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Male escorts Newcastle: A cool way to have unlimited fun

newcastle male escortsHi, my name is Francesca. I discovered something new in Newcastle which I would love to share with you. I recently hit a snag in my fun life and have been looking for a way to spice things up a little. A friend of mine recently introduced me to male escorts in Newcastle, and I think I just hit the jackpot. Calm down, I will give you all the juicy details.

My parents are immigrants, but I guess Newcastle is now my home. If my parents should take me back to wherever they came from – because they have never told me where – I wonder how I would accept it. That is by the way. Growing up in Newcastle, I would bet that I have seen all the fun places in the city – or so I thought.

From a very tender age, dad used to take us to parks, restaurants, festivals, and whatever fun place there was to be visited. By the age of 15, I would bet that I had been to all the fun places that there was to be visited in the city – I am glad that I never bet on that now because I would have lost terribly.

I am lucky to have parents who were open-minded. “You can do whatever you like, but don’t get pregnant”, was the only condition my dad laid out for me. After graduating from high school and making it to the university, I was ready to explore the world. I was now 18 and could do anything I wanted.

One summer holiday, I and my friends had gone to the school swimming pool to cool off when they one of them began to talk about male escorts in Newcastle. I am a very curious person, and the name sounded trendy too, so I began to ask for more details.  Gradually, it turned into a game of open confession. We knocked a water ball around, and if it fell in front of you, you will have to reveal your deepest secrets.

As much as my friends tried to set me up so that the ball would fall in front of me, I made sure that never happened. I was always quick to knock the ball away before it landed. I didn’t know how I would feel letting them know that I masturbate two to three times every day. It was during this game that I discovered that a good number of my friends had hired male escorts in Newcastle.

I was curious and jealous at the same time. I was curious to know what it felt like and jealous that I was not among the first to use the service. I didn’t tell them, but I started to gather all the information I could get about male escorts in Newcastle. I was pretty sure that I wanted to hire, but I just needed a head start, more like a sneak peek into what I was to expect.

I was working towards hiring one of the male escorts Newcastle before the end of the summer holiday. I thought it would be a good way to end the holiday and also provide me with enough story to share with my friends. I know it will shock some of them especially Regina who always saw me as a quiet, reserved young lady.

The day I hired, I sat in front of my computer for close to thirty minutes trying to decide who to hire as well as justify the reason for choosing whoever it was that I settled for.  I was happy with my choice.

When we met that evening, I had several emotions running through me. Staring into his eyes made me want to fall in love.

“Can we hang out in the open?” I asked.

“Do you have anywhere in mind?” he responded.

“Not really”, I said.

“Then I know a place you may like.”

It was a serene location that I never imagined existed. It only comes alive in the night. There were a handful of games that visitors were thrilled to. He thought me how to play golf. I didn’t know when I hugged and kissed him. As we parted, I was already longing for a remake of the experience.

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