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Men for hire for an office dinner party

When I got the invitation to an office party, I knew that none of my boyfriends would suffice. I wanted a man whose presence would make my boss hold me with high esteem. For this I had a mental picture of the kind of man I wanted; he had to be gentle, attentive, and classy. I knew I had to turn somewhere else for these qualities. I finally found the guy using men for hire services. Don’t worry; I will give you the full detail.

That morning when I got the message I was so nervous. Before this event, I knew I was due for a promotion. I have waited patiently for it, but it wasn’t forthcoming. On two occasions I have tried to raise the topic with my boss, but he quickly diverted the topic to something else. It was so annoying. I knew this dinner was the opportunity I have been waiting for to have a closer conversation with him and I couldn’t afford to blow it.

Apart from my boss, I have built a kind of aura around myself. Many of my colleagues particularly the males have always been eager to know my boyfriend. One of them was bold to ask once,

“How does your boyfriend cope with you? I want to meet him to learn his secret.”

Some say I am too bossy while others say I am too serious. Well, other people’s opinion doesn’t always count, right? I see myself as a young career woman determined to get to the top of her career. Moreover, I will not let petty distractions come in the way of my goal. That is how I see myself. I guess you are beginning to understand why it has to be men for hire. If you are yet to get the gist, hold on. You soon will.

Contrary to what you may think, I really love my boyfriend. However, I would hate to pitch him in the middle of all these. I wouldn’t want him to feel like he has been invited over by forensic experts for examination. Also, my boyfriend is often too busy with his career too. I wouldn’t know if he would have time for dinner. Banking on his availability was too great a risk. A risk I couldn’t take.

Finding male escorts to hire

Finding men to hire these days is pretty easy. What is more difficult now is finding the right platform to hire from. I have always had a swell experience with the male escort agency. In a few clicks, I don’t remember the number of guys I show. In a matter of minutes, I was done with my selection and switched my attention towards picking what to wear.

A girl’s closet is always filled with clothes but when you really need something to wear you may find none. What an irony. I plucked a velvety red gown from the hanger and examined it. It’s always a shame having your guy steal the attention for dressing more than you. “The gown would serve,” I told myself. From my count, I think I have worn it only twice.

In the evening the guy I hired from men for hire services showed up. It was as if a genie has just materialised my mental picture. I ushered him in, and we had a glass of cider while I told him about the dinner and the role I wanted him to play.  Talking to him was fun, and he was a good listener. His attention to details was superb.

We arrived at the dinner a few minutes to the due time, and it was already full of people. Also in attendance were our associates from neighbouring cities and outside the country. Like I expected, all eye were on me when we walked into the venue. My deskmate started clapping, and others joined her. The cheers and whistling were deafening. I wanted them to stop, but I know it would be a fruitless try.

Mid-way into the party, I made my way to my boss, hands locked with the guy from men for hire services. While we spoke, my boss flashed quick and guilt-laden glances at him and admitted he has held onto my promotion for too long.

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