Men for hire: The gateway to cultural integration

I have been in the escorting business for close to a decade now, but recently there are more men for hire from other races coming to America and London. There was a point in my life when I hardly stayed for a week without looking for men for hire. I naturally enjoy the company of men, and my girlfriends have noticed that too. I can’t help it. It is just my nature.

I fell in love after a life-threatening experience. Before the incident, I didn’t have many male friends, and the few I had were at arm’s length. We were the kind of friends that would exchange ‘hi’ and ‘hello’ whenever our paths crossed.

So, there was this day I went to have fun with men for hiremy female friends. The day was going all well, and the sun was just perfect in the sky. We were playing volleyball. When the ball fell into the river, I volunteered to get it. I still can’t explain with certainty what happened next. From nowhere this wave came and washed me deeper into the ocean. I was screaming with both hands waving in the air.

None of the girls I was playing with dared to try to pull me out. They were there with their hands clasped over their head or waving in the air. One of the coastguards was the person that jumped into the water to get me out. After that incident, I was forced to rethink my allegiance and the people I should spend more time with. It was obvious that my girls would not be able to save me whenever I fell into trouble.

I needed a ‘Superman’ that would be there to protect my back. I thought over the event for many days and decided to give men a chance in my life. Before I had a boyfriend, I used to settle for men for hire – and I must confess that I really enjoyed their company.

Many years later I took a course in international relation. I have always enjoyed the thrill of following up with the economy and the social structure of countries around the world. At some point, I yearned to have a closer interaction with citizens from around the world. There is some information that you should never rely on the press to give to you.

Travelling to different countries around the world seemed to be the only way I could get authentic information, but that was not an option to me because I would never be able to afford the money for such a trip. But I did not give up. I remained hopeful.

I kept a keen eye on my environment hoping to seize any opportunity I could get. It was at this point that I discovered that men from different nations were now in the UK working as men for hire. The discovery was an exciting one to me because it meant that I could finally interact with people around the globe and get unbiased information about their country.

Being an avid user of men for hire, I know them to be very friendly, sincere and open-minded. I think it is a part of their work ethics. What I did was simple; one after the other I browsed through the archive of one of the men for hire agencies and started picking men from different nationalities. For each country, I was able to find I hired at least three.

While enjoying their company, I also was able to get tangible information from them about their country. It was like using a stone to kill two birds. I ran the research for about seven months and came up with a report which has been greatly accepted by my peers. Some of them are still baffled at how I was able to get such in-depth information about the different countries  some of which could not be found anywhere on the Internet.

Interacting with men for hire from different nationalities also helped me to understand the impact of sociology-economic factors in their different countries helped to shape their mindset and existence. It was really the easiest way for me to meet different nationalities. It was like traveling to other countries without paying the cost.

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