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Seeking for male escort employment: What you should know

male escort employmentThe increasing unemployment rate is making youths desperate for jobs, and some are ready to do just anything to make ends meet. If you have that mindset and looking for male escort employment, there is something I would like to let you know about the industry, something you don’t get to see on a regular post.

Firstly I would like to let you know that you are not alone. I have gone through similar desperation. In fact, it is the reason I am an escort today – although I would like to say I have no regrets. Right after leaving college, I struggled hard to get a decent job without success – it probably has something to do with my poor grades – so I lashed onto whatever opportunity that came my way. In this case, it was male escort employment.

I don’t know what you might have heard already but if you are of the opinion that escort jobs come easy like walking into an orchard during and picking up fruits from the floor, you will be disappointed – and that is saying it lightly. Also, if you think that male escort employment is like an illicit drug trade in which you become an instant millionaire after one transaction, I am sorry to tell you that this is not the place you should be. Look for something else already.

If you are coming into this industry and you want to land good jobs and succeed, have the mindset that you are coming to compete against professionals, something similar to the regular office jobs. Prepare yourself to push your mind and body to the limits to get to the top. The only thing that is remarkably different here is that unlike in the office setting where your CV would speak for you – sometimes you don’t even get a fair hearing or an opportunity to prove yourself – the escort industry will give you ample time to prove that you are ready for the challenge.

I can recall my early days vividly in the industry. Before I came here, I had a lot of issues with my body. I wasn’t proud of it myself. My tummy was protruding, and I had flabs on the side of my tummy. My thighs were wrinkled from the accumulation of fat. Sometimes I would look at myself in the mirror and get instantly depressed. I kept asking myself, “How did I ever get here?”

My agency saw me and was like, “Are you sure you are ready to do this?”

I nodded.

They gave me a chance. I remember going to the gym as much as 5 times every day. In the first few weeks, my body and bones and joints would hurt so much that I could barely sleep. It was a terrible experience. Within a month my body was totally transformed. Those who knew me before would look at me and get amazed or be like, “Wow! Dude, what have you been doing?”

I had the abs and the perfect body every young man would dream to have. Not only that I was now happy and proud of my body, but it was also good for my health. The doctors had said that I was prone to heart failure, but there was no motivation to do their bidding until I gave male escort employment a thought. I wish I could explain all the horrors I went through in details for you, but I guess we should leave that for another day.

Again, unlike other jobs where you will work to some extent and retire or get promoted, the moment you take up male escort employment or join the escort industry you have to be ready to work all your life. Truly, as you age in the industry, there are more benefits you will tend to have as well as more opportunities, but nobody is ever going to promote you unless you decide to get your own agency.

Mind you; I am not saying all these to scare you away from the industry. I am trying to be honest here by sharing my experience so that you will reassess yourself if taking up male escort employment is the kind of life that you have ever dreamed of having.

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