Qualities of An Elite Male Escort

An elite male escort is a professional companion who is more than just good looks. They possess qualities that set them apart from regular male escorts. They are the perfect choice for women who are in search of a ‘real gentleman.’ An elite male escort can provide emotional intimacy, psychological support, mental stimulation and a lot more. So let’s take a look at the qualities that define them.

Overall Look

The male escorting industry, just like the modelling industry is largely based on image. To find success, you must be good looking, have pleasant features and be fresh-faced. Your physique is as important because to qualify as an elite male escort, you must be physically exceptional. Although there are no strict requirements in terms of height or shape, you must have a model stature.


When it comes to becoming an elite male escort, you must take care of your health and body. A lazy lifestyle and eating disorders does not define an elite escort. An elite male escort must work out on a daily basis to keep in shape, eat healthy food and behave like a professional.


Not everyone that is well-educated and has a classy lifestyle and good looks can become an elite male escort. Perhaps, it is more about an individual’s upbringing that exposes them to a level of culture that is considered high class. While traditional schooling is important, music, theatre, travel, art, opera and interest in other cultures are some of the more organic forms of education that teach passion, compassion and empathy.


An elite male escort needs to have a healthy behaviour which is mainly attributed to a normal upbringing. An individual’s background and the way he is brought up is never his fault, but being exposed to poverty, abuse, alcohol and drug problems can expose him to an environment that is not healthy. When an individual is brought up in a calm and peaceful environment where he learns the importance of manners, care and protection, he develops a natural personality that cannot be marred by duress and oppression. Elite male escorts have to be tolerant, light-hearted, dignified, gracious and kind.


Great looks and personality doesn’t mean much if the escort is not talented. Most women are willing to pay more for an escort who is confident, accomplished and has put in time and effort to make himself worthy of being a professional. A guy who has skills and talents be it sports, music, cooking or home décor is more fun to be with. A perfect balance would be to have speciality talents in additional to general knowledge.

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