Straight male escorts: My first escort experience

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The emotions that trail first experiences are one of either joy, anxiety, or outright fear. For me, it was the last one; FEAR. I have a crazy mother who still practices a crazy tradition which I will tell you in a bit. Straight male escorts gave me the courage I needed to face the tradition. By the way, my name is Gabriella if that would help you to relate more to me and my story.

I am very close to my mum, but my dad is my best friend because he never forces me to do anything or abide by any rules. My mum was the opposite she is strong-willed that if she wanted you to do anything, nothing on earth would save you from doing her bidding. The irony was that dad also lets mum have her way in any matter, just like he lets me. So, in the end, it seems as if mum is the one making all the decisions in the house.

Another unfortunate situation I found myself was that dad was not always at home. It was always from one business trip to another. The little time he spends at home was always memorable. He pampers me and gets me absolutely anything I asked for except he didn’t have the money. It was hard not to love my dad above my mum.

Naturally, I became close to my mum because she was always the one at home with me. She was the one I told about most of my problems. Although my mum was tough on her opinion, she was also a loving and caring mother. She always gives me a listening ear each time I approached her for one problem or another.

One evening we were at the dining table. After eating our dinner I wanted to leave, but my mother told me to stay back that there was something she would want to tell me. I immediately became apprehensive because mum doesn’t always say that to me. Anytime she did, it was always about something serious that I did that got her annoyed. Automatically, my mind began wandering to find where I have erred.

It was just two months away from my eighteenth birthday. Up until that moment, my dad was the only man in my life. I have not also heard about straight male escorts. Mum told me about this tradition I considered weird. She said on my eighteenth that she would bring a man to the house that I am free to do anything I am pleased with as long as we don’t step out of the door.

My um said it was done to her and her grand and great-grandmother and that she was not ready to break the tradition. I was forced to ask the motive behind such a tradition. Her response was a little reasonable depending on the angle you look at it.

She said libido reach the peak at eighteen and that most girls tend to fall for the wrong guys or make the wrong mistake. The idea of bringing a guy to the house was for your mum to be your mentor in matters of relationship so that you don’t end up learning the wrong knowledge from friends. She said that if I decided to have sex with the guy, she would bring that she will be there to teach me what I should know. That sounded really awkward.

“Is there no other way?” I asked, but she shook her head.

I was sure I would freak out if a guy should touch me sensitively and I didn’t want to embarrass my mum in front of whoever she decides to bring. I started looking for guys that I could help me to get used to the feeling. One thing led to another, and I found straight male escorts.

I recall hiring about four straight male escorts in a week. Even some avid escort users might think that was too much, but it worked. I finally got used to the feeling of having men around me. The most interesting part of the story was that the man that mum brought on the day of her traditional rite was one of the straight male escorts I have hired.

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