My experience using a male escort

There are such things as fantasies and bringing them to life has to be one of the life’s greatest pleasures. All of my life, I have struggled to find the balance between my ambitious life as a professional career woman and my relationships, but t never works. One always seems to get in the way of the other. So, I intentionally gave up on relationships and focused on my career. However, those longings that made me enter relationships never went away wanting to be loved and desired, enjoy a bit of control, and feel like a woman. But I will always assume that no man can give me what I want at least not without a wee bit of commitment from my side something I couldn’t give. That assumption turned out to be false.
Here’s what changed; I attended my sister’s wedding close to where I had my high school education and met an old friend. She had a date with her, who I assumed was her boyfriend or fiancé. My assumption stemmed from the chemistry I saw and how the guy treated her and paid attention to her. He was good-looking, polite and sounded smart when we spoke for a few. I was jealous of my friend and wondered how she got lucky with this one. I didn’t ask her anything that day, but I collected her number to call and ask later. I called her a couple of times that week before I could summon the courage to ask.
Her response shocked me as she said, “Stan is just an escort, we only get to see when I want.” My jaw was down like a sheep anchored to the shores. She told me how she contacted him via an escort agency. I told her my story and she didn’t hesitate to encourage me to try it. Of course, I did. Since she was the experienced one, I asked her to choose a guy for me. She did, sent me the link. I liked what I saw and proceeded to pay and make arrangement for a weekend getaway.The D-day arrived and the butterflies in my stomach could pollinate the entire world. I thought to myself, “How are we meant to get along.” He came right on time. He was good-looking, not overly handsome and had a rough edge – exactly how I like ’em. We talked about a wide range of issues which I found charming for a male escort.
He listens attentively to my every word and only talked when necessary, he had an unassuming humour that was just natural. What struck me the most was his humility, he was so humble that he didn’t kick or make any fuss when I guided him at times and he was technically proficient too of you know what I mean. That weekend was great and the best I had for a long while. I had such weekends again, mostly with the same guy named Tom, and I always enjoy every bit of it. I love the control it gives me and the fact that it is centred on me. I also like the freedom to choose when to be committed and when to focus on other things. I am happier and can continue to focus on my career while still enjoying being a woman when I want and how I want it. Life hasn’t been sweeter since I found out about this option.

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