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Straight male companions: how I found my wife

Some men change girlfriends the way you change clothes but to others, finding a girl is a herculean task. One of my major flaws as a human being is that I am very shy. Shyness has made me miss a lot of opportunities. When I decided to get married, finding the right girl for me was a huge problem, so I decided to play an unlikely game; I joined straight male companions.

I know some of you would probably be wondering how that was possible. Well, don’t crack your head too much because I will give you all the juicy details. Just read on.

I did a couple of self-assessment and visited lots of medical experts and the reality dawned on me. It was not as if I didn’t love women or crave their company; I had this weird fear of approaching a woman and starting a conversation. On the other hand, if she were the one that approached me and started the discussion, I would quickly follow up. It was easier for me to follow up.

Let me backtrack a little to how it all began. I wasn’t born this way. All the fragments of my childhood memories that I could recall showed that I was a lovely and playful kid that didn’t have any gender bias.

This condition started in my middle school days. There was this group of girls in my class that was so pretty that everybody wanted to be their friends. I just wanted to be friends and nothing more, but they won’t let me. It was a blow to my reputation because I was known to get any girl I wanted. I was one of the unofficial straight male companions in school then, and some girls always asked us to walk them home.

There were five of them in a clique. One day we were on the field, and the five of them sat together on the green carpet grass in a circle. My instinct was telling me to let them be, but ego will not allow me.

It turned out it was a bad idea. The best thing I would have done would have been to approach them in isolation not when they were in a group. I approached them and greeted them politely with a huge smile, but they made a jest of me and said all sorts of nasty things about me that made me pee in my pants.

After that day, I made a strong resolve never to approach any girl and start a discussion again. The trauma followed me through my youth to adulthood. Now it was time for me to marry, but I still could not get myself to walk up to any lady and start a discussion –especially if that discussion was linked to a relationship. I could talk business but nothing more.

Months turned to years, and I could still not figure how I want to get a wife. One day I met one of my old classmates, and we started talking about our life. He teased me that I used to beat him as one of the best straight male companions, but he was certain that he was better than me now. He told me more about his work as we talked and I got interested.

While he saw working with straight male companions was a means to make a good income for a living, I viewed it from the angle that it would help me to get the right girl for marriage – and it eventually did.

Since I was not the one approaching the ladies, it was easier for me to talk with them about relationships. One day I met this girl that was desperately searching for acceptance. She was cute but not confident – and men love confident women.

Before leaving her that day I assured myself that she was the girl for me. In her, I saw the missing part of me. I started calling her, and we became close. One day I paid her a surprise visit. Before she could protest on opening the door, I dropped to one knee and gave her a ring. “Will you stop hiring straight male companions and have me forever?”

Guess her answer, “YES!”

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