My addiction to male escorts was a pleasurable error

male escortsI am one of those who started using male escorts in error but has refused to stop. In fact, I am now an addict – if you should put it plainly. I know there are some habits which you will be addicted to and be ashamed of saying it in public. I am not ashamed of talking about my addiction. In fact, male escorts service is one thing I would recommend to everyone, whether you are going through any difficulty or just having a moment of your life but wished you had someone to share the memory with.

Let me tell you how it all started. I usually go to summer camp with some of my friends. Five to eight of our max. we choose a spot in the woods, pack up our supplies and head there. Spend some three to five days and return home. It is one of the most awesome things you would ever do. I challenge you to give it a try if you haven’t done it yet.

It’s not like any of those scary horror movies you watch where some friends will go into the wounds and become prey to some bloodthirsty monster. That stuff is crap. We select our spot carefully. Moreover, we are usually not the only campers. There are usually other groups of campers around. What I love most about the adventure is that it brings you closer to nature.
It takes you away from the noisy city buzz. Away from the smoke polluted air of the city. If not that we always run out of supplies, I would really love to spend a long time there.

Last summer, this new friend joined us on the adventure. Before we left for the camp, she was already saying things about bringing male escorts along, but we unanimously objected to that because we always wanted the experience to be close-knit. We didn’t like the idea of strangers crashing into a family party.

She insisted on bringing male escorts along, but we made it clear she could only tag along if she was coming alone. She agreed obviously not with all her heart. This year we had three more entrants into the group. In all, we were nine in number against the six of the previous year.

The only mistake we made was that we didn’t make plans to increase the supplies. The three entrants into the group were last minute considerations. As at that time, no one thought about more supplies. In all, we were six girls and three boys – what an uneven ratio.

Mid into the second day in the camp, we were already running low on supplies. Normally, this occurred between the third and fourth day, and we would mostly leave the next morning after out supplies run out. It would be the shortest camping experience we ever had. With no options left, we started making plans to go back the next day.

Everyone was gloomy about the experience. Usually, it is always the longer, the better for campers. This new girl seemed to have broken all our rules. I forgot to mention that we don’t carry any electronic gadget to the camp because we want to be as close to nature as possible.

The new girl, the one that spoke earlier about male escorts had smuggled her phone into the camp. She didn’t know I trailed her when she excused herself to go further into the bush to ease herself. I was eavesdropping when she was calling on some male escorts and giving them directions to our location. She also specifically requested them to bring certain supplies along.

I heard everything and knew what how much trouble she would be in if I reported her to the rest of the team. Somehow, I needed the supplies because I wanted to stay longer in the woods, but I wasn’t sure of how I felt about having male escorts around our camp. I went back to the group and pretended as if I have heard or seen nothing.

In a couple of hours, the escorts arrived with the supplies, just like she instructed. The other group members were astonished but not me. However, something remarkable happened. Seeing the supplies, they quickly forgot about some of the questions they intended to ask. The fun spirit of the camp came back. Clearly, we all wanted to spend more time here.

That was the first encounter I had with male escorts, but it also began a relationship that would lead to addiction. As time went on, I began to see several other ways escorts could be of tremendous benefits to my life – and began to exploit them. Now, whenever we go camping, we make room to accommodate one or more escorts. You can say we are a little more flexible, but it doesn’t cut down on the amount of fun we have.

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