Straight male escorts helped me out of lesbianism


I believe by seeing the title, some people would want to lash out at me. I urge you to read before you make your conclusions. Lesbianism is a choice and I didn’t want to be one. But after my experience with my first boyfriend, it seemed as if that was the only option left for me until I met straight male escorts.

Throughout my school year I refused to get into a relationship not because I wasn’t interested but because of what it would lead. I secured a job in one of the health firms and desperately needed to settle down. I wanted to have a family, have kids and a loving husband. I wanted a home where I will be loved.

Inasmuch as I knew I could get hurt, I opened my heart to love. The first guy that came into my life was a banker. Tall, handsome, and always dressed in a way that made my legs to wobble each time I saw him. He was simply irresistible. I was in a restaurant having my lunch break the first time we met.

Most of the tables were occupied and he came to me and asked if he could join me. “Of course!” I said with a smile. We started talking and for the 45 minutes – or so – we spent together, I realized we had a lot of things in common. First of all, we both loved our jobs and the passion is evident in the way we talked about our jobs with enthusiasm.

Secondly, like myself, he aspires to be something greater and not just to spend his entire life working as an employee. These and more of the qualities we had in common endeared me to him. Our first date was magical. He took me to one of the new restaurants I have never been to and spoiled me with food and drink. We laughed and teased each other and I wished the moment will never end.

We got closer and closer and our bodies began to yearn for each other. The first time I visited his house, I was in the bathroom and he wanted to join me. I knew it would be romantic but I didn’t want him to see me just yet. So, I made some excused and locked him out.

After two months – or so – I thought, “What could be the worst that would happen?”

I was tired of the hide and seek game. I truly desired to have sex – maybe more than him – but I didn’t know how he would react and I didn’t want to lose him. One evening we ended a date and he pleaded with me to go home with him.

We arrived at his house, had our showers differently and went to bed. He started touching me in the right places. I was super-wet and couldn’t resist him anymore. I reached for his crotch and there was a terrible bulge down there.

We began to kiss and fondle with each other then he pulled off his clothes and began to take off mine. His crotch was so hard I wanted to hold it in my hand. He held my pant to pull it down, but I hesitated. He pleaded, and I let him slide it down.

The moment he saw it, his demeanour changed. I watched with amazement as his crotch shrivelled and became flaccid. I had this rare disease that made my labia majora non-existent. It made me look ugly down there. I tried to grab him but he pulled away, and I instantly knew it was over.

During that period I considered becoming a lesbian because I feared the next relationship will end the moment he saw me naked. I desperately started searching for a guy who would agree to have sex with me. I knew one nice word from a guy would make me feel different.

During my search, I discovered straight male escorts. I hired one of them. This straight male escort was at my door that evening, and I didn’t waste any time grabbing him and I started kissing him – like he would change his mind the next minute.

He pulled down my pant, and my heart began to beat hard. He smiled and dipped his head down and began to swirl his tongue around my pussy. It felt great, and I begged him to have me. It was an amazing experience.

I hired more straight male escorts and they all ended by telling me how amazing I was. Straight male escorts made feel I was not less a woman just because I had a deformity. I am no longer bothered about my deformity. I know I will find the right guy who will look beyond my deformity and build a bright future ahead of us. It is just a matter of time.