should go about hiring south east male escorts.

I was reluctant to hire at first because there was some oddity to it. It felt strange getting intimate with guys on the first day of my arrival. The next day when the boredom became harder on me, I forgot about all my modesty and hired.

It was the first time I had a guy prepare my breakfast and serve it beside my bed. It was a wonderful feeling, I tell you. He had no fuss too with doing the dishes. I was struggling to process all that in my head. It challenged all I have ever known about romance. It dawned on me that I could actually demand for more.

South east male escorts were totally different from the other escorts from the other continents I have been in this regards. Escorts are naturally romantic, but I was surprised by the height that south east male escorts have taken it to. If any girl has ever had a sting with them, I am certain it will become more difficult for unromantic men to have them.

gay male companions

Brighton male escorts: the thrills and frills

Brighton male escortsI have always prided myself as a fun loving person with a high sense of fashion but what I experienced with Brighton male escorts was an indication that there was still more I could learn in terms of having fun and doing fashion. The exposure here will definitely be a plus for my fashion business when I travel back to my country.

Coincidentally I was in Brighton the week before the London fashion week was to hold. When I heard the date of the fashion week I was so eager to get there. The problem was that I was sceptical about veering off to London. I didn’t know how much it would cost me which was an important consideration.  Secondly, I didn’t know if there was a sort of pass. If there was, how could I get one?

These were some of the thoughts that were running through my mind. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any contact in London that would help me with the details neither did I have friends in Brighton that had a clue. As a fashion designer, I always availed myself of the opportunities presented by fashion shows. It was a place you could easily pick a design idea or see something that was lacking in some of the designs so that you would perfect them.

As the date for the London fashion week drew nearer, I became more desperate. It was during this time that I thought of the possibility that Brighton male escorts may know something. I know escorts were highly travelled and connected. If one didn’t have a clue, he could easily reach out to another and get the information. After much deliberation within myself, I decided to hire.

“Do you have any idea about the London fashion week and how much it would cost me to get there?” was the first question I asked after we finished exchanging greetings. I noticed his face lit up with excitement. He told me that he was also planning to be there and hopes to be a male model for one of the fashion brands.

“Yes!” I screamed.

He smiled back at me. He also informed me that other Brighton male escorts would also be modelling for different fashion brands. He also said that if I am interested, he could contact one of the top brands who may still need models. I couldn’t contain my excitement. It was more than I asked for.

We spend the evening planning and making contacts, and in the end, I discovered that the money I have on my hands was enough to fund a trip to London and back. With the help of Brighton male escorts, I also hoped to get a shot at modelling. It would not be my first time, but I have never modelled on a big runway before so it would be something major for me.

I left with my escort on the agreed day, and we flew to London. Luckily for me, some upcoming brands needed models, and I easily got a place with one of them. It was an interesting experience rocking different outfit. The experience helped me to see the picture from the eyes of my clients. I realised how a good outfit could boost the confidence of the person wearing it.

The more exciting news was that I also struck a deal with one of the designers after I displayed some of my designs. They were ready to partner with me. By the end of the fashion week, I had learned more about fashion in a week than I have ever learned in a year.

The fashion brand I modelled for also paid me a huge sum beyond my expectation. What I received covered my travel expenses, and I still had something left to show appreciation to the Brighton male escorts who gave me the link.

I would advise everyone chasing one form of career or another always to seize any opportunity that comes to their field to advance their career. By attending conferences and shows in your related fields, you will get to meet like minds that can help you advance your career. You can always trust Brighton male escorts to have useful ideas.

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West Midlands male escorts: harmony between my boyfriend and I

west midland male escortsMy relationship changed when I discovered West midlands male escorts. My boyfriend and I have been living like cats and dogs before I discovered the escort industry. I am an attention seeking person, but that was the only thing I could not get from him. He was caring and sensitive to my needs, but that was not enough.

The problem was that he worked with this foreign firm and had to travel frequently out of the country to different other countries. He has been promoted several times in one year, and I was happy for him, but that also meant more responsibilities. His travels increased, and the time he spent with me decreased drastically.

If I were a flirt, I would have had a good excuse and the space to do whatever I wanted, but I loved him deeply with all my heart. Doing anything that would hurt him would hurt me too. I knew that telling him to quit the job was selfish and I know he needed the money to give me a better life.  I searched numerous online relationship forums to see if I would find a solution, but none was available.

I was in the mall one Saturday afternoon when I saw one of my friends from school. We started talking about life and when I told her about my problem she asked,

“Will the companionship of another man make any difference or you want to spend more time with your boyfriend?”

“I have never really given the idea a thought”, I said.

“You should try West midlands male escorts,” she said.

“What are West Midlands male escorts?” I asked.

She went ahead to explain and tell me how the entire system works. I was intrigued by the entire process. I thanked her, and we parted ways. I tried to wave the thought out of my head when I got home, but it was stuck. After a long battle with my conscience, I decided to give West midlands male escorts a chance. I assured myself that nothing beyond the ordinary would happen.

I was highly tensed when I opened the door for the escort to enter. He was a fine young guy almost as tall as my boyfriend, and he smelled good too. We began to talk and get along. I started to enjoy his company. The initial guilt I had about hanging out with another guy gradually evaporated. I stopped feeling as if I am cheating on him.

In the coming months, I hired more West Midlands male escorts and spending more time with them helped me to deal with the loneliness created by the absence of my boyfriend. However, whenever he was around, we always had the best of time. He would take me to any festival happening within and around the city. Sometimes I wish he would be there for me forever, but I know that is not possible.

Because of the companionship, I was getting from West Midlands male escorts I stopped being the nagging girlfriend that I used to be. I stopped complaining about his frequent travels, and my understanding towards my boyfriend increased.

Although I got companionship from escorts, I would still admit that the quality of time I got was nothing compared to spending time with my boyfriend. I still treasured spending time with him over any other guy in the world.

My boyfriend noticed the change in my mood and demeanour – it was hard for any man who cared about me not to have noticed because the transformation was so obvious. He began to ask me the secret of my changed mood. At first, I was afraid to tell him because I didn’t know how he would feel about it. I would be hurt if I should lose him. I held off discussing anything about it and would always change the topic whenever he asked.

After a long time, I couldn’t hold off anymore, so I told him about West Midlands male escorts and how I have been hiring them for companionship sake. To my greatest surprise, rather than becoming mad he sighed of relief and said he would have been heartbroken if I had found comfort in the arms of another guy.

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Transgender male escorts: What it takes to be one

transgender male escortsBesides the fact that I had the female genitals, I don’t see any other thing feminine about me. I behaved like a boy from a very tender age that some of my friends have always teased me that I was a boy. They expected me to be angry when they said it, but I was proud. Since I turned into an adult, I have always thought of ways of joining transgender male escorts.

One of my greatest role model when it comes to switching sexes is the Jenner family. He made it look effortless, and his children accepted him the way he is. Watching him has always triggered longing in me. For a long time, I have been making inquiries about becoming a transgender, what it would take and the experience of becoming one. I was eager to know everything possible.

I have searched LGBT forums, and the more I read about the experiences, the more I was eager to be a man rather than being a man in a woman’s body. I know that some forum comments should never be taken seriously just like reviews because some of them are doctored to keep the thread alive or draw in customers regarding reviews.

I was eager to stage a one-on-one conversation with a transgender, touch them and if possible see their genitals. All this was important to me so that I would at least know what to expect. I have heard that having an expectation that is too high is often the cause of disappointment that many transgenders have after their transformation.

It was during my search for a one-on-one experience that I discovered transgender male escorts. In the right sense, I stumbled upon transgender male escorts because I had something else in mind when I searched through Google, but when the option came up among the results, I decided to have a closer look at it.

I have heard about male and female escorts as well as gay escorts, but I have never imagined that there was anything like transgender male escorts until that day. The discovery made me scream with joy. In a month, I had hired several times. I bet that all the transgender I hired would never forget me because of my enthusiasm as well as the numerous questions I asked.

The first question I usually asked was, “I want to become a transgender too, how should I go about it?”

The answer I got for that question was almost identical. They told me that it was very important to know the hospital I was signing up with because that determined to a large extent if I would be satisfied with the process or not. They particularly told me to make sure that I request for pictures or proof of previous clients they have handled and if I could, speak to them directly. They all agreed that it was a life-changing decision.

All the while I was thinking that becoming a transgender immediately qualified you to join transgender male escorts. that was the next question that I asked, “Becoming a transgender makes me a transgender male escort, right?”

One of the transgender male escorts I asked that question laughed so hard that I began to laugh too. He later apologised if I had felt embarrassed by his laughter, but I said it was OK. He really felt remorseful that I had to assure him that I was not offended in any way. He was the one that gave me the most useful answer about joining transgender escorts. He told me that the process of joining the escort industry was the same, irrespective of the category you wanted to join.

“You have to work on your body and your communication skills,” he said. “You can do those even before you become a transgender.”

It made a lot of sense to me, and I immediately put it down on my to-do list. So far, I have acquired the skills it takes to become one of the best transgender male escorts. I have also made inquiries and penned down the best hospitals for such transformation. The only thing left for me is to raise enough money for the entire operation.

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