So here’s the continuation of our ABCs for new male escorts. Hope you have enjoyed reading it so far?

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Firstly- is financial planning

This is a very important thing for a newbie male escort to have in mind. The male escort business is not shielded from economic shocks around the world. That is the most obvious thing you’ll probably read today. Good financial periods results in increased opportunities and vice versa. Furthermore, there are periods where there are more clients than others. I won’t go as far as saying it’s seasonal, but it has its up and down. Knowing this prepares the mind of every newbie and births a consciousness of financial prudence. This prudence will equate to saving, having other investments and spending wisely. While how you spend your money is not our concern, we still always offer all the help we can at The Male Escort Agency to our male escorts.

At this juncture, I’ve run out of ordered alphabets. However, there are still valid concerns for male escorts and they are discussed below.

A – Avoiding burnout
It is possible to become very successful and have a high demand – an obvious testament to your excellent male escort services. This can however quickly become overwhelming and present a risk of its own. It can have an impact physically and or mentally. I guess the watchword here is greed. Having a pegged number of calls you answer in a month is not a bad idea. This way, you can set aside time to do other stuff that matters to you. This is especially important for those who have other jobs and careers. You’ve gotta stay fresh and find that balance.

S – Self Defence and Protection
This trickles down to being security conscious. You have got to be aware of your sorrow dings per time – note the exit and entry points, what you can arm yourself with and how to quickly call for help. Also, being trained in self-Defence is also highly encouraged. While the male escort business is known for its safety records, there would always be outliers and the only way to beat it is to be prepared.

S – Setting Boundaries
Repeat after me “Professionalism, professionalism, professionalism.” That has to always be your watchword. You’ve got to be switched on at all times. Being professional ensures you don’t go ahead and “catch” feelings – this ain’t the MLB or Cricket. You’ve gotta recognize that you are there for a job and the job only. For emphasis sake, I repeat “be professional”.

All the aforementioned are all valid questions, concerns, fears and thoughts. Despite all the ideas shared, what is more, important is to follow them through especially the part of joining a male escort agency – one that absolutely cares and caters to your needs — all of it. The Male Escort Agency is one of such. Join us today and be part of the cream of the crop of male escorts.

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