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O ye Male Escorts, sshh and learn from these quotes

male_escort_service_hats-rf51038e7ba374b198db645c63b850a4e_v9wfy_8byvr_512-300x300In this business, basing your success on luck will definitely cause your career as a male escort to stall. Although happenstance and circumstances of life can play to your advantage, waiting for things to just happen will never be the best course of action for you, especially if you have very high hopes in this business. It just happened that I stumbled on a couple of quotes this week, and they kind of align with what I have been preaching through this blog.

The first quote is from Chelsea Handler, and she says, “I had always dreamed of being a professional escort but never thought that there was any real money in it.” A lot of people are still shuffling between jobs because they think being a full-time male escort cannot take care of the bills, but it is only a question of perspective, and how well you sell yourself. While it is not a science, it requires a proactive approach, and a purposeful desire to take hold of your career as a male escort. Hear it again; there is money in being a male escort.

Perhaps the biggest problem with budding male escorts is the issue of identity – embracing the fact that they are male escorts. They are still held back from the perspective of others, but experience and statistics points to those who have embraced their identity as those who become very successful at this job. If you truly embrace your identity as a male escort, then all necessary activity to make it work will follow. It is akin to a writer that continuously adopts the stance of, “I’m an aspiring or a wannabe writer.” You are either a male escort or not – there’s nothing like part-time, fulltime, or “I’m just giving it a try.”

The second quote is from Chris Bohjalian from The Guest Room and he said, “…this was why men fell in love with strippers and escorts: it wasn’t the licentiousness, the dissembling, and their craven willingness to do whatever you wanted. It was the way they would, out of the blue, surprise you with the psychic ability to know what you needed.”

If there’s anything to learn from this quote, it is the single truth that those that gain the reputation of being elite or top male escorts are those who go the extra mile with the client. You have to leave your client in a mood where, they can’t get over the last meeting for days. And this is tied to you paying attention, and observing cues from the clients, and acting accordingly. If you want to succeed, there’s no place for sticking to the barest minimum, only those who purposefully go the extra miles for clients are rewarded. It is beyond picking a pay cheque, it is making your clients happy there is no chicken or egg argument here. Prioritising the happiness of your client is a win-win situation.

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