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Qualities You Need To Become A Male Escort

My name is Sam. I joined the escort industry when I was twenty-two years old. Now I have close to nine years of experience in the industry. If you want to become a male escort, there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, becoming an escort is not rocket science, meaning anyone can succeed at it. Nevertheless, your ability to stand out as an escort that clients would want to hire over and over again lies in more than just how much you are willing to learn. Some qualities cannot be taught.

Don’t get me wrong, learning as much about the industry as possible is very important. From choosing the right agency to learning about the expectations of some clients, the much you know is your power. If escorting was a house, knowledge is the red carpet that leads you to the door. However, as soon as you enter the house, you need more than just a red carpet.

The first quality you need to master if you want to become a male escort is speaking courteously. There is no standard code for this. Speaking is a behaviour you need to learn and master. Although there are schools that teach public speaking (and other forms of speaking), no one will tell you the right words to use at each point in time. This is a behaviour you have to grow on your own.

You will come across different types of clients. Sometimes you will come across the lively and playful who make lots of jokes. At such times you won’t have to be conscious of every word you speak. You can make wild jokes and not wonder if it will be misunderstood. When you meet the seemingly mean and humourless clients, the difference is the case. You need to pick your words with caution to avoid pissing them off.

Before you become a male escort, you need to develop an uncanny eye for ‘reading minds’. The success of your career largely depends on how well you can perfect this. You need to be able to decipher what your clients want and how to change their feeling for the better, even without being told. Most times, it boils down to the use of the right words. This concept is really hard to explain, but you will get the hang of it sooner or later.

The next significant quality you need to have is a good sense of fashion. There is a famous saying that the way you dress is the way you are addressed. This is particularly important for anyone in the showbiz. You can’t dress in a distasteful manner and expect people to get attracted to you. Most of your clients are not mind readers. Therefore, their first impression of you would be your dressing.

Don’t say fashion is not your thing. If you really want to become a male escort and get to the top of the ladder, you need to start dressing properly. Even if it means taking a few courses on fashion, it wouldn’t be too much for your career. Keep in tune with fashion trends and keep your profile updated with some of your best shots. It is a stiff competition out there at the moment, and you don’t want to be at the bottom.

Having a strong networking spirit is one important quality that is often ignored. However, you can fast-track your career by having a good networking spirit. When you become a male escort, you will understand the importance of networking with people that have more experience in the industry. When you build a good relationship, you can even get referrals from older escorts which will help you to nail more clients.

The last and probably one of the most essential quality you need to become a male escort is discerning the right agency to join. Indeed, not all the agencies out there have your interest at heart. Some of them are focused on enlarging their pockets while doing little to advance the career of the escorts on their list.

A good agency will not only serve as an umbrella that will shield your interest but will also serve as a school that guides you to perfect the qualities that will help you to advance your career. Don’t forget to keep an open mind and keep learning. The world changes fast, and what you know today may be different tomorrow. You need to be able to adapt to changes. Wish you best of luck in your quest to become a male escort.