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Straight escorts in London: When strangers turn friends

straight male escorts in LondonThere is a popular saying that you should never trust strangers but my encounter with straight escorts in London taught me that strangers could become an indelible part of your future. My story is a unique one. I met this lovely young and nicely dressed dude in the park. We spent a couple of hours, and I can’t get my mind off him.

I recall when I was younger, my dad always made sure that we didn’t talk to strangers because it was risky. As we grew older, the rules became stricter. My dad was quick to smack if he notices that you ever spoke to a stranger. However, as we grew older, we grew out of that control, but the mindset that it was not good to talk to strangers have become stuck in my head.

This idea that strangers could hurt you was the reason why I found it difficult to make friends when I was in the university. My close friends were mostly my neighbours at home or their friends. Having a boyfriend was solely out of the question because I wouldn’t give any guy the chance to come close to me.  Most weekends my friends would excitedly talk about how they will visit their boyfriends I will just sit and stare.

Back to the part where I met a dude in the park before I realised that he was one of the straight escorts London. I was a little depressed that afternoon. A lot of things were bothering me; uncertain jobs, my siblings asking incessantly for financial support which I was unable to offer, and my recently doomed relationship. I guess that is too much for one person to bear.

I figured that staying in the confinement and loneliness of my home will only make it worse, so I decided to step out for fresh air and also feed my eyes with distraction – and the park was just the perfect place I could get both. I never planned to come here to interact with strangers talk more of straight escorts in London. In fact, before I met this dude, I had no idea who straight escorts in London was.

I was seated on one of the casted chairs, and there was no way I could tell how long he has been staring at me. My admiration was lost to the kids using the open fields and playing with different outdoor facilities. I must confess, I have a subtle weakness for kids. When my eyes shifted to the figure in front of me, I was alarmed. The boldness and swagger with which this dude was approaching me were worrisome, but I struggled to maintain my cool.

He greeted me and sat beside me without waiting for my approval. The best way I deal with people with such unruly attitude is to keep quiet at them. This guy was different. The moment he opened his mouth I couldn’t help but burst into laughter. He was a natural comedian. I kept on laughing that from time to time he had to keep quiet to let me catch my breath. That was the moment I knew that we would be friends.

What I did next was against everything I had learned from childhood. I was the one that was eager to get his name and phone number instead of the other way around. He obliged, and we spent about an hour on that bench chatting and having fun. I was pained when he told me that he would be leaving. I would have loved us to spend more time together.

Gladly I had his phone number. We met a couple more times the next week and had fun together. It was during one of the meetings that I asked about his work. He was hesitant to answer, but I nudged him on letting him know how open-minded I was.

He asked me if I had heard about straight escorts in London, I said no. He explained who they were and what they did. I was wondering why he was telling me all these, but I also notice that his eyes never left my face like he was reading my facial expression. When he finished his explanation, he paused then said, “That is what I do”.

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