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Questions before Becoming a Male Escort

Questions before Becoming a Male Escort

This is not the Who wants to be a millionaire quiz show, but having the right answers to these questionsQuetions for male escorts can pave the way for you to start earning some money as a male escort. Ideally, before going through any decision, one must first have a guided talk with one’s self; and a choice of becoming a male escort should equally be given such importance.

The guided talk includes questions, evaluation of one’s skill, and imagining typical scenarios that could happen on the job. Hence, this post is written to show important questions that need to be asked before becoming a male escort.
Why do I want to become a male escort? This should be the first question at the heart of all that comes afterwards – it deals with motive. While making quick bucks is not a bad idea, it shouldn’t be the only reason. You should genuinely care about the emotions of women. You must understand the reason they need a male escort. If these needs are not understood, abuse is inevitable – you will fail woefully.
What do I need to become a male escort? If you’ve settled the why, then it’s time to settle the how. You want to know the path that will give you the best chance of success. One of those methods is to join a male escort agency – one that will take care of your career as a male escort such as The Male Escort Agency. At The Male Escort Agency, you will be thoroughly assessed to know if you have what it takes. This will save you a lot of effort and time.
Evaluation of Skills
Let me burst your bubbles; male escorting is not about SEX! The fact that you pack a punch down there is mostly irrelevant. It’s is a different ball game entirely – it involves the mind, body and soul. That’s the only way female client satisfaction can occur. You have to evaluate your skills, especially your soft skills. Can you listen, as in pay attention? Are you a good communicator? What problems can you solve? Are you good company?
The skills required are so varied, simply because the clients also vary. So please evaluate your skills to ascertain if you will fit into the business.
Handling Situation
As I mentioned in the last paragraph, the variety of clients means people you interact with will vary. This sort of territory is known to pose challenges even to the best of people managers. What happens during a call if a client becomes violent? What happens if she requests for things not initially agreed upon? How you deal with such challenges will affect your success as a male escort.
Being a male escort is not a walk in the park. It is a serious business providing solutions to the need of women. Hopefully, this post has helped you in your decision of pursuing a male escort

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