My search for gay male escort agencies

gay male escort agenciesI admire gay male escorts a lot because of the way they take care of their clients. The only problem I encounter when I visit some countries is that it is hard to find gay male escort agencies where you can hire gay escorts from.

I really don’t like the company of guys. I am not a lesbian, but I prefer to hang out with girls than boys. I think it is all linked to one of my bitter childhood experiences which I don’t want to talk about anymore. I am still trying t forget about it, and if I write it here, it means I would always remember. So let us keep it away.

So, I really don’t like the company of guys but each time I was in a bar or went for a party, there is always a foolish guy that would not mind his business. They always come around to tell me how pretty I was like I don’t have a mirror at home. Because of this reason, I stopped attending parties or going to places where I knew I would be bullied by random guys.

Then it happened that one of my friends was celebrating her birthday. We were very close. We had been friends with kids, and we have always been in touch. It was not the regular birthday party. It was huge. I had no reason not to attend. She bragged to me about the huge number of guys that would be around and teased that I may even find one that I would spend forever with. I smiled but deep down my heart skipped at the information.

I knew that random strangers hitting on me at her party would really make me upset, but I didn’t know how to break it to her. Many people I have told about it never understood. Some jeered at me, and I expect my friend not to understand too.

I thought hard about how to deal with it, but my brain was empty. Missing her party was also not an option. I went online and started going through hundreds of forum posts and found one that suggested hiring from gay male escort agencies. I didn’t hesitate. I searched and found numerous gay male escort agencies. After going through the reviews, I hired.

When I arrived at her party, my friend was amazed and charmed that I had bought one of the cutest guys in her party. She accused me of having a boyfriend without telling her. I did not try to explain, I only kept on laughing. I still had a lot of fun, dancing, and drinking but with the gay escort by my side, I was able to keep the other guys at bay.

It was one of the best parties I have attended. There MC did a sort of couples game where he would call out a guy and a lady that came together on the assumption that they were dating and ask the guy something about the girl, like the size of her shoe to see how well the couple knew each other.

When he pointed at me and my gay escort, I knew I was in trouble. He started asking me his favourite colour, his best friend’s name and so on. I will tell it to his ears, and he will give my gay escort the microphone to say his answer to see if I got it right.

It was shocking to many of the people at the party that I failed all the questions, but to me, it was amusing. I am certain my gay escort had his fill of the fun of the party because he was beaming with a smile as we went home.

When I am with a gay escort, I am always confident that he would not try anything funny. That thought in my head makes me at ease and free with him unlike when I am with a regular guy at worst, a stranger.

The major challenge I have is that some countries I visit don’t have gay male escort agencies so whenever I am in those countries, I rule out going to bars or for clubbing or any occasion that will spur interaction and it is not always fun.

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