Male escorts in Birmingham: Why we need them

male escorts in BirminghamIt is easy to look at someone and think that you don’t need them especially when you think that they play no direct role in your life. That is the same case with male escorts in Birmingham. Birmingham is a quiet city but can get really loud when there is soccer to be played. However, the city would have looked more like a ghost town if not for male escorts in Birmingham to keep it lively.

I also used to think that they were of no value, I mean the escorts but recently I found out how wrong I have been. I often tease myself to be a nocturnal animal because nights have become my day. While many people hug their beds and snore softly or loudly, I would be in one nightclub or another drinking and dancing like a mad woman.

Most of the nightclubs in the city know me because I am a regular. I also have an unofficial timetable regarding how I rotated my attendance between the different nightclubs. Can’t even imagine how bored I would become if I should visit a country or a neighbourhood without a nightclub – I am sure I would fall sick.

One day my fears caught up with me. I visited my grandmother in another neighbourhood. It was a short visit that would last two days tops, but things went out of hand. The night of the day I visited, she became really sick and was taken to the ICU. I was the only family she had in the city, and I could not abandon her.

I quickly called my boss and notified him of what was happening. I was glad I had a loving and understanding boss who trusted me too. When I told him what was happening, he felt sorry. I could hear it in his voice.

“Take your time and make sure granny is well before coming back”, he said.

I smiled. You don’t come across bosses that don’t put their business above the welfare of their staff every day. I thanked him and dropped the call. A two-day trip stretched into two weeks. I was glad that granny recovered quickly.

She stayed in the hospital for 7 days before the doctors released her to continue her recovery at home. They said it was good psychologically especially as one gets older. The reason was that the more she spent time around the hospital the more she would feel sick. Healthy psychology is always critical to healing.

I stayed back to look after her at least for a week to make sure she was OK before I would hand over her care to her nanny. She sleeps early, and when she does, I will go out to look for a nightclub to have fun. Surprisingly, there was none in the neighbourhood. Most of the bars in the area closed around 10 pm.

When I asked around, I got to know that there were no escorts here and that was the reason why. I struggled to make the connection between male escorts in Birmingham with the nightclubs, but it finally hit me.

Male escorts in Birmingham were the ones that brought clients to the nightclubs. They were the reasons night clubs boomed with lots of visitors because they lure their clients there most times. I learned that opening a nightclub in an area where they were no escorts was a grave mistake because you will rarely get visitors and the business would die in a few months or a year tops.

The realisation was a huge one to swallow because I never knew that male escorts in Birmingham were pivotal to my enjoyment and I never saw any reason to give them accolades. I couldn’t wait for the two weeks to be over so that I would return to my neighbourhood.

When I prepared to leave, I saw the longing in the eyes of my granny. I knew she wanted me to stay longer. There was a difference between having a blood relation around compared to having a nanny – no matter how nice the nanny is. When I went back to my neighbourhood and visited a nightclub the next weekend, I took my time to observe the male escorts in Birmingham as the floated through the arena.

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