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I have always been to that particular park several times in the past, but it was UK male escorts that made me appreciate it more. I guess it is because when important things become a routine, they lose their value.

The first time I came to that park was when I was ten. My dad brought us to the park on Saturday morning. He said he got a big job and couldn’t find a better way to celebrate it than with his family. Dad and mom went to the bar where some of their friends were already waiting while my sister and I were allowed to play in the section designated for children 1 to 10 years.

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There were different slides of different heights for children of different ages. You climb a ladder from the back then when you get to the top, you sit at the edge of the slide and the instructor will speak to you for a while and assure you that it was totally safe before giving you at

me even on the third attempt. The slide for the younger children was straight, and the distance was shorter. When I look back now, I begin to wonder how many of those instructors were UK male escorts.

The journey down the winding slide was thrilling and scary. The fear didn’t leave after that visit the first time to celebrate dad’s job, I have always wanted to visit there again. Unfortunately, dad became too busy. Mum was also becoming unavailable as she ascended her career ladder. It was just my sister left to take care of ourselves most of the time and me.

I was in my penultimate year in high school when my sister died. We had just finished talking, and she went down the street to get something when a drunk driver ran into her. She died before getting to the hospital. I mourned her for months in the emptiness of our once lively room.

I made it a duty to spend the week of her anniversary in the park because the environment reminded me of the best memory we shared together. When I look at the kids going up the slide and then spinning down into the shallow pool, I remember the feeling I had doing it with my sister many years ago.

I have done it for a while that it began to look more like a routine to me. The memory was fading very fast. Last year, in a desperate attempt to preserve the memories of my sister I decided to do something different. I hired UK male escorts. I don’t know how the idea came to me, but I guess it must have been from the wonderful testimonials I read about them. Or maybe it was because of the idea that hit me that all the instructors were UK male escorts. Crazy right? But it felt like having one person from the past would make all the difference.

Like I mentioned earlier, my sister’s remembrance was a weeklong programme for me and I was determined to hire one escort for each day. At the end of the seven days, I would have hired seven UK male escorts.

I was expecting the UK male escorts to help me preserve the memory, but they did something better. It was as if they planned it but I know they probably didn’t know each other. Each time I finished telling my story and wanted suggestions on how to preserve my sister, they will draw my mind away telling me to focus on the breeze caressing my skin or the softness of the sand between my toes.

I protested the first two days, but on the third day, I decided to do as the escorts said. It was during this romance with nature the first I have ever had that I began to appreciate the trees, the birds, and the tides.

It dawned on me that I need to let go. I have held on to my sister long enough, and I had to move on. I still go to the park in memorial of my sister, but it is now for a day rather than a week activity.

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