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Male Escorts in London: Difference Between Porn and Companionship

The reason why many people indulge in certain habits can be linked to boredom. In my case, it was a weird addiction to pornography. It was cool at first, but after some time it stopped giving me the satisfaction I needed. The search for an alternative was what let me to male escorts in London. Let me step back a little bit to make you understand the story better. By the way, my name is Alisha, and I am twenty-six years old.

I moved to London when I was twenty-two. The first few months were horrific. I struggled with a lot of things particularly the cold weather. I also struggled to make friends because everyone seemed to always be in haste and it felt like I was too slow to catch up. I was pretty young—not too young anyways and naïve. The only people I ever spoke with for up to 30 minutes were these guys living a few blocks away from mine. I would later realize that they were male escorts in London.

Of course, I spoke with my colleagues at work, but the tone is always professional. By the end of the day when I should be free to speak casually, everyone was gone. It was always feeling as if they had some kind of engagements they wanted to attend. I was left to drag myself back to my apartment and be my own companion. Well, it was hard to tell if the people in the city were just busy or everyone was trying to avoid me because of my terrible acne.

After over six months I was horny. I needed to have someone to hold me tight and whisper nonsense in my ears. I wanted to relish the feeling of having my nipples hard. One day when I came back from work, the feeling was so intense that I had to look for a way to relieve myself. I turned on my tablet and started to flip through a barrage of pornographic videos. Then I started to touch myself. It worked. That was how I became an addict.

There was this day I got the urge but for some reasons felt guilty of seeing porn. Maybe it was because I had been doing it for 5 straight days. I stepped out of my room and sat on the special casted chairs on the lawn to enjoy the shade and the freshness of the tree and flowers. It was while sitting there that I had my first close encounter with one of the male escorts in London.

They were three of them the ones I greet regularly. They usually walk by my apartment to get to theirs. As he was passing I mean one of the male escorts in London he saw me on the chair and paused. We exchanged greetings. He wanted to keep going but suddenly changed his mind. He asked if he could join me and I said “Sure!” There was this warm cosy feeling I got as he was sitting close to me. It was the first time I was sitting close to someone and engaging in a casual discussion and it felt really cool.

I guess it wasn’t so difficult for him to figure I was a foreigner. I guess it was from experience because somehow he was able to guess that I was having a tough time finding a companion. We spoke for like an hour and I didn’t know when my head dropped on his shoulder. He assured me that I would soon find my match if I got out and socialised more often but also advised that I should try male escorts in London for the main time pending when I could get my own man.

That day felt special to me. The next day I searched through male escorts in London and hired one. It was simply amazing. I got a feeling that porn has never been able to give me. For the first time since I left home, I felt really loved. One thing became clear to me that day; nothing can ever take the place of companionship.

gay male escorts in London

Rediscovering myself with London gay male escorts

I am not here to share the details of my misfortune. I am not the type that lets my personal problems to become a public topic of discourse. Nah! I deal with my own shit. However, this time I got a great deal of help from London gay male escorts. That is the part I want to share. Probably, someone out there may find it useful too and see the need to hire these awesome guys.

It started in February 2019. Imagine breaking up with your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day? That was the height of the craziness. At a point, I was done! I said to myself, what was the point of trying so hard to live when I could just end my life and the entire chapter? However, I decided to have one mad grooving before going ahead with my plan. If I must leave, I needed to leave happy. I want people to remember my happy moments. I hired one of the London gay male escorts with lots of positive reviews and we head out into the club.

We danced, drank, and I took lots of pictures and made short videos. I don’t know if anyone would care about them but I thought it was important to leave something behind. This escort kind of clung to me and insisted on following me home. I had already grown fond of him in the little moment we spent together. Since I wanted to be alone because that is when I get the vilest ideas, I decided to let him accompany me home.

One thing led to another and we were curled up under the sheet. His touch, dirty whispers, his calmness and breathing on my shoulder, I could feel all of that like sparks of electricity shooting into my brain with utmost precision. In a matter of moments, I was literarily begging him to devour me. When I woke up in the morning I was like, “Damn, what was that!” Whatever it was, I definitely wanted more of it.

The next day, I browsed through the list of London gay male escorts and he was available. I quickly slammed the hire button and we had a recap of the previous day, beginning from the club again. This time I wanted to be in control but this dude knows how to pamper a lady to submission. Again I had the most childlike sleep. Ever since my battle with depression after the strings of unfortunate incidents, I have not been sleeping properly. I had to often rely on sleeping pills and booze to get some sleep.

Surprisingly, these last two days with London gay male escorts had been different. No drugs, no alcohol, no tobacco but I have been able to have a sound sleep and wake up feeling even more refreshed, unlike the times I had to rely on drugs and alcohol. Even though those helped to knock me off, I usually woke up with a nagging headache.

I had never known that one could get this relaxed and free in life. Fuck it! I ditched the idea of ever taking my life. In the morning when the escort wanted to leave, I begged him for an hour and he agreed. I poured out my problems and demons and asked for his help. He was the first person I have ever asked for help. I usually deal with my shit personally. It was a long chat with him and he told me of his struggles before finally joining London gay male escorts.

The strong lesson I picked out of that discussion is that we are never alone in whatever difficulties we face. There are hundreds or thousands of people out there that face similar even worse situations than we do. Reaching out and listening to these other people talk about their struggles can make a whole lot of difference especially if they have had a form of a breakthrough at the end of it.

I am not ashamed to say that I am an addict to London gay male escorts. I have started a program where I help people to deal with their inner demons by encouraging them to find someone and talk.

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Male escorts Manchester remains my favourite

I visit Manchester every summer. Since I began this habit about a decade ago, I was sure I was not going to stop. I guess it was because of the level of emotional comfort and healing that I got from one of my stints with male escorts Manchester.

I was exhausted from work and was desperately in need of a vacation. I did a little search, and Manchester showed up several times for different reasons. I have never been in a relationship, but I always hoped that I would get a guy that will respect me and probably we will grow into something serious. As I packed my bag, I was still unsure if it will be California, Manchester, or Rome.

I didn’t choose Manchester over the rest; I think Manchester choose me. I wrote the three cities on a piece of paper and folded them. I shook them around and cast them on the floor then picked, and it turned out to be Manchester. That was it. I booked for a hotel and flight, and in a few hours, I landed in Manchester. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or destiny that the first group of guys I met at the airport were male escorts Manchester. I did not realise this until after two weeks.

They were so warm and welcoming. I was supposed to be feeling cultural shock or the pressure to adapt, but it all felt as if I was in a familiar environment. I spent time with them, and in the evening they helped me to find my hotel. Among the pack of male escorts Manchester, I was immediately drawn to Alexander. He was tall, medium built, and humorous. Unlike many girls, I actually hate guys with heavy built. I am so scared that they will crush me if we ever have anything intimate to do together.

I had only a few weeks to stay in Manchester, and I was determined to make sure that I had the most of it. I started going out with Alex. His soft voice always gives me Goosebumps each time he whispered into my ears. You can call it to love at first sight—although I don’t believe that. If Alex ever wanted us to take our friendship to another level, I would never have found the strength to resist, but I am glad he never did. We remained the best of friends until my vacation was over.

Over the years I have also had vacations to other parts of the worlds, but each time I wished to replicate the feeling and experience I had with Alex, it always ended in disaster. The other escorts I have met are usually more business-minded than making friends. Anything that was not business seemed almost like an abomination. They were always cautious like they were trying to resist ever becoming friends or developing emotions for their clients.

Even within the United Kingdom, male escorts Manchester are just different from the escorts I have encountered in cities like Edinburg, Newcastle, and Nottingham. The last experience I had that made me to stop trying was when I visited Australia. I hired the escort because I just wanted to make friends and I needed someone familiar with the city to show me around as well as help me find places to relax and mingle.

The guy was well-groomed, but when he came I was eager to know a bit about his personal life, but he didn’t want to go down there. All the conversation remained on the surface. I wasn’t feeling it at all. I soon got exhausted from trying and just let him go. Right now I am tired of trying. I just want to stick with what I know.

For the past two years, it has become almost like a routine for me to visit Manchester every summer. Besides hanging out with male escorts Manchester, it’s always interesting hanging out with Alex. I have suggested marriage to him several times, but he always shows some reservation about the topic. I am beginning to think that it may have to do with something about his past, but I am not sure. However, I will not give up so easily.

Male escorting in the UK

What male escorting in the UK taught me

It all started as a joke after my high school. I was a very social guy in school, so I made many friends particularly girls. Each time they wanted to attend any party or a gathering they will call me up and ask if I could be their companion there. There was a time I got two requests from two different girls to follow them to an event. I accepted one and turned down the other. However, when I arrived at the venue, a small scuffle ensued between the girls.

The one I turned down accused the other of snatching me from her. I was trying to explain to them that I was both their friends and they refused to listen. A third party later came in and made peace between them and we agreed to share. At the end of the event, both of them followed me to my house, and we had a lovely evening together caressing each other’s body. I have never had such a pleasurable experience before.

One day, while I was browsing through the Internet, I stumbled on this escort website. They were looking for male escorts in the UK that were willing to travel to different cities. I read the description and thought it was ‘free money’ so I declared my interest. I was invited over and interviewed, and from that day, they began to link me up with clients in different cities. This was the beginning of my journey into male escorting in the UK.

It came to a point where I went to as much as three to five cities in a month. I mingled with the excessively rich. From them, I learned that life should not be taken too seriously. I learned that it is important to seize any opportunity you have to spend time with your family and friends. I realised how important it was to smile often. I learned that life for the rich meant more than just having money. I could go on, and on listing what I learned from the rich but on second thought, I think I would rather write a book about my experience.

Through male escorting in the UK, I also got the opportunity to mingle with those at the very bottom of the ladder. From this group of people, I learned that life was an opportunity. To them, dying was easier than living. From them, I learned that happiness is not dependent on the amount of money or possessions you have. As I sat one evening watching some teenagers kick around an old ball, watching how they fall and stand, push each other but yet the anger is not deep-seated. At the end of the game, they reach out to each other and laugh and joke about their failures and successes while making a firm resolve to be better the next time.

A few times I have been out of the continent entirely. There was this time I was invited over to another country by this very rich lady. She was really nice to me. She took care of all the travel expenses and paid me handsomely one of the perks of male escorting in the UK. The day before my departure, I ran into a very pretty lady. She was 23. However, she looked older than her age.

Her mother was sick, and she was on the street doing every petty job that came her way to raise money. She wanted to clean my shoe, but I refused. During our discussion, I felt pity for her and stayed back. I helped her take her mother to the hospital and offset the bill. I stayed a few days before leaving. Seeing the smile and gratitude on their faces meant a lot to me a joy beyond money.

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Reasons for the bustling male escort jobs London

I am an American working as an escort, but a few years back when I started chatting with escorts in London, I saw the need to grab the next available male escort jobs London. I know many prospective escorts will be itching to know why I abandoned America for London. Don’t worry; I will give you all the details. However, I will not make your choice for you. My job is to show you what is on the other side of the fence. It is up to you to decide what you want.

Ok, back to the story. I started working as an escort as a side hustle when I was in university. I lived a flamboyant life, and I needed a way to keep it up. However, one thing that I never saw from the beginning was taking escort jobs as a permanent career. Back then it was more of a hobby, and I didn’t care about my reputation at all.

There was this day I worked as an escort for a Hispanic lady. I adored her cuteness bit also, I am a no-nonsense person. We agreed that I will be by her for three hours for a party—from 8 pm to 11 pm. It was supposed to be a star-studded party. We arrived at the venue by 8, but it turned out that the party was delayed for one hour for technical hitches. The message was sent out to all guests but she didn’t get it.

By the time the party crawled up to climax it was already 11 pm. Meanwhile, throughout the evening I have been surveying the venue for other pretty girls I can go to as soon as my time with the Hispanic lady was up. When my time ended, I told her that I was leaving but instead of pleading, she wanted to blackmail me emotionally so I flared up. We ran into a heated argument. Thanks to the loud blaring of music from the speakers, we didn’t attract as much attention as we would have.

When I was out of the university, I took up a few jobs, but I discovered that I couldn’t cope with the bossy environment and the constant need to keep up with expectations or meet deadlines. That was when escorting shifted from just a side hustle to a mainstream income source.
Working as an escort in America has been tough especially with the coming of the new administration. London has better policies and those who are lucky enough to get male escort jobs London, enjoy the several benefits that come with it. When I started exploring the benefits, I decided it was time to move to London.
It took me a few months to prepare for the journey and get my stuff and papers ready. When I finally got to London, I immediately knew it was home. The weather and people were friendly, and it didn’t take me long to get my first escort job too. The money was very good too. I didn’t have to worry too much about the cops harassing me and all.

Without mincing words, I will tell you with certainty that if you get the right male escort jobs London by associating with the right group, you will make in six months what you won’t make in a year in America. I am not planning to go back any time soon. In fact, I would probably spend the rest of my life here. I can’t say for sure because you can never tell what tomorrow holds. However, if allowed to choose, I will pick male escort jobs London over just any job in America.

One of the benefits of male escort jobs London is that no one will discriminate you based on your academic qualification or any other senseless qualifications. And most importantly, an escort job is easy to get, unlike desk jobs where you will have to try tests after tests without being certain that you will ever be selected.

Like I mentioned earlier, the choice is yours. I won’t tell you what to do with your life or career. It is all up to you now. Decide what you want.

Male escort vacancies

Where to find male escort vacancies

A few years ago, male escort vacancies were common sights on the walls. You will see them as finely designed posters with bold serif fonts glued on strategic places. Today if you are looking for the same, there is a huge chance that you may never see them. However, this does not mean that they don’t exist anymore. They now appear as small ads on your computer screen.
However, there is something I will love to mention here. As long as there are night clubs and parties, male escort vacancies will continue to exist because many celebrities use their companies for such events. I didn’t know that until I started attending night clubs every Friday.

I came to the realisation when I attended a party hosted by a friend who was a DJ. He invited me, and I told him I would be there. That day I was very tired and almost missed the event, but for the fact that I gave him my word, I decided to show up. At the event, there were lots of expensive wine and loud music. On a good day when I had all my strength, I was pretty sure that I would have gotten drunk. However, for that day, I maintained my cool. I didn’t have the energy to dance or drink, so I went to the bar and sat on one of the stools there.

I was patiently waiting for the event to end so that I will go home and take a deep nap. I felt a soft tap on my shoulder. I raised my head and saw a very beautiful lady looking over my shoulder. I recognised the face. I saw her with a guy on black tuxedo dancing together. They were smiling from ear to ear. I imagined how lovely it is to find cute, young couples who are madly in love.

She greeted me, and I gathered enough strength to smile back at her.
“You look lonely. Aren’t you enjoying the party?” she said.
“I am. Just tired.”
“Them you must need company.”

She drew a stool closer to me and sat beside me. I was a little nervous because I didn’t want to get into trouble with anyone. I know some men are very jealous and they could do the meanest things just seeing you talking to their girlfriends. I had to ask,
“I thought you came to the party with your boyfriend?” I said with one eyebrow raised.
She giggled, “No. that was just an escort. Nothing intimate”. That was when I relaxed, and we started talking freely. As at that time, I didn’t have a vast knowledge of escorts and when I asked she was willing to explain.

“Male escort vacancies are opening up almost every day. You have the physique. Why not apply for one and I will definitely hire you.” We both laughed.

Besides the ads on small rectangular boxes that pop up once in a while on a computer screen, I bet I still saw the old fashioned posters on the wall of the private room of the club. I guess you may be wondering how I got there. This lady, she said her name was Alexia. After talking for like twenty-something minutes, she whispered to me that she was horny and begged me to follow her to one of the private rooms. I refused at first, but when she began to plead, I felt my knees buckle. I agreed, and she literarily held my hand and led me there. Apparently, she was very familiar with the environment. However, for me, it was the first time I was ever entering the private room of any club.

When she has satisfied her urge, she obviously seemed happy with me. She turned to me and said, “Remember that thing I told you about male escort vacancies, think about it. Many women are definitely going to love you. You are really amazing.”
I nodded, and we spent the rest of the night exploring each other’s body with our hands. In the morning we went our separate ways, but my heart clung to the memory. If taking up male escort vacancies was the only way to see her again I was up for the challenge.

gay male escorts London

What I gained from gay male escorts London

There is little you can do if you have a deflated ego. At work, I often feel as if I was not good enough. Everything changed when I discovered gay male escorts London. Ok, let me rewind so that you will understand me better. My name is Alex. I am gay. My parents will never accept me the way I am and did all they could to suppress my sexuality that I began to feel inferior.
As I grew older, I became a victim of inferiority complex. I made little friends and always felt insulted each time they make friendly jokes. I lived most of my life in solitude. As I grew older and started to get more and more enlightened, I began to see how my low self-esteem was ruining my life. I decided as a matter of urgency to find a solution.

The first thing I did was to start reading to see if I will find other people like me. I had the conviction that it will help me to begin to feel normal about myself. Up till the moment I decided to find a solution for myself I felt subhuman. I felt excited when I discovered an online gay community that was open to membership. I immediately joined the forum. Reading some of the stories shared by the members did not only make me feel alive; it was also encouraging to know that I was not the only one.

I was eager to meet some of them in person. Online friendship often feels unreal but meeting physically, shaking hands, often validates the reality. Most of the people on the forum were not from London, and it was difficult for me to meet them. However, I did not give up. I continued to search for gay men within my reach, to make friends with them.

After a few months of failed frantic search, I finally quit. Luck seemed to shine on me recently when the new staff was employed in our office. I immediately bonded with him from the first moment I saw him, and I made efforts to get close to him. When I finally discovered he was gay, I was excited. We began to tag along and make out once in a while. However, just when I was getting along with him, the company decided to transfer him to a new branch in America.
That day he broke the news to me was one of the saddest days of my life yet. Immediately I began to think of how I will go back to my lonely, boring life. However, when I told him about my loneliness, he told me about gay male escorts London. I quickly told him that I didn’t know who they were or how I could meet them. He looked at me and smiled and began to tell me all the details I needed. When he was done he said, “Next time you don’t know anything, use Google”.

We laughed. He held my cheeks and promised to visit as frequently as time permits. It was from this colleague that I started to learn how to be bold. He was not afraid to talk about his sexual orientation nor did he feel intimidated by those who were straight. Then I started hiring gay male escorts London, and it dawned on me that all the limitations were in my head.
It amazed me how these guys, the gay male escorts London spoke freely about themselves and partied without the least resignation about themselves. I asked them how they did it, and one of them told me something I will never forget,
“Don’t try to please the society because society doesn’t even care about you.”
In all ramification he was right. Thanks to the flexible gay law in London I started to get my confidence back. The moment I did, every other aspect of my life changed. I started to perform better in the office, and my output increased significantly. My boss is still wondering what really changed. He called me one day and praised me and told me how he was on the verge of firing me.

“I am now glad I didn’t”, he said.

male escort employment

Male Escort Employment: What no one ever told you

The buzz on male escort employment is slowing down, but it remains a viable sector. However, what this means to those who are going into the industry is that they will have to work harder. I kind of feel the industry has become saturated. My dad was an escort, and the stories he told me is much different from what I see in the industry now.

According to my dad, when he joined the industry about three decades ago, there were just a few escorts in the industry. The law of demand and supply was working to their favour. Another thing that worked to their favour was that many people were more liberal in their belief. Today the combination of religious beliefs and saturation of the industry has led to a decline in male escort employment.

The law of demand and supply has now tilted towards the favour of the clients. For example, there was this day I got a call from a potential client. The client asked me if I was available to work as her escort for a certain adult-themed party which would last for four hours. I really love adult parties because of the freedom it gave me to express myself just anyhow I want.
Growing up I faced serious backlash when it comes to shedding my clothes. My parents frowned at it and considered it irresponsible. I finally got the opportunity to shed my clothes without being judged when I started going to adult parties. I fell in love with adult parties when I was almost twenty-one. Now I love to bare my body at every opportunity I get. This is the same reason why I spend much time on nudist beach.

So, when this client called me up and mentioned the adult party, I was immediately interested.
“I am interested. So what do you have for me?”

The client went on to give me details about the party and the role she wants me to play. We discussed for a while until it was time to talk about the charge. When I told her my fee for four hours, her tone changed. She seemed angered and said,
“I just finished speaking with another client who agrees to do the job for far less than what you are asking. The person who referred me to you assured me you were the most affordable I would get.”

I was trying to explain to her, but she dropped the call on me. There is still a significant amount of male escort employment, but most of them are not worth the stress because the clients are not willing to offer the standard fee.

The second factor that is severely affecting male escort employment negatively is the growth of religious organisations. Christianity is growing and so is Islam. A lot of secular thinkers have been turned over to one of the two religions. One thing many religions have in common is that they abhor the use of escorts. The increase in the members of these religions means a decline in male escort employment.

I have a friend who joined the escort industry because he couldn’t get a job. However, a few months after he started making enough money to pay his bills, he met this girl that he loved so much. The girl was a Christian and pleaded with him to stop escorting, or it may never work between them. Eager to get her, he decided to follow her to her church, and after a few weeks of going to the church he called me up one day advising me to quit. I hung the call.
I also have a few clients who used to be regular. However, they joined one religion, and I lost them. It is a difficult time now for those who are looking for male escort employment because they have to contend with many factors. It is a fragile industry. No matter how prepared you think you are, you can never be sure of what is coming next because the industry is highly affected by external factors. This is what no one tells you about the industry when you are trying to get in.

men for hire

Men for hire for an office dinner party

When I got the invitation to an office party, I knew that none of my boyfriends would suffice. I wanted a man whose presence would make my boss hold me with high esteem. For this I had a mental picture of the kind of man I wanted; he had to be gentle, attentive, and classy. I knew I had to turn somewhere else for these qualities. I finally found the guy using men for hire services. Don’t worry; I will give you the full detail.

That morning when I got the message I was so nervous. Before this event, I knew I was due for a promotion. I have waited patiently for it, but it wasn’t forthcoming. On two occasions I have tried to raise the topic with my boss, but he quickly diverted the topic to something else. It was so annoying. I knew this dinner was the opportunity I have been waiting for to have a closer conversation with him and I couldn’t afford to blow it.

Apart from my boss, I have built a kind of aura around myself. Many of my colleagues particularly the males have always been eager to know my boyfriend. One of them was bold to ask once,

“How does your boyfriend cope with you? I want to meet him to learn his secret.”

Some say I am too bossy while others say I am too serious. Well, other people’s opinion doesn’t always count, right? I see myself as a young career woman determined to get to the top of her career. Moreover, I will not let petty distractions come in the way of my goal. That is how I see myself. I guess you are beginning to understand why it has to be men for hire. If you are yet to get the gist, hold on. You soon will.

Contrary to what you may think, I really love my boyfriend. However, I would hate to pitch him in the middle of all these. I wouldn’t want him to feel like he has been invited over by forensic experts for examination. Also, my boyfriend is often too busy with his career too. I wouldn’t know if he would have time for dinner. Banking on his availability was too great a risk. A risk I couldn’t take.

Finding men to hire these days is pretty easy. What is more difficult now is finding the right platform to hire from. I have always had a swell experience with the male escort agency. In a few clicks, I don’t remember the number of guys I show. In a matter of minutes, I was done with my selection and switched my attention towards picking what to wear.

A girl’s closet is always filled with clothes but when you really need something to wear you may find none. What an irony. I plucked a velvety red gown from the hanger and examined it. It’s always a shame having your guy steal the attention for dressing more than you. “The gown would serve,” I told myself. From my count, I think I have worn it only twice.

In the evening the guy I hired from men for hire services showed up. It was as if a genie has just materialised my mental picture. I ushered him in, and we had a glass of cider while I told him about the dinner and the role I wanted him to play.  Talking to him was fun, and he was a good listener. His attention to details was superb.

We arrived at the dinner a few minutes to the due time, and it was already full of people. Also in attendance were our associates from neighbouring cities and outside the country. Like I expected, all eye were on me when we walked into the venue. My deskmate started clapping, and others joined her. The cheers and whistling were deafening. I wanted them to stop, but I know it would be a fruitless try.

Mid-way into the party, I made my way to my boss, hands locked with the guy from men for hire services. While we spoke, my boss flashed quick and guilt-laden glances at him and admitted he has held onto my promotion for too long.

UK male escorts

A session with UK male escorts

I have always imagined a session with male escorts to look like an interrogation where we would sit opposite each other, look into each other’s eyes and ask questions expecting the other person to answer with sincerity. For a while, that was what it was with me. However, now, I have realised that the level of your imagination determines what you get from UK male escorts. With this realisation, I find myself stretching my imagination with every new escort.

I consider myself a trend chaser of some sort. So, when Charlie and Stacy started making a fuss about UK male escorts, I knew it was just a matter of time before I will hop in. At first, they did everything they could to convince me to hire, but I didn’t find the logic behind hiring a man for anything other than official duties. However, as they continued to talk about it, a voice inside of me started to tell me to give it a try. The more I tried to resist the stronger the voice grew.

I yielded. I called Stacy one evening and asked her to tell me how to hire. I was just bored and felt it was the best time to see if all the fuzz about UK male escorts was worth it. I knew she would make a mockery of me, but it didn’t matter to me. She gave me details of how to hire, and I thanked her. Hiring was swift, and it took me less than five minutes. The main challenge was choosing the escort I felt was right.

After the hiring came the wait. The waiting, I heard, was the most difficult part of hiring. I had to fight the occasional knotting of my stomach. The anxiety also caused me to visit the toilet frequently. However, when he came around the anxiety evaporated. I admired him from head to toe. He was the kind of boyfriend I would want to have.

I made him comfortable. Like I always imagined, I sat at a sofa opposite him. We started talking. I liked how he chose his words carefully.

“Does your daughter know what you do?” I asked as soon as he mentioned he had a family.

“Yes,” he said, “She knows that I am an escort. She also thinks it is cool although I spare her the details.”

I giggled. He joined.

We chatted for the next two hours. It was a heartwarming conversation. I was glad that my eyes were already heavy when it was time for him to leave. I walked him to the door and bade him goodnight. I walked straight to my bedroom afterwards and fell like a tree.

The next morning I called Stacy and begged her not to mention anything about it in the office. Gossip spreads fast in my office, and I don’t want everyone to be talking about me and how I hired an escort. I know Stacy very well. She can probe for the tiniest details.

Stacy was not good at listening to me, but somehow she did this time. However, when we closed from the office, she followed me home to make sure she gets all the details. She knows how I stutter when I am lying so I had no option but to tell her all the details.

“What did you do?” she kept asking each time even when I had exhausted the details.

For some reason, she couldn’t believe that we just sat for two hours talking to each other. It was at this point that I mirrored her question for her to answer, “so, what do you usually do with your escorts?’

She smiled and said “A lot. Just anything I want.”

She started giving me all the gist about her sexual escapade. My jaw dropped in amazement, but the realisation has also set off a new longing in me. I want to try out some of the things she told me. She felt disappointed that my first experience wasn’t much of an experience. I gave her the who-cares face.

The next time I hired UK male escorts I let my imagination run wild. I had so much fun that at a point I started to think I have become someone else.

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