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My Elite Male Escort Diary

As I lay down on the bed weighed down by all the mishaps of the day, my mind went back and forth on how I could improve my current mood. I thought, “Should I just go hang out with my best friend or attempt to drown my sorrows at the bar down the road.” But nothing I thought made sense, or perhaps I just couldn’t muster enough strength to follow through on even the choices that made sense. I pondered back and forth until the aha light bulb flicked on in me, in a flash, my mind cast back to a time where I had an amazing time with an elite male escort. I almost smacked myself for being silly, and for not even thinking about this earlier.

But alas, I couldn’t remember where I stored his contact (I was really secretive about where I kept things like this) – I had been too careful with keeping the fact that I use male escorts secret (that’s another talk for another day), and also because I hadn’t had a call . I searched the usual places I kept such things, but came up short; I found a few male escorts’ contact, but they weren’t the person I was looking for. The person I was looking for stood out; not only because he was exceptional, and gave elite male escort performance, but because he was polish too. We would always laugh about how his name was a tongue twister for me.

My last resort was to find the elite male escort agency  I had used to book him; “Surely they can’t have lots of polish male escorts” I thought to myself. That was what I finally did, the moment I found him, I actually shouted “Eureka!” I was overjoyed, and relieved at the same time; I stayed glued to the screen, admiring the fine specimen he was while reminiscing about the past simultaneously. I checked his availability on the site and noticed he was available, the way I clicked on the “book” button, was like a water-starved deer that finally found water. The fact that there was an option for a quick booking even made me giddier. I made the booking, confirmed payment, and was eagerly awaiting his arrival, which was eventually almost three hours.

Eventually, the “homecoming king arrived” and it was as if the initial heaviness developed wings and flew away. I murmured to myself, “My super  elite male escort.” I was excited, we talked, chatted, played, and I just needed a space where I could be a bit vulnerable and not get judged. He had done absolutely well in that regard when the first time we met, and every other time we had met, and that was the key reason why I sought him in the first place. That was how I dealt with a very difficult period, I just needed the perfect distraction, and in my elite male escort, I found one.

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