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Personal Information

Age: 31
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Height: 6'0
Build: Athletic
Orientation: Straight

Rates For Ray

Hourly Rate (£) First Hour: 60
Hourly Rate (£) First 2 Hours: 120
Hourly Rate (£) Additional Hours: 60
Dinner Date Rate (£): On request
Overnight Rate (£): On request

Contact Details

Phone Number: 07914664206
Email Address: [email protected]

Please mention The Male Escort Agency when making your booking with Ray .

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About Ray

Hi, my name is Ray and I am 31 years old. I am a sociable and happy go lucky type of guy. I enjoy playing video games, watching movies at the cinema, reading books, dancing, cooking and playing basketball. I am a Mathematics teacher during the day and would like to be your superhero during the "night" 😂 😁😀

I am highly intelligent having done my teacher training at University College London on a scholarship. I have entered the 2017 UCL Business Games and made it to the finals and I also entered the UCL summer adventure program. This was a dragons den like competition whereby I had help developing a business idea in a bid to achieve funding in the form of £10,000. In the summer adventure program my business idea progressed me to the semi finals.

As a teacher I work for 39 weeks in a year, therefore I have many holidays. I am an excellent and diligent mathematics teacher. I am currently working to improve my subject knowledge so that I am one of those old "skool" maths teachers who can teach the whole text book from memory 😉. I want to be your male escort because I am laid back, personable and have a wicked sense of humour e.g. what made the chicken cross the road? It wanted to get to the other side 😎 I know very funny! 😂😁😀.

As a basketball player as well as a teacher, I play the sport for 4 hours per week on average. I am quite well built ( I have been told I am a miniature Lebron James) because I love the sport and watching the NBA as well as premier league football (Let's go, "vamos", Arsena!l) 😊.

I am a man of many talents and I am a straight escort however, I am open to women, men and couples. That's how much I love socialising. It's something I miss since I live alone and no longer with my mum, otherwise I would be socialising with her and my niece and nephews on a regular basis.

There is a lot more I can say about myself so please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected] and leave your number so that I can respond to your email. I can listen as well as I speak so don't think for a moment that I am too cool to listen since I have a very outgoing and confident demeanour.

Thanks for reading this far (below is a list of my interests): Ray 😉


Playing Basketball
Watching Basketball highlights
Watching Premier League Football highlights
Playing Video Games (PlayStation 4 preferred)
Travelling Abroad
Going to the cinema
Going to the theatre
Going to the British Museum
Contact me to find out more, this list can carry on! 😇😇

That is my profile above and the photos are attached.

Best regards