Become a gay male Escort

become a gay male escortIf I tell you that it is easy to become a gay male escort, I may be lying to you. However, the truth I would tell you is that you can make your life a little more complex when you become a gay male escort. In fact, I wonder what would have become of me if I didn’t take this decision two years back.

I am not really gay. I am more of a bisexual than gay. I used to work with a good construction company. I was one of their managerial staff, but my weakness for women turned out to be my doom. I loved women so much that I get easily aroused when the right girl is around. She didn’t have to do anything special besides sticking around and talking dirty.

I had a flock of girls around me, but there was this particular girl that my heart yearned for, Sophia. She was 5 feet 8, and she had a full hair that flowed freely and curled down to her back somewhere around her navel. I was a Casanova in the sense that sometimes I had a different girl all the seven days in a week.

My monthly salary ran into thousands of dollars, but before the month ended, I was already broke again. My savings was next to nothing. Having so many women is expensive and the bane of many men in our society. It is such a shame that you won’t even realise that you are ruining your future all for the fun of the present.

If at this time somebody had told me that I would one day become a gay male escort, I would have called that person silly or demented. I had used gay male escorts myself especially when I went on a business trip.

My woes began one day when Sophie visited me in the office. As we chatted, my manhood began to get turgid. I could not hold it anymore. I walked up and locked the door, and we got into action. My silly mind forgot to remind me that the entire office was wired with CCTV cameras.

The next day I was invited to a board meeting. It was a serious crime to have sex in the office, a gross act of misconduct and indiscipline. After a short deliberation, the decision was made. I was fired. That was how my earnings dropped from thousands of dollars a month to nothing.

The loss of my job didn’t stop the girls from coming to my house and it has become a tradition for me to take them out for drinks, food, or just to have fun. The loss of my job didn’t stop that.  The lifestyle further drained whatever was left of my savings.

The straw that broke the camel’s back that made me turn my back on women was on Saturday evening. One of the girls was with me then another came uninvited about an hour later. Girls don’t usually visit me unless I told them to come so this was really strange behaviour.

We all sat together talking and suddenly the girl that came later started to complain that I was giving more attention to the girl that was there before.

“That is because you came uninvited,” I retorted.

She got angry and started smashing my property. First, it was the flower vase then the glass centre table. The other girl tried to hold her off when she headed for the television, and it turned into a full-blown battle between the two. I tried to intervene but was hit on the head with an object I do not yet know.

When I got out of the hospital, I decided not to have anything to do with girls again. I decided to become a gay male escort. That I believed would help me drift further apart from women. That decision really helped me. Not only did it keep me away from women, but it also gave me a new source of livelihood.

I have better savings, and I have a better purpose for my life too. There are decisions we take when all hope seems to be lost, but they turn out to be the best thing that would happen to us.

Male escorts in London and dealing with emotional issues

Male escorts in LondonLondon is becoming a terrible place to live especially with the rising terrorist activities. I get scared of listening to the news these days. People are dealing with a lot of emotional issues. Recently I noticed male escorts in London could be useful in helping people to deal with different emotional issues. I would love to share my experience with you.

I was recently thrown into trauma after suffering a terrible accident. Unfortunately, I am not from here. I came from America and had no family member around here. I have few friends, but they are very busy people. I broke my left rib and ankle. I spent more than a month in the trauma centre with friends coming once in a while.  That experience made me realise that friends can never replace family.

My younger brother called me almost every day throughout the time I was in the hospital. I am sure that if it was convenient for him that he would have come around to stay with me. When I was off the hospital, I found myself lonely and all by myself most of the time. It was not a good experience. A warm company, even if the person said nothing, would have made all the difference.

I called a few of my friends and begged them to come around and stay with me, but none of them obliged. Depression and anger were setting in. I felt abandoned and hate at the same time directed towards nobody in particular. Loneliness pushed me into chatting more frequently.

It worked temporarily in bringing a smile to my face but the craving for that physical presence, for the touch of someone that truly cared was missing. I started searching online to see if I would find someone who has been through a similar solution or join a group of similar people. I was optimistic it would help to a large extent.

Throughout my search, male escorts in London kept popping up. I ignored it the first time because it made no sense until I read a comment on a forum where the lady narrated her story and how she got relief using male escorts in London. That was when I began to take it seriously.

I perused through all the information I could find about male escorts in London and found escort agencies that facilitated the hiring process too. “What were the odds?” I asked myself. I didn’t bother if the comments were real or not. In my current situation, I had little to lose.

I went to one of the agency and hired one of the male escorts in London. I tried to brave it, but I was still plagued by uncertainty, the fear of the unknown. One mind told me that I could be inviting a criminal into my home, but I dismissed the idea immediately.

In a few hours, he was on my door. I struggled with my limp and opened the door for him then motioned him in. The look on his face showed genuine concern for my situation. That alone was comforting. He helped me to clean the house and run a few petty errands even without me asking him to.

Anyone that saw him would easily think that he was a family member or a hired nurse. When he was done with the errands, we sat side-by-side with our shoulders leaning on each other. I know he was cautious not to ask me about how I sustained the injury, so I told him the entire story.

He suggested I got a lawyer and sued somebody for the damage, but I told him I’d rather not. I don’t think I was ready for all the legal troubles. My finances were already drained, and I didn’t want to incur more debt.

He got me a lunch box, and we ate like family. That was all I wanted. I felt all the bottled up anger slowly melt away as we talked and giggled at each other’s joke. He left with a promise to see me the next day unofficially – and he did.

If you find yourself in a lonely spot or feeling rejected, I would also recommend you try male escorts in London.

Touring with male escorts in Manchester

Male escorts in Manchester

I became an addict to male escorts in Manchester about 4 years ago. It was a gradual process, but I will not regret becoming an addict. I was born and brought up in Manchester, so you would easily assume that I know the length and breadth of the city. Unfortunately, that is not so. For many years, however, I thought I knew the majority of the city.

Recently I was talking with my girlfriend, and she was mentioning names of places that made me ask her, “Did you travel abroad?”

She smiled and said, “Nah… I have no such money yet, but I hope to someday.”

Her reply intrigued me the more because she was the quiet type. Back when we were in school, it was me that was always intimidating her with names of places I visited in the city. The next question that came to my lips was, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

I asked this question with a raised brow because we were best of friends and we kept no secret between us. If she had a boyfriend, I expected that I should be the first person to know about this. I asked this question out of my experience because the time I moved around the city frequently, it was my boyfriend that took me around.

As I pressured her, I noticed that she was a little secretive and uneasy. I started to suspect something fishy. I mounted the pressure because I felt betrayed. I trusted her so much that I didn’t believe we should hold secrets. She finally opened up and said it almost in a whisper, “I have been seeing male escorts in Manchester.”

I was sure I have never heard that before, “What exactly male escorts in Manchester?” I asked with my hands folded over my chest.

“They are guys that you can hire and they act just like your boyfriend for a specific time period. I personally prefer to hang around with them than having to deal with all the drama of a long-term relationship.”

I continued to nod as she explained because this was an epiphany. I didn’t bother to ask her how long she has been hiring male escorts in Manchester because I felt it would be embarrassing to her but I guessed it must have been a pretty long time judging by how much she knows and the places she has been.

After hearing her explanations and the benefits she listed out, I was curious. I find it difficult to have a decent rest whenever I am curious about anything until I get it resolved. For the next few weeks, I asked her to give me more details including how much it cost to hire and where I can hire from. She knew I would never stop pestering her until I have had my feelings, so she was cooperative.

After strategising for a long time, I finally took the leap. I hired. The experience was all that my friend has explained – and more. I was quick to tell my escorts to take me to any fun place under the pretence that I didn’t know many places in Manchester.

The best way to learn from people is usually to pretend that you know nothing. Some people are often threatened when you show them that you know as much or more than they do and will refuse to open up to you. I had never hired an escort before, so it was best to play safe by assuming that I knew nothing.

Within a space of three months of consistent hiring, my eyes were opened to the glamour of Manchester. I even went for skiing once with my escort. I played other games that I never thought I liked, but they turned out to be exciting.

By hiring male escorts in Manchester, I was able to visit restaurants in lonely corners where I wouldn’t have been able to go. Fun in some of them starts at night – almost like a party. With all these exciting experiences, it is easy to see why I quickly became an addict. I spoke with my friend recently, and she sounded worried. In her words, she said, “I think you are overdoing it”.

I smiled.

It is easy to get addicted to London male escort agencies

London male escort agenciesWhenever I browse through London male escort agencies, there is this funny feeling I get. It is the kind of feeling that new lovers usually have when they meet each other. I end up wetting my pants sometimes. I am sure you will be guessing the reason why. Well, there are usually lots of guys in seductive poses to hire.

The list of available guys grows almost every week, and I don’t think I would ever get used to that. I must confess that I have a soft spot for guys with perfect bodies; tall, athletic chest and arms and a broad shoulder. A combination of these is always enough to get me weak in my knees.

Almost all the black guys I have seen have these qualities. You can only imagine the gibberish that goes through my mind each time I walk past them on the street. The problem is that I am never bold enough to talk to any of them. Or maybe I am just scared that I may not be able to handle them. You know that point you are so emotional in a conversation that nothing you say makes sense. That is what I fear the most because I am almost certain that I would get to that point.

I screamed my lungs out the day I flipped through the archives of one of the London male escort agencies and found this black hunk with an oiled bare chest. I am sure the neighbors must have heard my voice. I was jittery, and my hands were shaky as I clicked on the hire button. Finally, I would have a one-on-one private encounter with a black dude. The thought of it alone made my head spin.

I tidied up the room and had my bath in readiness for his arrival. If you see me at that moment, it was as if I was preparing for a big feast. My doorbell rang a couple of hours later, and I was pretty sure he was the one – I mean the black escort I hired from one of the London male escort agencies.

My heart began to race, and my breath stifled. I ghosted across the room to the door and paused, took several deep breaths before I opened the door. The broad smiling baring cream coloured perfect dental set got my knees wobbly. He stretched out his hand for me to shake. When I did, my pant became stained. I couldn’t help it.

It is a pleasure meeting you”, he said.

I opened my mouth to respond, but the words won’t come out. I dived into him in a long embrace. I loved the crushing feeling of those rippling muscles around me. Gradually, I began to get used to him. We began to chat and feel each other’s bodies, and he occasionally lifted me off the ground and swirled me around like a weightless piece of paper.

We later headed for a beach where we tagged together against other couples in different games; volleyball, water ball, and running. We won some and lost others, and I was always his weak link. He would smile at me and give me that encouraging nod.

“With more practice, you will become a great sportswoman”, he teased.

The nearly four hours we spent together seemed like forty minutes. Time surely runs fast when you are having fun. We spent the rest of the evenings in a restaurant trying out dishes from other parts of the world and talking about our personal lives.

Believe me when I tell you that it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. That day was among the few days I have smiled genuinely from my heart. I was literarily blushing like a love-struck teenager. Everything was just perfect. At some point, I even wished we were dating, but I quickly brushed the idea off my mind to avoid hurting myself.

I refused to bade him goodbye because you do that to people you want to leave. I didn’t want to leave him. I have visited London male escort agencies more frequently hoping that I would see another black hunk to hire. There seemed to be a lot of people who want their company.

Rent boys London: Makes me feel younger

Rent boys LondonHi ladies. My name is Amanda, and I would like to tell you about rent boys London service which, by the way, I discovered only a few days ago. I may be in my late thirties, but I can’t deny the fact that I am still a huge lover of younger men. I feel twenty inside, but my skin reminds me that I am far older.

I have been in a relationship several times, but each of them keeps trying to change my inner spirit. They want me to act like an old lady. There was this businessman that I started to date, but after being together for four months, he told me one day that I “don’t act my age”. He went further to mention how I rant like a teenager sometimes. After his series of complains, I decided to end the relationship myself.

For a long time, I have been making attempts to please the men in my life by “acting my age”, but I have decided to quit. I am all for happiness now. You can imagine how excited I was when I discovered rent boys London. It was easier for a teenager to understand a teenager – and I don’t get to struggle anymore to fit into the social picture of anyone.

A beach party happened recently. It is a very popular festival that brings people from different parts of the city and even the country. I was eager to attend but didn’t want to go alone. As a lady of my age, going alone to such an event can be likened to eating rice without stew or soup. It can be satisfying but not enjoyable.

I also didn’t want to go with someone that would remind me to watch how I walked or talked. I wanted to go with someone who had the wild inner child spirit. It was during my search that I discovered rent boys London.

I quickly called up the agency and told them what I wanted. In seconds I had a long list of young lads in front of me to pick from. I made my choice, and that also marked the start of my addiction to rent boys London.

As discussed we went for the festival. There were different art displays. I saw a lady who was totally nude, but her body was covered with paintings. If she should stand still, you could easily mistake her for a statue. There was also assorted food – both local food and foods that are peculiar to other cultures. It was also a similar experience with drinks.

I took two bottles of beer and ended up rolling on the floor, not from being intoxicated, but from excitement. The boy I rented – he is twenty-two, but I still prefer to call him a boy – joined me in rolling on the floor. There was a time we were competing to know who could roll faster. I started rolling first, but he still caught up with me and ended up laying on me.

We met with a couple of acquaintances and played several games, from running to volleyball. Around 2 am I was exhausted from all the activities. He led me to a quiet part of the beach also filled by people who are trying to catch some sleep. We lay side-by-side and caressed each other until sleep took our consciousness.

I didn’t want that night to end, but when I opened my eyes, the sun was already moving out of the horizon. The beach has become deserted with empty plastics littering the surrounding. For me, it felt as if I closed my eyes and opened it and it was morning. My head still ached a little from all the running around and screaming the previous day. I used my hand to rub the white sand off my body. Then, I woke the boy I hired, and we headed home.

I am already looking forward to the festival next year. I am thinking of hiring more than one boy. However, I have visited rent boys London more often than I can count that they now give me a discount. I am glad to be able to live life just the way I want.

Looking for male escorts: here is a hint

looking for male escortsHi, I am Arianna. I want to say this quickly; there are places you should never visit when you are looking for male escorts in this age, or you may end up regretting ever going there in the first place. I fell to a terrible experience and after a long time brooding on it, I have decided to share.

You can call me a caged girl. I lived in the shadows of my parents until I was twenty years. My parents were strict with rules. You never did anything contrary to what they said in most cases, or there would be dire consequences.

There was a time my elder sister tried to be stubborn. She told my dad she wanted to attend a party. It was a night party that would last from 11 pm till dawn. It was a class party, and she was eager to go. She couldn’t contain the enthusiasm. However, there was a standing rule in our house that no one should stay out of the house until 9 pm. Even my parents upheld this rule.

She told my dad about the party. His reply was simple and cold, “You cannot attend”.

“Please dad, it is really important I attend.”

My dad did not argue further or reply to her plea. His gaze was fixed on the television, and he sold his attention to it. My sister could not take no for an answer because she had already told many of her friends that she would be attending. She also mentioned to me that she was looking for male escorts that would make sure she was safe. She snuck out of the house as soon as it was dark enough. When my dad noticed, I expected him to scream at the top of his voice like he always did whenever he was angry but he didn’t.

My sister returned in the morning around 6 am. I don’t know if my dad had been up all night waiting for her. She tried to sneak into the house, but my dad came out the moment the door shrieked. She froze. Without emotion in his voice, my dad told her she was banned from entering the house for two days. It sounded like a joke, but my dad stood firm to his decision.

Each time I try to pull a similar stunt, that incident reminds me to tread with caution. I purposely chose a university in a faraway city where the prying eyes of my parents would never see me. While I was in the university, I saw it as an opportunity to explore my imagination; an opportunity to fly.

One of my friends was having a birthday party. I was crushing on him but restricting myself because I knew he had a girlfriend. I didn’t want to be labelled a ‘boyfriend snatcher’. As the date drew nearer, I was nervous because I have never been to a party before. I was anxious about my safety.

I mentioned that I was looking for male escorts to escort me to a party and she told me to check on a particular club few blocks away. I visited the club and sat at the bar. After a few shots, I spoke privately to the waiter that I was looking for male escorts.

He made a call and pointed me to the back door. The back door led to a passage with many rooms. There were lots of cute guys hanging around. I met one of the guys and told him that I was looking for male escorts.

“I am your perfect guy,” he said with a smile and opened a door for me to enter.

The stench that came out of the room made my stomach to twitch. I peered quickly, and another lady was lying motionless on the bed. My instincts told me I should flee and that was exactly what I did. I wonder what would have happened to me if I had entered that room.

I later figured that it was something of the past to visit places when looking for male escorts. All I needed to have done was to visit an escort agency online and hired. Please be smart and stay out of trouble.

Male escorts in London: The crime of London young ladies


male escorts in LondonI work with male escorts in London, and I have made a disclosure as of late which I would love to impart to you. I have heard a few times that London young ladies are not sentimental and that the greater part of them are gold diggers. Every one of those is false. I have been with in excess of 100 young ladies over the most recent three years, and I would reveal to you my feeling.

Working with male escorts in London has been an incredible benefit since it has empowered me to see the opposite side of individuals which are once in a while not made noticeable to the general population. I have communicated with men from America exactly who has been in London for one reason or the other and dominant part of them have had a negative remark about London young ladies. One of them stated,

“I adore this young lady with all I have, yet she appears to be keen on something different. Perhaps my cash. I don’t generally know.”

Despite the fact that I was not a lady, the words hurt me. The man was discussing my sister. I question if any Londoner would grin from hearing that. Another stated,

“You stroll not far off or visit the shoreline, and every one of the young ladies appears to scowl like they are miserable.”

In my brain, I was considering, ‘is it much appropriate to stroll around grinning at all the outsiders that cross your way?’ What an unusual route for individuals to reason. In spite of the fact that I am an American, I was brought up in London that I frequently call it my home.

Joining male escorts in London around five years prior gave me the chance to collaborate with bunches of London young ladies and I have presumed that they are distorted in the media. What you would know is that London young ladies are extremely wary when they act. When they cherish, they give their everything so they are mindful so as not to fall for the wrong person.

As of late, I was enlisted by a young lady whose relationship simply hit a block divider. She ought not to be more than 23. She levelled my stature at around 5 ft 8″ and had enormous bends that were featured by her tight fittings. Scarcely taking a gander at her I was pondering the motivation behind why any man would need to leave such a goddess.

She revealed to me that her relationship was scarcely a year prior everything turned out badly. Despite the fact that I didn’t have the benefit of tuning in to the person’s form of the story, the genuineness of her words makes it hard not to trust her rendition.

Incidentally, the person that broke her feelings into a thousand shards was an American, so you perceive how this can deface her future association with anyone from that piece of the mainland? She employed male escorts in London, and I was fortunate to be the one.

She was exceptionally responsive when I arrived despite the fact that her grin still appeared to be constrained. I could see the layer of severity underneath her eyes when she grinned. She offered me a drink. It was vodka my top choice. I demanded she drank with me. That was the manner by which I began to take life back to her soul. I later took her to an arcade house where we tested each other to various diversions.

I won a dominant part of the diversions since I was a superior player however he was likewise a quick student. We resigned at the eatery and ate together. We discussed such huge numbers of things; from our past to our future and our preferences.

Her earnestness and aspirations didn’t seem like a young lady who might need to pursue any man to deplete him of his cash. She was the sort of individual that needed her name to be heard far and wide for an exceptional commitment to mankind.

Chatting with her was more than exciting. It additionally was an open door for me to reorder my needs. I have been working with male escorts in London for a long while, yet I have never considered myself to be an option that is more prominent than the person that would be contracted to convey a grin to the characteristics of other individuals. Presently I am additionally being compelled to end up eager. I am as of now thinking about the likelihood of beginning an escort office.

Men for hire: The gateway to cultural integration

I have been in the escorting business for close to a decade now, but recently there are more men for hire from other races coming to America and London. There was a point in my life when I hardly stayed for a week without looking for men for hire. I naturally enjoy the company of men, and my girlfriends have noticed that too. I can’t help it. It is just my nature.

I fell in love after a life-threatening experience. Before the incident, I didn’t have many male friends, and the few I had were at arm’s length. We were the kind of friends that would exchange ‘hi’ and ‘hello’ whenever our paths crossed.

So, there was this day I went to have fun with men for hiremy female friends. The day was going all well, and the sun was just perfect in the sky. We were playing volleyball. When the ball fell into the river, I volunteered to get it. I still can’t explain with certainty what happened next. From nowhere this wave came and washed me deeper into the ocean. I was screaming with both hands waving in the air.

None of the girls I was playing with dared to try to pull me out. They were there with their hands clasped over their head or waving in the air. One of the coastguards was the person that jumped into the water to get me out. After that incident, I was forced to rethink my allegiance and the people I should spend more time with. It was obvious that my girls would not be able to save me whenever I fell into trouble.

I needed a ‘Superman’ that would be there to protect my back. I thought over the event for many days and decided to give men a chance in my life. Before I had a boyfriend, I used to settle for men for hire – and I must confess that I really enjoyed their company.

Many years later I took a course in international relation. I have always enjoyed the thrill of following up with the economy and the social structure of countries around the world. At some point, I yearned to have a closer interaction with citizens from around the world. There is some information that you should never rely on the press to give to you.

Travelling to different countries around the world seemed to be the only way I could get authentic information, but that was not an option to me because I would never be able to afford the money for such a trip. But I did not give up. I remained hopeful.

I kept a keen eye on my environment hoping to seize any opportunity I could get. It was at this point that I discovered that men from different nations were now in the UK working as men for hire. The discovery was an exciting one to me because it meant that I could finally interact with people around the globe and get unbiased information about their country.

Being an avid user of men for hire, I know them to be very friendly, sincere and open-minded. I think it is a part of their work ethics. What I did was simple; one after the other I browsed through the archive of one of the men for hire agencies and started picking men from different nationalities. For each country, I was able to find I hired at least three.

While enjoying their company, I also was able to get tangible information from them about their country. It was like using a stone to kill two birds. I ran the research for about seven months and came up with a report which has been greatly accepted by my peers. Some of them are still baffled at how I was able to get such in-depth information about the different countries  some of which could not be found anywhere on the Internet.

Interacting with men for hire from different nationalities also helped me to understand the impact of sociology-economic factors in their different countries helped to shape their mindset and existence. It was really the easiest way for me to meet different nationalities. It was like traveling to other countries without paying the cost.

Male escorting jobs: Better than the office job

male escorting jobsI quit my office job about a year ago for male escorting jobs, and it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. When I was in school, an office job seemed to be a dream come true for everyone I am certain some students still feel that way but it was only when I resigned and started taking male escorting jobs that I realised I had been a slave all along.

At first, it seemed really exciting especially when the money rolled into my account; I mean the office job. Gradually it started to feel like survival of the fittest. I woke up very early in the morning so that I would make it to the office early enough to avoid being queried but that was the least of my worries.

My major worry was that my salary remained dormant after many years and I desperately needed promotion. I wasn’t eager for promotion only because of the pay rise although I would not deny it was part of it – a promotion would also mean that I will now have more flexible working hours. It would also be a big boost to my CV peradventure I decide to quit a new establishment.

By the standards of my company, I was due to be promoted a long time ago. The only problem was that my manager was stealing my shine. Your contribution to the company determined if you would be promoted or not. However, my manager will take all my ideas without acknowledgement and present them as if they were his. This was the major reason why I remained stagnated in the industry. The decision was that I had not made enough contribution to get a promotion.

I feared to confront him face-to-face to avoid losing my job. After living with the trauma for many years, I decided to quit the job. Quitting was more honorable than being sacked. Staying would mean that I may go bananas one day.

After quitting my office job, I hoped from one establishment to another for a while, but the satisfaction was lacking. I yearned for job satisfaction, something I would do effortlessly. It was during this search that I found male escorting jobs. It was just as thrilling as it sounded.

In male escorting jobs, there was no boss to order me around or teal my shine. I also enjoy the flexibility a lot. Any day I don’t feel like to work I will just switch off my phone an embrace my bed without the fear of being queried or losing my work.

Sometimes I tease people that male escorting jobs are not real jobs and that is why they pay higher. You mostly work at your comfort and terms just like a freelancer. I recall one of the experiences with my clients. Normally, I go to the house or wherever my clients want me to meet them, but this particular client wanted to meet me instead.

It sounded strange to me, and I was skeptical. I wasn’t comfortable with the arrangement. The first thought that came to my head was that she was probably trying to set me up for the cops. She was offering the kind of money that I couldn’t resist. I rented a small apartment and gave her the address.

She arrived as agreed and it turned out she was a popular businesswoman. She was in need of a male escort but declined the usual meeting in a hotel or her house because she didn’t want the prying eyes of paparazzi on her. She wanted to surprise her friends with a trick that she has got a new boyfriend.

We had an amazing time together, and I decided to act along with her plan. On the day of the party she called me out, and we hugged and kissed in front of the watching crowd. We were so convincing I can say with certainty that they fell to her game.

I got a huge bonus at the end of it all for staging a believable action. I don’t even have to roam the street looking for male escorting jobs like I did with office jobs. Male escorting jobs come to me.

Becoming a male escort: Why the world should hear my story

There is a popular saying that ‘there is no death that is worse than the death of hope,’ that was me. Dead! I used to be that teenager that was scared of the future because I was not privileged to have rich parents. Becoming a male escort was a glimmer of hope at the end of my dark tunneled future. London male escorts

Growing up I remember that they were days we had to skip lunch, not because we were fasting but because there was nothing to eat. Having a carton of milk in the refrigerator was a luxury. My parents and my two siblings just survived. As the oldest of my siblings, I hated the life we lived and was eager to make a difference.

I was eager to find a better life for my family particularly my sister, the last in the house. She is a lovely soul, and the warmth of her presence was always enough to drive away any gloom I had. She would crack crazy jokes that made me laugh like a crazy dude.

We lived in the suburbs so when I turned 20; I moved to the city. It was a brave and uncertain move. I wasn’t sure what to find or where to stay. I just moved. All I had were dreams and determination and becoming a male escort was not one of those dreams. I had a few friends from high school, and one of them agreed that I could put up with him if I came to the city.

Getting a decent job with a high school result was almost an insane idea, but I didn’t give up. I still searched. After two months I still couldn’t find a decent job. I didn’t get a lot of petty jobs including cleaning, delivery boy – just name it – to put money in my pocket.

I had finished cleaning an office one morning when I ran into this very funny young lad. He should not be more than 25. His jokes reminded me of my sister. We ran into each other more often as I visited to clean and one day he said, “A diligent guy like you would make a good escort”.

I just wanted something better. I met up with him one weekend, and he introduced me to a couple of guys. To cut the story short, I became an escort. My first client wasn’t a scary experience at all like most of the more experienced guys in the industry had warned me it would be. It felt more like a date – the kind of date I would never have been able to afford.

She invited me to this expensive restaurant and paid all the bills. For the first time in my life, I was able to drink an expensive red wine rather than the cheap wines I have tasted before. The sour-sweet taste of the grape wine could only be from years of ageing in wooden barrels.

From there we went to see a movie. It was the highly talked about ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. I have never seen a movie in 3D before. The experience is so cool. It feels like the actions are coming straight to your face.

Becoming a male escort gave me a peek into luxury the kind of life I have always admired but which felt far from my grasp. I made enough money to take care of my loving sister’s education, and I will continue to support her to university. My parents now also eat three times a day, every day, with ease.

However, becoming a male escort, to me, is not all about the luxury. It was about giving me hope, the hope to become what I would never have been able to become judging from my poor background.

Becoming a male escort was my journey to self-discovery, the discovery that my background had little impact on my future, the discovery that there is a place for everyone in this world. I hear the saying, “the sky is large enough for every bird to fly without colliding” but that only started to make sense to me recently.

If you are in such a hopeless situation, there is more to life. Becoming a male escort was my path, but you can choose to become something else.

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