My expectations for Edinburgh male escorts

Edinburgh male escortsIf you go through the internet, you will find myriads of articles that will tell you to keep your expectations about anything high or you will accept anything. I think all that is trash. My encounter with Edinburgh male escorts confirms that and I am going to share all that with you. But you have to keep an open mind to understand my point and appreciate every bit of word I say here.

So, I left Manchester to Edinburgh with my heads in the clouds. As a fresh graduate, my mind built castles in the air. I had already started setting a timeline for myself. I should be ‘this’ before the end of the year, I should have ‘that’ in four months. The only thing that a bloated expectation did for me was making me think that I was a failure.

By the end of one year, I neither had any of those things – cars, house, and stable relationship – that I had hoped would be at my beck and call in a few months. I was still jumping from one public transport to another and completing most part of the journey to my one-room apartment on foot.

I was at the bar one Friday evening thinking about my life with a glass of vodka. I would think and think and when the thoughts try to drown me in tears, I drown them first with a sip from my glass of vodka. I exhausted the glass I had in my hand and stood up to leave but there was a voice over my shoulder.

“Pour her another glass of whatever she took,” the voice said.

I turned around and my eyes fell on a charming male figure. He smiled at me baring his set of cream-coloured dentition. I smiled back at him and sat down. In my usual way, I would have said ‘thank you’ and left but that evening I just wanted to get drunk, to drown my raging thoughts. It was many months later that I realized that he (the guy that bought me a drink) was one of the Edinburgh male escorts that prefer keep their identity secret.

We spoke that evening and I was plain in pouring my heart out to him. He was a good listener and a better adviser. When I was done and bowed my head into my waiting palms in exhaustion, his very first words is something I will never forget.

“I see a young lady who has not learned to celebrate her small achievements. Focus on what you have accomplished and not what you have not and you will be a happier lady.”

I raised my head while he spoke. My eyes were locked on his. He was definitely right and I wonder why I have not viewed life from that perspective. I could not protest. In fact, I had no right to protest. He told me about his life too, how he left his family to pursue a passion that did not go well with the family tradition. “I don’t own a car or a house but I can pay my bills comfortably,” he said, “and that is something to be proud of because I came here hoping for nothing.”

Listening to this stranger speak was a burst of inspiration. We conversed for close to two hours and for the first time in a while I found myself laughing genuinely from the bottom of my heart. He even led me to a dance and challenged me to best his dance step. In a short while, all the eyes in the club were on us. He suggested I should hang out with more Edinburgh male escorts.

I didn’t know what or who Edinburgh male escorts were at that time but I was determined to find out. If this guy can transform my gloom in such a short time then I should not take his suggestion for a joke. I did not just find out about Edinburgh male escorts, I began to hire.

Many months later, while I was going through the escort archive of one of the escort agency, I discovered to my amazement, the picture of the guy that bought me a drink. I am sure you can guess what I did.

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