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One mans story how he became a male companion

imagesI have lost people that I really loved for one reason or the other and the void during such periods is very unbearable. Those that cannot handle it quickly fall into depression. I have been their several times and it is not something I would wish for a friend.

I know I have the good looks and I do well to keep fit. I visit the gym several times a week and yes, I can proudly show off my six packs anywhere, to anyone who cares to see. I don’t know why, maybe I am cursed or something, but girls don’t stay long with me. And their choice to leave was always my fault if I should be sincere with myself.

Damn, my temper issues! I have been fighting it for years but the devil seems not to want to leave me in a hurry. I will never forget her, Kate, her charming eyes and voice that sounds like a melody to my ears.

I hit her hard that day. I never wanted to but when the devil takes a hold of me, I act like an animal. With her watery eyes, she told me, “I really love you but I can’t continue like this. You have to get over your temper or it will ruin you forever.”

For days, I regurgitated her words. I knew I had to do something. I took up anger management classes and booked a visit to a psychologist. The devil has plagued me for a long time and I was determined to get rid of it. It took me a while but I was able to get over it. It was a conscious decision which made it a lot easier.

Though I have been over the temper issue, I was still scared of hurting more innocent people so I willingly decided not to have another girlfriend. It dawned on me that there may be hundreds of people who I could bring solace to in their lowest moments and the job that fitted that most were a male companion or what you may know as a male escort.

I browsed through some male escort agencies and this particular one caught my interest. I felt the sincerity and passion of the founder resonate with mine so I signed up. I had to do a photo-shoot with a couple of edits so that I stand out from the crowd. My first client wanted me to be her male companion to one of the red carpet event. I dazzled by her side and gave her a treat that made her book me a second time. Besides her, most of the clients I have accompanied usually book me a second time.

My success story as a male escort, I think has to do with my past experiences. I cost me a lot to get to where I am today and I think that because I have been on the low, I am able to help those who are there too because I truly understand how they feel.

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