Skills every male companion should have

male companionsI am not in any way claiming that I am the best male companion but there are things I have observed and would want to share with anyone who cares to listen. This is a secret to why some men have never made a good male companion. Every profession requires some requisite skills but I have noticed that over the years, male companions don’t these skills seriously and their career suffers for it. Let me spare you the boring details of my life and let’s get straight into business.

1. Look for the attractive side to every female

The women that may hire you may not all be beautiful. If you keep waiting for only the beautiful clients to ring you up, then you are pegging your career to a pole. If the face of your client does not attract you, find something else in her that does; it may be her smile, her voice, the ways she picks her words carefully or the shape of some part of her body. Staying attracted to your client is very important to satisfying them.

2. Romantic touch

You have to keep your sense of romance constantly updated or you will lose your clients. Women have confessed that they love being caressed and touched in various ways. Your client will desire to witness something different about you each time they encounter you for the case of repeat hire. If you have nothing new to offer, they will definitely stop hiring.

3. Maximize the power of your voice

It is generally true that women are more attracted to what they hear, and women, in particular, prefer men who are muscular with a deep voice. If you have a deep voice, then you are playing on an advantage. Whisper romantic words into her ears and watch her go crazy without you ever touching her. Make out time to visit the gym and build your muscles if you don’t already have one and you will be a stunner and a steaming topic among women.

4. Inculcate patience

If you are quick to hit the panic button in your head on the slightest provocation or disappointment, you may never become a successful male companion. The simple reason is that women are very complex. There is also the possibility that your client will tell you one thing about themselves over the phone and you will get there to discover something different. Your wealth of patience is the only reason you will scale through such situations and maintain your cool.

5. Your picture should say it all

You don’t need to be photogenic to have a great picture. All you need is to show off what you have and your picture is the easiest way you can sell yourself as a male companion. Women always have a preference for men with pictures showing their bare bodies because they will want to see if he is muscular or not––more like having a taste of the package they want to purchase. You don’t even have to show your face on your pictures because that may also cost you, clients, if you are not handsome in looks.

On a final note, most ladies who turn to male companions are usually older women who as seeking the affection of a younger man and the older you become (let’s say you get above forty), the less likely you will get to be hired. Having this in mind will save you from feeling like a failure.

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