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My interaction with London male escorts

london-escortsThere is a popular saying that no man is an island and that saying continues to remain relevant up until today. No matter your profession, there is always the need to share ideas with those that do similar things like you do some sort of appraisal because this is the only way you will be able to build yourself and become better. Thinking that you are the best in what you do without finding time and room for improvement is the express route to stagnation.

I have been a male escort for over three years now and with that wealth of experience, I a sure to pass as a male escort for anyone, at any occasion. However, I was not satisfied I am usually not. When I had a surprise trip to London, I decided to make the most of it, to see how their male escorts run their show and see if I can learn a thing or two from them and I did.

London has a cozy feel and a vintage touch to most of their buildings that made my head swell needless to say that most of the buildings, from what I learned have been standing for over a century. My travel agents have already arranged for my movement to my hotel room so I had nothing to bother about. My room smelled of lavender and was heated up to a temperature that didn’t feel too cold or warm.

The moment I have freshened up, I flipped my laptop and began to look for reputable male escort services. In a space of five minutes, I have found what I was looking for and hired a London male escort. I looked for one with at least as many years of experience like myself don’t bother your head about how I knew the years of experience, we male escort can tell the difference.

The first difference I noticed between how we run our show and how they the London male escorts run their show is from the point of contact. While we would just knock and ask if we can enter, they would hold five to ten minutes of familiarization discussion with you right there on the door before going in. To me it was an epiphany and worth emulating.

The next trait that was not hard to point out was their professionalism; it was like a relationship between best of friends without much contact. I am lacking words to explain this properly but they draw you right into the middle of their world with their words and actions. At some point, I felt like I was at the cinema, not viewing but acting for the audience.

How marveled at how he could achieve this fluidness with the power of words and actions that at the end of our stay I made it open to him that I was also a male escort and was just looking for ways to improve myself. I couldn’t help blowing my cover. He smiled and told me the secret; he has taken up a countless number of motivational speaking courses, he has a voice coach and he has a group with whom they rehearse together.

I have always known that it took hard work to excel in anything you do but I never anticipated I would have to work this hard. One thing I was sure going to do when I get back is to get a team and build ourselves together.

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