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Millennials are taking up male companion jobs

male companion jobsThe attitude of this generation has produced more millennials that we had in a century ago. If there is any quality that is universal among those who had built wealth, it is the fact that you need more than one source of income to become a millionaire. Male companion jobs are becoming the preferred alternative side job that is producing more millionaires than ever.

My name is Thomas. I work as an IT consultant. Some people may consider my pay huge, but at the end of the day when I am done with my expenses, I discover that it will take me several years to become a millionaire. I have looked at the life of several millionaires and discovered that it is hard to get to that level with one source of income.

I have been looking for something else I can do in combination to my already existing job but I it has been difficult knowing how demanding my current job is. I have been following male companion jobs for a while, and it has presented interesting prospects that I think can be of extreme use to me. What attracted me the most to male companion jobs is how flexible they are.

Recently I have been looking at the lives of some of my friends who have been working in the escort industry, and it has been intriguing to discover that they have been living fine. Some of them have better savings than me after paying their bills. I did a couple more research and decided to give it a shot.

It was possible to work as an IT consultant during the day and as a companion at night. The idea of having more than one income source thrilled me a lot. I did more research and found a couple of companion agencies that were accepting guys. I signed up, and after a slight screening, I was accepted.

The requirement was simple. I have to create a thrilling profile that would attract women and make them want to hire me. That was not difficult at all. Consulted some freelance writers and graphic designers and I came up with a fantastic profile I got a lot of beeps the moment my profile went life. A lot of people wanted to hire me, but I was able to select only those that were flexible with my time and reject the rest.

There is this different feeling I had whenever I was at work. It was different from what I felt when I took up male companion jobs. In the office, I felt like another asset in the midst of many. An asset that could be used and dumped any time it felt like I have overstayed my use.

With my clients, on the other hand, I felt like someone that was needed. I have had this client that stuck with me like I was her long lost lover who had just arrived from exile. She was all over me, and I enjoyed the feeling of being loved. As the day ended, I could not stop thinking about that feeling.

Subsequently, it became a circle. I do what I don’t like and try to fit in during the day, and in the evening I hung out with a pretty lady and had loads of fun. Within six months I had a saving that had spiked three times more than I have ever had the entire six years I have been working.

Two things excited me about male companion jobs; I was having fun and growing me earning far more than I have ever imagined. It was a thrilling experience. From my estimation, if things continued to go as it is for the next six months, I will be a millionaire.

I will be able to take up more passive invests and grow my earnings further. If everything moves the way I have planned it, I should stop working actively by the time I turn 40 and still live comfortably. If you are one of the aspiring millennials out there and you are looking for a side hustle that would help you to make that million, I would recommend you try male companion jobs.

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