Men escorts reminds me of my husband

If my husband were alive today, he would probably be one of the best men escorts in the country. He was so good at what he did that I was willing to marry him. We never quarrelled or fought throughout the years that we spent together.

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Sammy pecked my cheek and whispered in my ears, “Let me get some groceries at the mall”. I didn’t know that would be the last I would hear that lovely voice of his. The police said the accident was likely due to over speeding.  They said Sammy must have lost grip of the car due to over speeding that made him run into a trash truck.

I know my Sammy. He is not the guy that steps too hard on the pedal without reason. If he was actually over speeding, then, there must be a life-threatening reason behi

nd it. It is three years now, and I can’t still talk about the event without fighting a pool of tears from leaving my eyes. My intent is not to drag to in to grieve with me but to tell you about men escorts.

I wasn’t lucky with men. I had a good number of boyfriends that I hoped I would get to marry someday. They will seem nice at first but after a while will begin to act strange and the relationship would end. I made up my mind that I would only tie the knot with a man who was deserving, a man who truly understands my worth.

Many years of the search was fruitless, so I decided to stick with hiring men escorts. I convinced myself that my quest was a fruitless one. Sammy was one of the men escorts that I hired. He was a handsome man. If not for his full beards, someone can mistake him for a guy in his twenty-something. It happened that I hired him immediately my last relationship crashed. I was depressed and needed someone to be close to me. Someone I can tell all my problems.

From our first encounter, I knew I wanted to spend more time with him. He had this twitter feminine voice that sounded like a melody each time he opened his mouth to speak. That got me. He made me sit beside him on a sofa beside him after I recounted my bitter tale with my boyfriend.

He pressed my head so that it leaned on his shoulder and let me soak his white shirt with my tears. He let me cry to my fill without interrupting me. When I was done, he gave me pieces of advice that stuck in my head forever.

He said, “When your relationship crashes, be grateful it was only a relationship. It would be worse if it were a marriage. Imagine spending the rest of your life with someone you cannot bond. The right person is out there.”

Since this was not anyone in my situation would like to hear, it made a whole lot of sense to me. We went on to advice and console. When it was time for him to leave, I almost physically restrained him from leaving. I stood at the door and shielded it. Instead of getting angry, he was beaming proudly with a smile.

“hire me again, and I will be here,” he said.

I thought for a while and gave way. Hiring him again was not easy. He was not always available on the website. I hired other men escorts while waiting for him to show up. When I tested other men escorts, I discovered how unique Sammy was. He was so natural and loved and executed his job with passion.

When I got the chance to hire him again, I told him that I wanted us to be more than just clients. I told him that he didn’t have to quit his job when we are married. I saw the excitement in his eyes when I said that.

Our marriage was simple but ever since our life had been great together. Sammy was spontaneous and knew how to add vibe to a relationship just when it looks like the flame is about to go off.

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