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men for hireThe unacceptable things of old are now accepted across all spheres of the society. Old things that were frowned upon by the older generation are gradually being phased back into the society. Things such as PDA (public display of affection), men for hire and a lot of things that seem morally degenerate but in all sincerity are not. It seems that the religious overzealousness of the former generation made us hide our primal instincts as a human. With the aid of a watchdog in the sake of morality, anything that could not be understood or made people uncomfortable such as PDA and men for hire, or escorts for hire was shunned and deemed not fit for the society.

Lately, a lot of millennials have been reversing this trend and making up our own rules as we go. It has not made us more socially degenerate, rather it has brought out our true selves and acceptance is in vogue. People are not afraid anymore to do what they really want.

Before, a lot of women would not be caught dead ordering a man for hire service unless such women were having a bachelorette party and something of that sort. These parties were used as a disguise for these women to get a Men for hire to dance for them and ultimately spice up their night. Lately, the man for hire business is booming and a lot of young, handsome unemployed men are seeing it as a career alternative due to the dearth of jobs in the country. Some of these men for hire make quite a huge sum of money from providing companionship, entertainment and in most cases sexual activities which satisfy the urge of these women. In this scenario, everybody gets what they want and everyone is happy. Certain clubs are opening up and providing exclusive services to these Men for hire. An attractive and handsome Men for hire goes for a huge sum of money and these are exclusive services for customers with money to spare.

In the course of researching this article, a man for hire was interviewed about his passion for his job, the benefits, and the overall job satisfaction. Needless to say, he was very satisfied with his job. Let’s assume his name is Jason. Part of the excerpts from the interview of Jason, man for hire was “before, this job had no pedigree and I used to loathe the men that were gigolos. Since I got into this Men for hire business, I could not have been more wrong. I realize now that we should not judge a book by its cover and we as a society should be more tolerant of each other. I get paid good money doing what I love and I am able to provide for my family. To me, that is all that really matters.”

Jason was very well spoken and on interviewing him further, I was realized that he actually had a college degree thereby dispelling the widely pervaded sentiment that these men for hire were just uneducated and illiterates.

From an economic perspective, this surge in the activities of man for hire clubs have provided another revenue stream of taxation for the government and substantial money gotten from this avenue can surely be used to affect public lives positively.

Another interview that was conducted during the course of this article was conducted of a thirty-one-year-old spinster. Let’s call her Jane. Jane was quite opinionated about this man for hire business and she had quite a lot to say. An excerpt from the interview went thus “I know the older generation frowns upon this man for hire business but it has actually helped women like me. I know I am not the most attractive spinster around and having to wait on men notice me and acknowledge me was such a difficult thing. These days I don’t even need to go out of my house. I can have a man for hire at my doorstep with the click of a button. I can order my specification and I prefer men that are dark skin, tall, handsome, well spoken and gentlemanly. It’s not necessarily the sex but the companionship which they give to spinsters like myself. I enjoy the attention and I love being treated like a princess. Since I can afford it, why not. The society is changing and we should change with it.”

Another consequence of man for hire business has been the reduction of crime rate in the society as recently unemployed young men that constituted a nuisance in the society have found reasonable employment. Burglary, armed robbery, and drug dealing have all being reported by the local police force to have their rates reduced. The odd dead body or two that turns up every day in the slums as a result of the violence have stopped turning up. Surely the advantages of these man for hire businesses are clear for all to see. Why buck the trend?