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My affairs with Manchester male companions

manchester male companionsHello all, my name is Keisha. I am the kind of girl that you will love to hate. First I have all the goodies that will make the eyes of a real guy to pop. For some reasons best known to them, some girls have become jealous of me. They get angry at whatever I do. Those that I thought was really turned out to be a snitch. There was this one event that made me give up on girls and make Manchester male companions my allies. I would tell you about that.

I had just turned 18, and like many young girls out there I was desperate to get into a relationship. Finally, I met this guy a few blocks from my house. He was seven years older than me, but I didn’t mind. He lived alone in a one-room apartment that was well-furnished. Sometimes I would leave home and pretend I was going to school only to end up in his house. I did this a few times to avoid the teachers calling my parents. At other times I would leave home early and spend time in his house and head home the time school dismisses.

I was already fantasising about the rosy life that lay ahead of us. Sometimes I would tease him that I would love our children to look like me but have my height. We would argue and sometimes end in a pillow fight. By the way, I had a friend then that always had different guys around her. She said they were Manchester male companions. I didn’t bother asking her who they were.

I know some girls didn’t like sticking to one guy, but I was the opposite. I found it incredible that a girl had more than one guy. I used to wonder how they used to do it. I didn’t know that my friend that used Manchester male companions was jealous of me because she was unable to have a steady boyfriend.

Innocently, I began to invite her to some of our outings and introduced her to my guy as my bestie. I didn’t know that was a huge mistake. This is where the story gets complex. She had two other best friends who she told whatever I told her. So, while I thought only one person knew about my relationship, I didn’t know three other people knew.

One of the three other friends sniffed up who my mystery guy was and wanted him for herself. I didn’t know how the whole story went, but they planned and fed my guy with lots of junk about me. Over time his attitude towards me changed. In a matter of just above two months, I lost him. He stopped picking my calls and stopped letting me come to his house. I was devastated, and it reflected in my grade.

I was down for several weeks, and my “bestie” was the one that was trying to comfort me. When all her efforts failed, she introduced me to Manchester male companions. Inasmuch I objected to dealing with any other guy, the moment I met Manchester male companions my mindset changed. I realised that I could not judge all the guys in the world by what one guy did.

These companions made me realise how special I was and made me understand that if a guy doesn’t love me it was not my fault and there was no reason for me to kill myself because of that. I started to hire more frequently.

Mind you, I still believe in one man, one girl. What changed was that I learned not to love with my soul. I learned to hold back some of myself even when I was deeply in love. This part is what would pull you up when you hit the rock.

A few weeks later, my “bestie” confessed to me. She told me how she told her other friends and how they planned and took my man away. I felt like harming her badly, but I held back because I didn’t want to disappoint my parents.

She said she introduced me to the Manchester male companions because she felt guilty and wanted to make up for it. That was the end of my dealings with girls.

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