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If someone has ever promised you they will show up for an important celebration and later failed to show up, believe me, you will never want to listen to their excuse, no matter genuine it may be. I have been grossly disappointed by my family and friends that I have made up my mind that I will never do that to anyone because I know how deep it hurts.

I can recall vividly when I graduated from college. It was the biggest day of my life yet. I was also to receive an award you can only the amount of joy in me. I have told my day severally about it in the past and each time he always assured me he would come. On that day, I looked around and he was nowhere to be found same with mom. I struggled so hard to keep the tears from dropping and it made my eyes to itch. It took me months before I could get myself to forgive them.

My girlfriend would be having her 18th birthday a few months away. In my case, she needed not to tell me the date because I always carried it in my heart like a treasure. My girlfriend was the type that remembering dates alone would make her day and there are years that she would lose track of her own birthday so I always tried to make her happy by taking her by surprise on her forgetful year.

18th birthday is very special to everyone and I doubt if there is anyone that forgot their eighteenth birthday. Come on, it is that year you become legal; you can walk across to the bar across the street and grab a bottle of chilled beer without restriction; you can have sex without putting your boyfriend or girlfriend in troubles that is how a special 18th birthday is.

I don’t know if some demon was trying to ruin my relationship but there was this job screening I attended some time ago and they invited me for an interview with the board on the same day my girlfriend was supposed to celebrate her 18th. I was in a fix and unsure of what to do. If I should ever disappoint her, I know it will take a lot of pleading to win her back. This was also a dream job and my career was at stake. I pondered on this problem for a while and I don’t know where the male escort idea entered by the head but I was glad for it.

I hired a male escort for her. He was a cool and funny guy. I explained my problem to him and he promised to fill my vacuum. I don’t know how he succeeded in keeping her occupied. Should I say I was lucky or it was a fluke I don’t know which. The interviewed started and ended early, just in time for me to catch a good part of the party.

I walked up to her and planted my kiss on her and planted my lips on her cheeks. “Where have you been all these while”? She asked. “Some friends held me outside” I replied. I didn’t want to mention the interview or the job to her. It was a high paying job and I don’t want to dash her hopes if I don’t get the job. If on the other hand, it becomes a success, it would be my next surprise to her.

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