Motivation For Male Escorts In London

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I am Harry Chambers, and this is my story. At first, becoming a male escort was not part of the plan, I had finished schooling at the Brunel University, London. Getting a job was not easy one bit, I had to do different sort of jobs to survive, jobs ranging from working at an Egg-factory, a male domestic servant to even a chimney cleaner. All these jobs fetched me barely anything. Worthy of note is the fact that colleagues who finished around the same time with me, were thriving in much better places. I could not bring myself to inform some of them that I did all sorts of menial jobs to survive.

Worse still, I made sure I was absent at any reunion, I knew the stakes, and I also knew what gatherings such as those demanded, I did not want to be the oddly different person there.

To start with, I had to put on the right clothes, and that would involve a whole lot of money. I mean, this is London where debts are quite difficult to settle except if one has got a nice job for a living.

So I avoided every meeting with any familiar face, be it planned or accidental. This day, I was going through a friend’s timeline on Facebook when I saw vacancies for male escorts in London. At first, I doubted the veracity of the post and I could not bring myself to ask if it was real or not so I took the risk of clicking the link just to peruse the site and see if there was anything in for me. I decided to apply then; I discovered that the process was not rigorous just that I had to supply some personal information which I was not even really ready to share.

The notion I had about male escorts in London was different from what I heard when I went for the interview later on, for this article to be achieved.  I got the job as a Male Escort, and my first task was with a single female client who just came to London from Germany, she needed someone who could multitask; a person who could act as a tour guide around some places in London, a driver and as well as a personal assistant.

I knew this was going to be easy, I could drive pretty well, at least I knew I could, I was learned to an extent so I could fair well in official meetings, and also, I knew most places in London pretty well. I was so optimistic that this first task was going to go on well and yes it did, except for some few challenges I faced.

I observed that this female client was quite hot-tempered, and as a male escort in London, one of your needed characteristics is tolerance alongside with patience. I made sure I ignored every one of her rantings while on my job. During the after-party which occurred after the business meeting she had, I mistakenly spilt a little quantity of tequila on her dress; a white one to be precise. She collected the drink and reciprocated intentionally, I apologized and kept my cool by walking out politely on her to get her something to clean her dress up a bit. After I was done with hers, I proceeded to do mine.

After that, while in the car, she apologized to me for the outburst and I simply responded, accepting the fact that I acted a little bit clumsy while serving her.

Alas, my job with her was done, we exchanged contacts and have remained in touch since then. When I got my pay at the end of the month, I noticed it was more than the amount I agreed on with the Male Escorts Agency. Then, I discovered that the female client I worked for called in a favour for me, she added a reasonable amount and dropped some words of compliments for me. Ever since then, I discovered that I had more clients to work for at my disposal, I would not want to say that I became one of the Agency’s favourites, but I knew I was so close to becoming the king at the top of the food chain.