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Men for hire: Find them when you need them

Have you ever desired something so bad but was unable to find it? How do you feel at such instances? That was the same way I felt the first time I sought for men for hire but could not find them. That was close to two decades ago. Now it is a whole lot different. I can find one almost anytime I need one. So I ask, what has changed over the years?

During my youthful days, the only way to prove that you were now an adult to your friends was when you start having men around you. Our age was highly disciplined, and we had so many unspoken laws. On my twenty-third birthday, I was so eager to prove to my friends that I was no longer a kid, so I began to search for men for hire, knowing that I didn’t have any close male friend.

I had a bet with them that before my twenty-third birthday I would have found a boyfriend and by twenty-five, I should be married. When I made this bet four years earlier, I had never imagined that it would be so hard to find a boyfriend. Not as if I don’t have admirers, but I have always had a good reason to reject them.

The most annoying part of the bet was that I said if I lose they should stop calling me by my name. I permitted them to change my name to whatever they wanted. What a dumb thing I did there, right? I know.

While others are excited at the eve of their birthday, I was sweating profusely as I searched in futility for men for hire. It wasn’t a bet I was willing to lose. The consequence of losing was too grave that I could not even think about it.

The concept of searching for things online was not very popular then. It is possible that there might have been some escort agencies on the web then, but I was not knowledgeable about all that. I moved from one place to another and told a few friends to help me keep an eye for one. My party was scheduled for the evening of my birthday, but by the morning of that day, I have still not found anyone.

I have almost lost hope, but by afternoon I got a call from a friend who told me he has found men for hire and asked how many I would like to hire. Then, we always didn’t have the luxury of making a selection; you just go with whoever was available. Since we never had the luxury of making a selection from a list of guys, it seemed normal.

As soon as he dropped the call, I took a taxi to his place to meet with the guys. It was after I had secured his service that I was now happy carrying on with the rest of the preparation for my birthday. I spoke at length with this guy and told him my plan and his role. In the end, it was win-win for all. I fooled all my friends who knew about the bet.

I don’t know why I am always caught up in a bet. Recently I found myself in an awkward position of placing the bet again. The terms were different this time. I told my friends that even at forty-two that I could still trap a handsome young mate. They said it was a huge lie, so I went into a bet with them again. I told them that if I succeeded, they would have to refund me every cent I spent on my birthday. They agreed.

As I did the last time, I searched for men for hire, but the difference now was that I didn’t have to approach people to help me with the search. All I did was go online and make a pick from the list of guys. Trust me; I went for a very young Mate with all the features that would make the feet of most ladies wobble.

I planned with him again, and for the second time, I won the bet. The ease of finding men for hire these days surely thrills me.

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