Shortage of male escorts for women

male escortsFrom a distant look, it is easy to conclude that there are lots of male escorts for women but that is far from the reality when you get into the industry. Those drawing such conclusions are probably living in the past. When the male escort industry first started, no doubt, the highest number of clients came from women. Women were more adventurous than men, no doubt.  The trend has changed a lot. Now, there are more adventurous men out there than women and the most clients now come from men rather than women. In fact, current statistics show that the number of men who seek for companionship or escort outnumbers the figure for women 3:1 – or thereabouts.

Male escorts for women are continually going out of business. I once spoke with a straight male escort and he revealed to me that even though he was straight, he was now flexible enough to accept male clients in order to keep up with his bills. According to him, some of his male clients are not really gay but just inquisitive on what it feels like. Unlike women, when you are dealing with men, you rarely get a repeat hire. It is more of a one-off thing. Also, the men give out tips a lot and pay extra when they are impressed, unlike the women who would always insist that the status quo be maintained. However, I am not trying to write off the female clients entirely because they are always fun to be with. There are some things you try with women that you dare not try with men – not like there is a law preventing you but it doesn’t look cool thinking about it even – and if it is not cool in your brain, it becomes more difficult to act it.

Although people are mostly advised to go into any career because they have a passion for it but a good number of escorts for women are simply there for the money and the moment there is a drop, they switch grounds or look for an alternative. I had a heart to heart session with a friend who was known throughout the neighbourhood as one of the best escorts for women and his response not only scared me but it also helped me to understand the reality on the ground, how bleak the industry is.

“The women are not coming anymore,” he said with obvious sadness, “There is no need standing here if there is no one on the other side. It is just like communicating with myself.”

Another said, “This has always been a temporary spot for me. I was hoping to raise enough funds from here to invest in some other thing but as it stands, I doubt if it would be possible to raise the desired capital from here so I am heading out to something else in the near future.”

The shortage of male escorts for women may not have a short-term solution. From all indications, it seems women now prefer to have a steady relationship than using escort services. I don’t know but it might be the effect of religion. I heard many of the religions are now preaching about fidelity. Again, some women are too focused on their career such that the escorts are the last images that cross their mind.

On the contrary, I think the problem is not only with the women. The male escorts share a part of the blame too. I believe if there have been any conscious effort by the male escorts to improve their services, women would be flocking around looking for them and not the other way. The spread of escort for women services in the past was majorly due to recommendations by word of mouth but since that stopped the entire industry has been in a mess – needless to say, that the stringent laws in many countries have also contributed to the shortage.

Male escorts for women should not despair because there are lots of women out there who have achieved great success and hate the idea of acting like a footstool to any man. They frequently seek male escorts and they pay well too. Although they are not many of them for now as more women attain societal success, I can bet with certainty that there would be more clients for male escorts for women.

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